>>Fast Forward Reviews>> Edition II

Hello Readers!
I thought that we could kick off the week with a bumper edition of my speedy dash around what's good and bad in my beauty box.

I really think that my eyes are getting lighter, or perhaps it is just the lighting for they look very dark today.
This EOTD was taken from my outing that you can view here.
I wanted to quickly spill the beans on the bits that I used:

NARS Rajasthan Duo Eyeshadow
I grabbed mine from SpaceNK but you can find it online from the NARS.co.uk or even Liberty. I just love this and would recommend it to anyone looking for a neutral smokey mix eyeshadow. Excellently pigmented, easy to work with and lasts. There are a zillion more in depth reviews of this on-line if you are interested.


K-Palette Real Lasting

Dollywink Eyeliner

Both these liquid pen liners are deep black and long lasting. I honestly really like using both - not at the same time of course.

The top swatch is the Dollywink, it is marginally more of a fine liner. The bottom is the K-Palette which is a smidgen darker but not obviously so. The K-Palette is waterproof and thus lasts longer than the Dollywink. I bought these both in Tokyo but you can get hold of them at Mihoko, Ichibankao or A Pop of Kawaii.


National Matsugekurun Heat Lash Curler
I have poker straight lashes. While in Japan my friends girlfriend recommended that I gave this a go. She was very specific it HAD to be a National curler. As her make up was beyond perfect I took heed and I am pleased to report that although they do take some getting used to, they do work well! Be warned though, these are not something that one can use when in a rush.
Take a look at this in depth review for more info on a similar thing.


HR Lash Queen Mascara
Another Tokyo bought item. I grabbed this at Narita Duty Free. I am pretty chuffed with it's performance and glad that it works well with the lash curler. I probably would not repurchase simply because it is so hard to get hold of here and I honestly prefer YSL Faux Cils.


Love Clover BB Cream Foundation
This is my new BB of choice since my return to UK. It contains SPF30 and provides medium coverage with a lovely soft focus and dewy finish. This comes in 2 shades and I use the darker one. I would definitely buy this again. If you are curious as to what it looks like on, take a look here. I have spotted this at A Pop of Kawaii or Ichibankao


Misa Toxic Seduction
If you have not tried Misa nail varnishes then I must tell you that you are missing out on a good thing! They have some excellent colours to pick from and they last and last and LAST.

I think that is is a wonderful shade of enchanting green. Staring at it is like (if you have a rampant imagination and the time for such musings) looking into a deep enchanted forest. This is my current fave polish.

One week later:
Yes there is some wear but minimal chips.
I buy Misa on ebay at the reasonable price from the seller "Nails Supply U.K"

~*~ Babu Bath Tablets
Babu are my favourite fizzing bath tablets. They are cheap as chips and found in supermarkets or pharmacies or such and come in a host of fragrances, many of which are seasonal. This Hinoki (Japanese cypress) one have to be one of my all time favourites. I hear that the ebay seller "alphabeautyuk" stocks these.

Wowee I think I have out done myself this time!
I have sped my way over 8 different products.
I hope you have found this a little useful.



  1. You're eyes are very pretty ^^ They look slightly green with specks of brown.

    As for that nail colour,its beautiful.It has a marine feel to it. :)

  2. So many reviews!!

    I love your smokey eye! But I am trying to be good about eyeshadows... I have so many! May try to 'dupe' your look though :)

    I've tried both Dollywink and K-palette and while I prefer the packaging of Dollywink, I like how black k-palette is on me... So that is what I'm using right now!

    I definitely need to find a heated eyelash curler! I'm trying to find q drugstore mascara that works well for me... So I can spend more on lipsticks haha.


    Haha if you wear the darker shade of that bb how light is the other?? The manicure looks beautiful - I love the contrast with your skin!

  3. You have a very beautiful eye...that sounds creepy..lol

    I've always wanted to try a heated lash curler, but I just KNOW I will burn myself...I'm way too clumsy..

