Happy Stamper

I like to keep busy.

I am of a temperamental and distracted disposition and so
keeping my mind engaged is generally a good thing!

Recently I bought some blank cards in Paperchase.
They were only three squid (£3)for a pack of 10 with the inserts and so I nabbed 'em with the intention of "doing sumfing wiv 'em".

This is what I did:
I made some freshly stamped cardlets for when I send fings out to my readers.

I used some of the decorative masking tape that I bought in Tokyo
to adorn the insert pages.
Great way to utilise my crafty goods.

I also found these adorable little mini punches in Tokyo.
I bought quite a few but the key one is so cute!

These cards cannot get to you without a stamp:
I found this "Wonderland" stamper and in fact all my lovely stampers on Gmarket.
It was definitely worth a purchase.

I like little details.
It's these little sparks of attention to detail
that can really "make" something.

For those ladies who have asked me if I am making "fings" again soon the answer is YES!

Watch your post boxes.



  1. Ah, I love papercrafting! I just finished organizing and putting away all of my scrapbooking supplies and it made me want to get my bum moving on scrapbooking all my trips... still saving pennies for a die-cutting machine though! For now, I content myself with card making :)

    I love the key punch! My favourite one right now is a cherry blossom (of course) - I want one in the shape of a fan, or even a little kokeshi doll... haha probably wishful thinking!

  2. The key punch is so cute! Now I want to go on g-market and find some scrapbooking goodies.
    The stamps are really nice too, you've got me in the creative mood now! :D x

  3. @ Vanity -Fashionista.

    YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! get out there and make something sweetie it is such fun!

  4. This is so lovely - I've got to get back into full uni-holiday DIY mood!

  5. darn. i should really invest some of my time in paper crafting...scrapbooking got boring after awhile -_- haha i like making jewelry. always fun to have new accessories, oui?
    and i LOVE your craftiness! the cards are very elegant and chic

  6. This makes me want to go to my craft store to check out stamps!

  7. Your so creative. I love it, the stamp is too cute.
    It's true a little detail that make a statement are fantastic. You proved that. love it!

  8. oh they are so pretty!!! <3 you are so arty~

  9. I love stationary design! I'm not a big fan of buying cards for people because I find it rather impersonal. I'd much rather write a lil note on a nice piece of paper and doodle on it a bit.
    Can't wait to see the new fings!!

  10. I love the "wonderland" stamper...it has that vintage lookish and it looks really lovely!

  11. You are so stylish and have a great eye for detail, I so agree its the little things and I tend to like packaging more than the content...superficial or odd?

  12. love the stamps and the tiny key punch - I used to have a stamp collection (as in rubber stamps & ink, I think I even had an embossing kit) but that box is lost somewhere in my old room...the mad hatter stamp is divine!

  13. aahh! how cute, you make me want to make my own cards now :D

  14. So cute!! You're soo brilliant Yasumi!! Very WHB indeed! :)


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