Ironing is The Most Tedious of All Tasks

Now and again, I receive some searching questions from my more inquisitive readers. Readers, who have chanced upon my little blog and feel the need to ask why I blog in such a personal way.

This post is my way of addressing these queries.

I blog because I am a person that perpetually seeks inspiration.
I hope to inspire others in a small way during my search. So I suppose, that Worship at the House of Blues is actually an irregular variety of brain storming.

I like to dress up. I like to paint my face.
I am not a particularly confident person when it comes to my appearance but I want to be because I think everyone should be comfortable within their own skin.

I want to be my own supermodel.
I don't mean that in a vain way.
I mean that I want to be a better version of me.....

I lack ambition in life. I don't strive to make piles of money.
I don't want to see my name in lights.
Designer clothes will never make me happy.

I come from humble beginnings and I will never forget how far I have come.

This idea of "beauty" interests me because I see that my idea of it is so different from others.

I don't think that I understand fashion trends.
I am more interested in the way that individuals choose to express themselves.

I find characters inspiring.
Both historical and fictional characters inspire my way of dressing.

A pipe from Holmes, a bowler hat from Poirot,
cream tights from Alice.....ideas come at me from everywhere.

Freedom of thought is a gift that I feel we ought to take greater advantage of.
I spend an enormous time day dreaming both in my head and out loud.

I rarely take myself seriously.

I love small details. Little almost unnoticeable details.

I often feel overwhelmed by the amount of things I have yet to learn......


  1. i really admire your writing style and i found this post inspiring for sure :) thank you
    also loving your hair do ^^ it reminds me of gwen stefani

  2. Ohhhhhh I didn't know where to look/read first!!
    Totally totally relate to your reasons. We're very similar!!
    And ....um WOW!! You look seriously ah-mazing
    ...just realised what my life has been missing...some pipe action

  3. what a truly lovely post :)


  4. Why would anyone ask you why you feel the need to blog in such a 'personal way'? Isn't that the whole purpose of a blog - to make it personal to you?

    But I do love your writing style, and how photogenic you are. It's like you always have a story to tell, but you don't give everything away.

  5. @ Jian.

    I get asked a heap of peculiar Q's. I honestly don't mind. I think that it's good that people can be bothered to ask.

    @ Sunny

    How are you? Thank you!

    @ Vint Junky

    Ahem seeing that I get inspired every time I visit your blog, I feel super complemented :)

    @ Cinnabunnie

    Thank you! I try my best.

  6. Bloody brilliant post. I love it. It is beautiful. I wish I looked so good when doing the ironing (or at any time really). Xxxx

  7. 'I am more interested in the way that individuals choose to express themselves.'

    Here Here! I also like the bit of being a better version of yourself! this post is truly inspirational thank you Yasumi =D x x

  8. I think you are inspiring.
    You've opened my eyes to things I haven't seen before.
    Made me think about things I wouldn't have given a second thought to.

  9. i love how your post is so relating to me.... me too, badly wanted to be a supermodel of myself.. and also painting my face which i can be confident & comfy at all times.. reading your post is like a mirror of myself and in fact more! You never fail to inspire me to re-look at what i missed.

  10. So enjoyed the bird eye peek into your personality, dear! Am not too keen on ironing myself - it's been over five years since I last tried my hand at it. The questions some people ask. This is why I have no email address on my blog, but it's sweet of you to post question and answers here. X

  11. Absolutly love the addition of the pipe and hat just amazing!

    Wonderful post :)

  12. i've always love your style of clothing...i think you have a very unique way of mixing clothes(style..whatever) that blends really well :) and i totally agreed!! everyone should be comfortable within their own skin.

  13. I love this post. Brilliant!
    What a witty way to tell us about yourself.
    I've never seen anybody make ironing look so damn sexy.
    I love it!

  14. Such a captivating post.
    Your words are beautiful & the pictures

    ' well darling they are simply divine. '

    I love how you draw inspiration from wherever captures you, makes you that much more unique :)

  15. Inspiring post!
    Told you before, you are beautiful inside & out!
    Adore the hat & pipe as well~


  16. I have a pipe too!

    ...mine blows bubbles though.

