I Hate The Little Sh*t!

You ladies never stop amazing me in your support of my lil blog!

Thank you all for your birthday wishes, comments and entries.

There can only be one winner and she is......

' * : . b | u 3 . : * '

Who said:

"Probably the best thing to do with a tomato is to pelt it at Justin Bieber. Then run & hide before his fans tear you to pieces...:D"

I agree!! The little shit irks me.

Get your address to me pronto please: makemeshiney@gmail.com

There will be another giveaway very very soon so keep an eye out.

Join me again next week when Worship Blues lands in Tokyo.


  1. Congrats to the winner! I don't really like that Justin Bieber too..

    ryc: Beautymaker stuffs are pretty good, but some of their products are mediocre just like the face wash I've tried :)

  2. u r feeling person , that is my feel

    thank you
    Sherif from Egypt

  3. Looking forward to seeing Tokyo.
    Great use of tomatoes. A worthy winner. Have a great weekend. Xxxx

  4. That is a brilliant answer.
    I rate this person haha.

  5. Hey dear! Long time no see! How do yo doing?

  6. I really hate his baby song! it's catchy but so annoying and gets stuck in your head in a bad way. All he really sings is baby baby baby ohhh, what happened to the other lyrics!

  7. Hahaha, That's an excellent use for a tomato.

  8. AHAHAHAH SO TRUE! <3 she deserves to win for that one.

  9. She totally deserved the prize.Well done! WAHAHAHA that's hilarious.I have nothing against the boy but he rubs me in the wrong way.

  10. If there was a like button to this creative answer, I would hit that button right now! I just can't stand that little peanut bieber too. I wonder what's the hype about his singing and his hair itself deserves a story of its own.

  11. Finally!
    Can someone please quiet the little midget.

  12. wahahaha...that is so funny, but i agree. he is (Justin Bieber) annoying.

  13. Hahaha, That's an excellent use for a tomato.


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