  4. I love your fast forward reviews! Short and to the point :).
    I've been wanting to try these two eyeliners, hopefully I can get hold on them soon~

  5. now that's an eye colour that one would kill for.
    such a nice colour, you eye chameleon lol.

    That Gold, that gold *drools* so delicate and brightening. I'm with Tammy on the heated lash curlers, I rush when I'm not in a rush =/
    The HR mascara packaging is so me. Nail varnish is divine it's getting me into the xmas spirit even more so LOL!!

    love this post was very interesting to read through :) xo

  6. i like your fast forward reviews! i want to give dolly wink a try.. worth the money? thanks for linking us!! <3

    you have beautiful marks on you eyes :)

  7. beautiful packaging with the HR mascara!!! I've never seen a more beautiful mascara :D

  8. I love your eye colour. I haven't gotten the hang of eye liner yet sadly. Thank you for your lovley comment today. Xxxx

  9. LOVE your post! i've been eyeing on that HR mascara like forever and till now i have yet reach for it... and now you tempt me again!

    I'm loving my k-palette eyeliner too, its really lasting. have you try their eyebrow liner? its good stuff too

    love clover, i would really like to try it, as its a very cute line from jap!

    bath tablet, wish i have bath tub to try this though...

  10. you have such a beautiful eye color!! i would love to try the new BB, but i am afraid it won't look good..right? or work on me...since you said that you are using the darker shade and i am at least about 2 or 3 shade darker than you. anyway, just out of curiosity once you put on the BB cream does it become darker and adapt to your skin color?

  11. @ Nic Nic - yes! if you like deep black liners this blows KATE out of the water!

    @ Donnalyn - BB creams have a way of adapting to your skin tone but I find that some do go ashy by the end of the day. Thankfully this one doesn't. I think the lighting always makes me look paler than I actually am. I have definite yellow undertones too.

    @ DSK - Dont let the packaging get you! YSL is better I swear!

    @ Sizbelle - I will look out for the brow liner too now you mention it.

  12. thanks for the great reviews! I've started to use a heated lash curler too and i like it. But I just bought a cheap one. How is this National one? is the heated lash bit much different to the Panasonic one?

  13. Lady what are you talking about, your eye colour is gorgeous!
    A heated eyelash curler eh? I wonder what I'll burn off in the process knowing my clumsiness!
    African mums are a different breed, they'll tell you to stick brick 'neath your bed so that the Tokoloshe doesn't get you. Also to eat all your pap en wors.
    Didn't know bout cold surfaces giving you piles, my mum used to say if I sit on the loo for too long I'll get piles.

  14. oh that nail polish is lovely :D and i think i'll have to try that eyelash curler!

  15. love the mini reviews - I have a heated lash curler but rarely use it since I'm always rushing to get mascara on & get out the door! ...but when I do have time to use it, it really does help keep my lashes curled :)

    the bb cream looks really nice! i'm looking forward to cooler weather so i can go back to using some of my bb creams.

  16. hi Cowness,

    I just want to compliment you on your gorgeous, amber-coloured eyes...the eyeshadow compliments them enormously and brings out those quirky flecks in it (and I envy the lenght of your lashes :D).

    I think I have that Misa nailpolish as well, but I have been ignoring my polish-stash lately because I felt a bit self-concious about my hands (not really dainty) but I just have to think 'sod it' and paint them and flaunt my stronger type of hands with polish...Colour on my nails works as a bit of colour therapy to me.

    Alphabeautyuk has so many things I would love to have...Now you gave me a new recommendation. Mmm, I still have to finish some of my SASA bath powders but I like a fizzy bath thingy too.

  17. My eyes have faded too! They used to be dark brown as a kid and now hazel, nandedarou? I'm afraid I'm about 0.1% as well groomed as you though hehe.

  18. Your eyes are GORGEOUS! LOve the flecks in them! Like Amber! :) Mine are just dirty muddy dark brown... :p


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