Bag Lady.....

... You gone hurt your back!

After my old, shabby but trusty bag collapsed and gave up the ghost,
Hiro decided to buy me a new one on our recent trip to Liberty.
It is a deep shade of teal.

I love the across body strap, it suits my needs perfectly.
It is made of soft lamb skin leather and has brassy fittings.

I am crazy about tights and these white tights are rather special in my eye.
I bought them in Tutuanna from Japan.
They are white with an incredible opalescent sheen to them.

Now back to the song!

Erykah Badu has some wisdom to be had:

Bag lady

Let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go


  1. Love the slouchy look...Teal is an unusual colour. :)

  2. @ Astrorainfall

    Thank you! I love teal!

  3. My 'ST'- (Slouchy Teal)...how's that sound as your new bag name? good lookin' out H.
    Baduism... you got that album?
    Everything about Erykah is enchanting. 'Call Tyrone' is one of my favourites esp at the end when she says...'but you can't use my phone.'

  4. @ Nyanzi

    *clear throat*...you gotta pick your afro baybaaaay!!

  5. great bags...your post is always interesting
    follow you follow me too

  6. Purdy!!! I recently bought a fushia bag that I'm in love with..yay for different colors.

  7. I LOVE the colour of your bag, and I am also drawn to cross-body/messenger bags... so convenient when you're on the go! Haha it probably wouldn't surprise you that I change bags like I change my makeup - depends on the day, and the mood - but mostly I still love my Tokidoki bags.

  8. One day, all them bags gone get in your way! Love the bag it looks super soft =D x x x

  9. ha! I just done a bag post too...i'm telepathically mugging your thoughts!


  10. nice, you got a new bag :)
    and love the iridescent looking tights

  11. I love the cross body strap. Very on trend yet comfortable. Cool new bag. Enjoy Xxxx

  12. you can never have enough bags :)

    your tights are cool!

  13. lovely new bag - the dark teal is a great color choice!

  14. :) woo to Erykah.

    Love the bag, the colour is very nice. I'm a stick in the mud always stick to black.

    I cannot seem to wear tights, always end up itching and that never looks good while out lol.

  15. i love the new bag...and nice tights! you always have such a good stuff :)

  16. that bag is absolutely gorgeous. not to mention the sheen on those tights :) and the crop on the image is nice too, i think the middle is my fav.


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