A Whole Lot of Food : Tokyo Pt 5

Today, I really miss being in Japan.

I miss home life.

Those days when we didn't do much just relaxed at home or perhaps popped into the supermarket quickly.

Here are some tasty memories.

Supamarket ninja snapper:
Pretty perfect melons all in a row.

Giant carrots that look so juicy!

Delicious white flesh peaches.

If you love mushrooms, like I do, then Japan is a great place for you. The choice is enormous.

I miss the range of shellfish in the supermarkets.
We dont get such variety here.

"our food":
My mother in law serves me Vichyssoise in a tea cup.
Her soup is top notch.

One day we boiled a hairy crab for starters.

We ate grilled scallops from their shells.

Our hiyayakko was topped with Kumejima ra-yu that has a miso base and a sharp chilli kick.

Myoga in shoyu. So crunchy,refreshing and palate cleansing.

One day we invited a friend over for Yakiniku.
Hiro took over the cooking....as always.

We scoff down sashimi at home too.

On our last day we bought some special beef. There are "3 big beefs " in Japan or "sandai wagyu". Kobe beef, is probably the most known outside of Japan. We had some Matsusaka Beef and it was delicious beyond belief.

I L>O>V>E MENTAIKO! Mentaiko (chilli pollock roe) is one of my most favourite things to eat in the universe. I had lashings of it on toast or rice almost everyday.
Sadly it is so expensive here.....£8.00 a pop!!

I gobbled down a whole lot of ice cream in Japan.
Matcha ice cream is deadly delicious.

Hiro's granny sent a selection box of most delicious o-senbei that you will ever try!
They are made using rice from Niigata.

I urge you if you can get hold of these you MUST try them.


Oh, if you are now in the mood for some Japanese food pics, do have a look at my dear friend's post here, where you can gaze at oodles of noodles!

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Time slept at The House of Worship Blues.

The countless clocks stopped working many years ago and so time had lost it's reign within these walls.


Exactly one year ago the doors yawned open inexplicably to let in a few new "residents"

I would like to commemorate that day but giving away a few items from my collection.

*Click on pic for a bigger pic*


Take a look at my blog banner.
See all that random stuff upon it?
Tell me, what YOU would like to see on there!

Answers to be left in my comment box below.
I may add the winner's suggestion to the banner.
Giveaway closes on 7th October



I never expected to have such fabulous readers and on-lookers.

I am astounded with the amount of "residents" that frequently visit to have a look at my ramblings.

I often wonder if my assortment of interests will confuse you.
I decided that you are all far to intelligent for that to happen.
Now and again I suspect that people wonder what on earth I am "on". Make up one day, food the next, dressing up when I feel like it and babbling about tea cups the next.


I correct myself.

We are all so choc full of thoughts and ideas and to blog about just one thing is not really me ( so help me, I cannot control the bludgeoning randomness) ...

I know you can forgive me for chucking a flurry of disjointed compositions at you.

I would like to think,
that after a year....
you would expect nothing less!

Thank you for supporting my little blog.
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>>Fast Forward Reviews>> Edition III

It's Monday ALREADY!
I don't know where the weekend's go...zoooooooooom and they've gone!
I think I owe my beauty product residents a few reviews, so let's kick off the week that way.

Urban Decay Naked Palette

(Click on image for massive pics)
Hasn't there been a heap of hype about this?!

Everyone I know seems to LOVE this including me so I will leave you with a handy Vid from m' Lady Pink:

RMK Herb Mist in Sicilian Lemon

I bought this in a sale in Tokyo where it was remarkably cheaper than London. I have dry skin and so having a mist handy in my bag is essential esp in UK winters when the central heating and blasting winds cause all sorts of problems for my skin. I also love using these in hot climes when it's nice to refresh your face with a spritz of moisture. The latter reason is why I ended up choosing the Lemon scented version which is fresh and light. This stuff is good but the price is too much when you consider that there are a heap of cheap and equally good mists floating around Japanese drug stores. However, on the plus side this RMK offering is a handy size for dragging it around with me rather than the colossal gallons some brands have.

Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion Mascara

(Click on image for massive pics)
I am a stubborn YSL Faux Cils Mascara fan. However, in the interest of saving some pennies I have been searching for a decent high street alternative to see me through my everyday. MACnunu sent me this to try as it is not available here in Blighty. I am so glad that she did as it is brilliant stuff. It goes on clump free. It lengthens and volumises and is perfect for my day to day.

Softymo Air Whip Foam Cleanser

I like using foam cleansers in the morning. They are gentle and I have this idea that it's like cleaning my mug with clouds. But this formula from Softymo takes the mickey!! Yes it produces a nice soft and dense foam. Yes it smells nice BUT its so "gentle" that it feels like nothing happened. Then there is packaging....As you can see, if you suffer from clumsy moments in the early hours, you can end up up foam creek without a paddle! Thankfully, there was very little left in the can. I will not be getting this again.

Zoya 3 in 1 Formula Nail Remover

This was a gift from a friend recently back from USA. I like it because it smells much much better than normal nail polish remover. Apparently, this is a more "natural", and milder formula so it is kinder to your fingers. The 3 in 1 bit is basically, polish remover, nail cleaner and nail prep - I am not convinced. The best bit about this is the pump bottle. It releases just enough to do one hand! This stuff is ridiculouly pricey here in UK thus I will not be purchasing it again. I will defo keep the bottle and refill with another cheaper brand though.