  17. You're so beautiful!
    I love this post.
    I love your writing style.
    I love your fashion style.
    I love your personal way of blogging.
    I love your blog! :P

    Yeah, short and sweet ^^ xxx

  18. I lack ambition in life. I don't strive to make piles of money.
    I don't want to see my name in lights.
    Designer clothes will never make me happy.

    ^ This doesn't mean you lack ambition in life, just means you're not materialistic!

    And when I was younger (about 7) I forced my dad to buy me a bowler hat and I wore it EVERYWHERE I POSSIBLY COULD. I have photographs from that time and I was such a pimp child.

  19. i love reading your blog as it allows me to see things from a different way!*in a good way* and it sures has unique topics for me to think =D love the pipe!!

    psst this sounds so random but the ironing title makes me have a second look as i'm working for one now and that's an azur! XD

  20. The first and the smoking pipe one are the finest. Ah the age of Narcissum only we no longer look at our reflection in the river, rather the camera's len's self promoted on blogs and social networks...'everyones doing it'

  21. Well I do always say I can use a good bedtime story... this is more fanciful than sleep inducing though :P

    First, I also think ironing is tedious, but only because I am bad at it and end up ironing creases into spots they didn't exist previously.

    I love your idea of beauty - everything is subjective AND personalized - what will look amazing on you might not be amazing on me, and vice versa.

    You are stunning. ♥

  22. @ anonymous

    Good luck to you!

  23. Oh honey could you be anymore amazing..??? Hiro & I will joust for your love..lol

    I will begin with the pictures, because I like pictures..*spoken like a 5 year old* I think your pictures portray a lot of confidence, although you say you don't have a lot if..you should though. I think you are absolutely stunning. I love that you are trying to be your own supermodel..I think I've started to adopt that philosophy lately. We have to be happy with ourselves, for ourselves.

    On to da words...I can understand why someone would ask you why you blog so personally..not many people do. Some people just blog about an item or idea, but rarely elaborate or share their POVs on it. I think blogs that add a more personal touch like yours & Pam's will get the most loyal readers because we feel like we get to know you.

    BTW - Your pipe picture total reminds me of the picture I posted on my blog dressed as Olive Oyl..lol adorbs!!

  24. I love looking at your posts for inspiration - you truly are an inspirational person! I agree with T, though you may feel like you have a ton of confidence, there's this quiet confidence expressed through your photos.

    I love the way you style your hair - doesn't matter if you're wearing loose curls or a coiffed updo :)

  25. Thank you for your lovely comment. zI absolutely love your writing style! I don't think i can write like you! Def. an inspiring post!


  26. the yellow top looks wonderful on you, so does the red lipstick!

    your pictures are so beautiful and artistic, very inspiring!

  27. Loved this post! Isn't it tiring to have to justify a blog, when it just is what it is.

  28. You are so creative... and very tongue in cheek with your pix...what a delight... and to be inspired by literary figures in the togs you wear... marvellous!

  29. I love your free spirit, keep it up :)

  30. Such a lovely post.
    I love your blog, I find it very inspiring!
    And of course you are gorgeous and have an exceptional dress sense!
    You write in such a way that I am drawn in and can't stop myself from reading!

    And if I may ask, where did you get your cream tights? I can't find any anywhere :(


  31. You don't know how much I am beginning to be addicted to your blog. Lovin the whole outfit. I need cream tights like that but not sure my legs could carry that off wahaha. Rock on girl. You're inspiring :D x


    see glow when you whore a jerry curl you get lots of noodles!!!! you know how i feel about this look...possibly one of my favorites...your so mustard that i want to lay you on a hotdog and cover you with baby gerkins in my warm soft bun....


  33. I love all your posts, but i especially love this one. Your blog is a wonderful source of inspiration. (and the main culprit as to why i want an instamatic these days)


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