Splendid Sushi - Tokyo Pt 4

While in Japan we took the parents for dinner, they fancied sushi, and so we headed for a super little place in Komae.

Before branching out, the master here once worked for a massively famous place (if only I could recall the name), but now his spot has space enough for 16 and is generally booked up in advance.

Sushi dining has many unwritten rules.
For instance, it is deemed polite to order a balance of dishes and seen as rude to continually order the same items over and over.

We started with Kegani (Hairy crab)
All words I choose will seem worthless in trying to describe how delicious this was. I hear that the kegani in Hokkaido is the best, I long to try that someday.

Next was a delectable plate of seasonal sashimi moriawase:
This included chutoro (medium fatty tuna), tai (bream), akagai (red shell fish), hamachi (yellow tail), ika (squid) and Sanma (saury) which I am accustomed to eating grilled and whole, it was all so tasty and fresh!

I am sure that I am being contemptibly fussy Goldilocks with my tuna rant but, it has to be chutoro for me. Akami is too bloody and Otoro is too rich. Chutoro is juuuuuuuuuuuuust right.

So back to this Sushi etiquette!
It is normal for the master to pay great attention to what you order and make suggestions or in fact plop something that he recommends infront of you. In this case it was Hata Hata:
Dried marinated in sweet soy.
Tasty chewy stuff.

Finally we got to the sushi.
THIS is what sushi ought to look like.
We had chutoro,tai and kai (right to left)
I don't mid telling you this but I am not crazy about sushi.


I am fussy about the rice!
I know, my persnickety-ness doesn't seem to end does it?
But in all seriousness, outside of Japan, a lot of chefs have a hideous habit of compacting the rice in such a way that it feels and tastes too heavy and slighty chalky when it should be light and fluffy to complement the fish. To add to that, they are really measly with their fish!
As you can see, I didn't have that problem here.

Oh and the chef dumps another recommendation before us:
It is rude not to accept. It is also considered rude to not eat it straight away.

In such small traditional places the bill may not come out without a breakdown. It is, I guess an exercise in trust.

In my case I never mind paying well for excellent food.


  1. More food posts! I love these :D the food looks so amazingly fresh, simple but SO tasty!!

  2. Mm, that looks fantastic! I would love to go to a place like this - but no idea how I'd even get there! The crab looks fantastic - definitely something I need to try someday!

    Can't wait to see more posts :)

  3. I don't eat raw fish, but everything else looks toothsome. Please take me in your case on your next visit to Japan;-)

  4. yumm! im a bit picky with my sushi too... but why not? :)

  5. I've never tried sushi. I have no idea why not either. I adore how the food is presented, it looks delicious, oh I'm hungry now.

    The kegani looks real interesting.

  6. I love sashimi!! =DD the hairy crabs loos so delicious too <33

  7. ahh! look at the size of the meat in the crab!! *salivate...still finding good sashimi in my area..yummy yummy

  8. I wish all restaurants would cut up crab that fancy! I've been adoring your food posts lately. It really give me a glimpse into the fabulous Japanese food culture!

    And, I don't know why I didn't find the YSL mascara sooner! Do you recommend any others? I trust your high end taste ^_^

  9. Yasumi! glad you're back (even if you've been back for a while) Woah thats a hairy crab! I cant wait to go to Japan! Super excited now =D x x

  10. I love all your food posts.
    They make me wanna jump into the screen.

  11. its true all the posh places dont show tags!

  12. WHY MUST YOU ONLY POST LIKE 5 PICS.....i want more like how you want more of that hairy crab...
    and i agree i feel less guilty about spending $$$ on food...for some reason its more satisfying ....clouds of pearls ...gimme that jappy rice sho i can eat with my perilla seasoning!!!...

    wahhhhhhhhhhhh wahhhh wahhhh

  13. LOL I don't think I'm much of an expert on tuna but I don't really like red tuna. My favorite is otoro :D Love the fat!!! XD

  14. wow... i did not know that it was rude to continually order the same items (sushi)over and over. Thanks...now I know for next time I go and eat some sushi to not order the same thing(over & over) and try something new :)

  15. oo lala! i love this etiquette :D more more! not to mention that looks delicious.

  16. thank you for sharing some of the sushi etiquette - I don't really order the same thing in one sitting, but it's good to know!

  17. wow... i did not know that it was rude to continually order the same items (sushi)over and over. Thanks...now I know for next time I go and eat some sushi to not order the same thing(over & over) and try something new :)


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