Read more about the product here

I plan to make this a momumentous week at the House.
I hope all my "Residents" (sound much better than "followers" don't you think?)
will keep a firm eye on this page!
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The Boy With A Cuckoo Clock Heart

I went passed a book shop t'other day.

I walked straight passed.

Doubled back on my steps.....and walked right in.

The first thing to catch my eye was this:

An imagination poking cover in wonderful colours.

And then there was the random page that I opened:
Then the intro:

Finally, to chase away any last doubts:

If Cantona says yes..........

Mr Cantona intrigues me.

My imagination has been stoked.

I bought the book and plan to fall into it's pages later today.

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Winner Announcement

It's a bit of a busy Friday at my end.

So much needs to be done before the day is out.

I haven't forgotten about my egg mould giveaway!

The Winner Is:


Get back to me with your address and I shall post this out to you on Monday. Questions@worshipblues.com


I shall be back next week with some more curious posts and ANOTHER giveaway.

I need to shift my stuff and there is no better way to get rid than to make someone's day!


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Dead Birds, Saints & Colour

Come along dear readers...... Follow me!

"To market, to market to buy a fat pig; Home again, home again, jiggety-jig."

Borough Market is our destination,
and I promise you a pictorial treat.

This way!

Borough Market is one of the largest and most culinary diverse markets in the world. It has stood in it's spot near London Bridge since 1851, and though I like it plenty. I do think it is overrated when it comes to fish and veg produce (just my opinion). Qualms aside, it is a fascinating place to while away Sunday's hours. Everyone is so camera friendly, so it's a good spot to snap happy.

However, if game and poultry gets your taste buds going then this is certainly worth a visit.

Hiro doesn't like game birds so that is not something on our menu.

If you are crazy about beer and ale, then there is a bounty to be had.

I myself always make a bee line for gorgeously packaged seasonings.

There are countless stalls selling all sorts of ready to scoff munchables. Anything from paella to oysters, venison burgers or even ostrich bangers.

This is the season when some delicious English apples make an appearance. I do love a good Cox.

Peppers are brilliant models.......pose baby...POSE!

After much milling around, we did make a few purchases. But you know me! My purchases were influenced by the bloomin' packaging!
What We Bought:

It's all in the name.

Saintly smoked paprika. One for me and one for my seasoning swapper!

Habas Fritos.
Fried seasoned broad beans.
A salty Spanish snack that goes well wiv a beer!

A tin of bonito in glorious technicolour packaging.

Quails eggs. I do wish these were more readily available. They go so well with my ramen.

What about you?
Do you shop in food markets?
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Nonesuch Things : A Giveaway

(Photo taken from nonesuchthings.com)

Worship Blues is celebrating.

I seem to have gained a few new followers recently.


Also, It is approaching my 1 year blogging anniversary.


Up for grabs on this occasion is a little something wonderful from one of my favest newly stumbled upon shops;

nonesuch things

Amanda runs the marvel that is "in between a blog and a shop" and she is a delight to buy things from. Make sure that you pay her a visit! I have put up a link to her in my side bar so you won't forget.

The Prize:
A porcelain key on a pretty blue rope with a charming roll of Japanese masking tape.

You can replace the rope with a chain if you like! I will probably do this to mine. You don't even have you wear it like a necklace, although it is jolly lovely in this guise. You can use it to decorate your home. Get creative!

If you would like to stick your name in the hat to win this adorable prize please leave a line or two in the comment box below.
  1. Make sure that you are a follower (following publicly).
  2. Let me know that you would like to enter this prize draw by putting the word KEY anywhere in your comment.
  3. The winner will be picked at random.
  4. The giveaway will close on Friday 1st October at 6.00pm GMT.
psssssssssssst: Amanda is hosting a little giveaway of her own to celebrate nonesuch things 1st birthday. Worth a look I reckon.
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I Wanted My Nails to Resemble Tea Cups...

I wonder if that sounds peculiar to you?
Click on image for a bigger pic

In order to implement my fancy,

I used my Eyeko polish in "Vintage",
which is a sort of bluish greenish with a bit of muck, in a "good way" sort of shade.

I topped it with some Konad from the M71 plate in white.

In defence of my uncommon ideas:
“We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe.”
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How High?

Waist High!

We went strolling again this Saturday.
We actually went to market but,
I am saving that post for later this week.

We wandered past a car park that contained some interesting light.
And so, it was time to stop and pose!

The walls are crumbling

But who cares?

I like my high waisted shorts, I consider this quite a find. It is jolly difficult to find high waisted items with the right fit.

Click on images for bigger pics!

The list for the "need to know"
Orange brogues from Kate Kanzier
Navy tights from Tabio
Floral print ankle socks from Tabio

Teal leather bag from Marc Jacobs
Shorts from Warehouse

White & Blue floral found at the bag of my wardrobe. I have had it about 6 years. I think I bought it in GAP.

Now come closer!
It's time for some zooooom-in deets.
Look at this:
Isn't this necklace wonderful?
A porcelain key. It went really well with my shirt.
If like me, you think it's nothing short of "WOW!"
Then keep your noses firmly in my blog,
as I will be giving one away very soon.


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