From Waaaaay Up Here! : Tokyo Pt 2

The next few Tokyo posts will have more Japanese food that you can shake your lacquered chopsticks at. I must warn you that these will be a distinct step up from the previous posts as these are memories and insights taken from my time with my in-laws.

My father in law is an intellectual by nature. He possesses a certain gastronomic propensity which combined with his love of Cuban cigars and Scotch whiskey of the highest quality has forever defined him as truly refined gentleman in my mind. I am sure that you can imagine that he spoilt me beyond redemption with such excellent food that would make the most discerning palate dance a merry jig of euphoric delight.

I always harboured a feeling that Hiro is an utter food snob and now, I completely understand why!

On this particular afternoon we went shopping in Ginza. I am not a big fan of department stores but I did my very best to get into the swing of things. I was far more interested in the wonderfully atmospheric back alleys that link one street to another.

It was a tremendous joy (as always) to spend time with my in laws.

We stopped at the Shiseido gallery so mum could have a look at the photography exhibition and the rest of us could have a cold beer. Poured to perfection!

Next we retired to Mikasa Kaikan. Although Mikasa Kaikan can be purse shatteringly expensive (in my opinion and depending on what you order) this place has strong historical links to the family so it is the dining destination of choice when in Ginza even when heading for a Teppanyaki dinner.

We opted for a course meal and my favourite dishes were:

A quartet of a starter.

See those little red “berries”? Well they are actually micro tomatoes and they were so juicy! I particularly liked the slices of octopus dressed with yuzu.

Kuro Awabi. I adore awabi (abalone)!

If I ended up having to pick a final meal for some preposterous sin then awabi would definitely be on my menu.

The chef (we had the top chef) cooked these to prime perfection and served them to us in a sauce made with the awabi’s livers. Not for the faint of heart! These were alive before they ended up on our grill.

The word “delicious” fails to do this dish justice. I am one to appreciate delicate and more “natural” flavours and this satisfied my palate no end with it’s sea fresh, perfectly salted “earthiness”. As you can imagine this delicacy is expensive but I urge you to give it a go when in Japan.

The steak was heavenly, so much so, that I forgot to take photos!

If you have foodie inclinations then you know that the beef in Japan is extraordinarily different from the beef elsewhere. It has a unique fat marbling that results in a juicy succulent steak.

While I appreciate the robust beef taste of a South African steak I heartily appreciate the delectable flavour and melt-in-the-mouth-abilty of Japanese beef.

After eating our fill we headed for Hiro’s favourite place!

Tokyo Tower! I know!! I know! Can we get more touristy?

Hiro is crazy over architecture and high places with spectacular city views so this is a must visit place for him.

without a doubt, the best time to go to Tokyo Tower is after nightfall. In the dark, Tokyo looks magical.

Just as it is beautiful to see, at the same time it is daunting! For you cannot see the city limits. Tokyo will you ever stop growing?

Hiro’s adoration for Tokyo Tower is coming to and end however.

He now has his sights on Tadao Ando’s Sky Tree which is set to be double the height of the Tower.

View from Bunkyoku Civic Centre.

Ultimately it will look like this!


My father in law spoils me.
He bought me a couple of uber luxuriously extravagantly priced hair ornaments from ACCA Italia:
They are both handmade in Italy and the quality is outstanding.

The above is made with shell, gold plated studs and Swarovski Crystals.


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  1. OOOH enter me! :D
    I would like Set 2 & I'm a follower (:

  2. I'll let the others have a chance at these goodies, but thank you for the beautiful pictures of Tokyo! It makes me want to go back to my parents' place for a visit!

  3. gosh food paradise!! and I love the hair ornaments, you have to wear it and show us :D

    I like set 2! the apricot colours so cute x3 and yay to neutrals. haha

  4. Wow, I would love to visit Tokyo someday...!

    I would like to be entered to win set 1 please. Yes yes I am a follower :)

  5. Tokyo view from Tokyo Tower is incredible! Looks really gorgeous :)

    I would like the Set 1! :D

  6. Super cute hair ornaments! I wanna see you showing them off pretty lady ;D

    Also the food looks so yummy ;_; and I haven't eaten dinner yet!

    And I would like set 2!

  7. the tokyo tower looks beautiful!!the hair ornaments are fab!!!

    ooh i wanna join! set 2 please! XD

  8. Your meal looks delicious! I'm intrigued by the micro-tomatoes. And the steak... yummy! I'll always be partial to Alberta beef but Kobe beef is fantastic... definitely need to go out for steak when I am back in Tokyo!!

    Probably a cheaper restaurant though XD;

    I love Tokyo Tower - we saw it on a clear sunny day so both the sky AND the city seemed to go on forever... I definitely need to go back at night :) I'll always be a bit partial to it even with a taller tower someday as one of my dearest friends in Japan works so close to it!

    The hair ornaments are gorgeous - I must see how you wear them! I am making an effort to grow my hair a little bit, but the urge is strong just to chop it off again XD;

    I still need to try the Canmake blushes... am currently in love with the MUFE Aqua Creams though, that I am beginning to wonder how many cream blushes I need! Those are so little and cute though...

  9. Your Tokyo report is really informative.
    I'm taking down notes for my visit.
    Great blog.

  10. i love reading your posts about tokyo cuz every time i exit this window, it seems as though i personally experienced the culture! its uber cool!

    and i was wondering if you know what those yummy squid balls are called. they golden on the outside and gooey with squid chunks in the inside. served with condiments and seaweed...

    i'd love to win set 2 please!

  11. I read everything and the fooooooood. Ugh, I can't express how much I love food and envy the delicious things you got to taste in Tokyo. ^.^

    As for the giveaway, I don't usually enter them but since this is random, why not. I like set 1. :)

  12. You see the most intersting things...!! I think that it helps that you are very interesting so the way you show us your adventures always seem so exciting. I love that you are out of the box, you carry the box.

    Psstt..the hubby & I do touristy things all the time..we try not to take those little things that are so close to us for granted..

    Who doesn't love father in laws who spoil us..?? Those hair fings are beautiful, I can't wait to see them on you. =)

    Ohh...#2!! *holds up two fingers* Sneaky, sneaky... ;)

  13. The hair ornaments are really pretty.
    Are you going to show us what it looks like in your hair?

  14. set 1!!!

    keep the posts coming! I want to go to Japan more than ever now!!!!!!


  15. Loved the post, I am a crazy foodie and that all looked so mouthwatering... >< i'm surprised that I didn't drool all over my keyboard.. hehe!!! I would like to be entered please! set #1 for me please because I already have a lovely beige lunasol palette which I purchased from you a while ago <3

  16. WOW, that food.. makes me wish i had eaten something healthier just 5 minutes ago, hahaha. i'm so glad that they spoil you! and that you get along w/ your inlaws so well!

    set two!

  17. Thanks for the really cute-tsi awesome blog :)
    i really would like to win the set 2, peach one pleeeese

  18. I hope someday I get to go to Tokyo, Japan and see Tokyo Tower too. oohh also have a chance to taste all the delicious kinds of food you got to taste!! even though it will probably shatter my purse for all the expenses..hahaha

    anyway, the hair ornaments are *kawaii* and you have a wonderful father-in-law that spoils you ^_^

    as for the giveaways, i would like set 1.

  19. My oh my that food is amazing I am so happy I have eaten or I would be heading for the cupboard right now. Tokyo tower and the night view below seem to mirror each other. In-Laws are great. At least mine are too. Xxxx

  20. Wow.. the skyline is so beautiful! One day I really hope I get to visit Tokyo!

    Set one please! =D

  21. Lol what is the Shiseido gallery? Was it about makeup? :D

    I have to agree about the marbling of japanese beef, I can never find anything similar here for hot pot.

    The night view of Tokyo is gorgeous! I'm a sucker for city lights by night.

    Hmm if you don't mind me entering again I would say Set 1 :)

  22. Aww your post makes me miss Japan and all their goodies!

  23. those micro tomatoes look delicious! beautiful shots of the city at night :) those are beautiful hair accessories your father-in-law gave you - can't wait to see you wear them!

  24. nippon!! how id love to be there right now :'(

  25. Ohhhh once again the foood!!!!!! LOL! It's great that the in-laws spoil you! ;)

    Hmmmm... I wanna go JP too!! LOL!


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