A Child of The Jago

Despite what you may think.


By "shopping" I mean the actual act of walking about trying to find stuff to buy. Online shopping however, that is one of my many yet to conquer vices.... What do you expect from a hermit?
No crowds. No snotty sales assistants. No queues.


There is one shop that I love to visit above all others in London. Perhaps you have heard of it before? It borrowed it's name from the Arthur Morrison tale;

"A Child of A Jago"

10 Great Eastern Street

London EC2A 3NT

I must admit. I feel rather odd refering to this place as a shop! It's more of a boutiquey, vintagey, bazaar, wunderkammer wonderful place where you can buy some high-end pieces of fancy. I am aware that their garments are stocked in Selfridges but I would much rather browse in here.

I have seen all sorts during my visit here over years.

Napoleonic hats, Native American head dresses, taxidermy birds, period costume, old records, splendidly modern tees and the most fantastic hats you can ever hope to find.

And even some inventive Christmas decor:
A Child of A Jago transcends fashion.

I must also come clean and relinquish the fact that I have never bought anything from here (though I am saving up for a hat). I pop in whenever I can to get hold of their in-house publication;

"The Daily Terror"

This is one of a select "hardly a handful" of magazines that has the oomph to inspire me to delve into it's pages. Since I am confessing a plenty today, I must spill that the Daily Terror's "free but not cheap" articles have been much inspiration to me. If you read it. You would know!

As it is a Friday, I thought that I might indulge you with some scans from issue 3 for you weekend reading pleasure:
(Mappaman! This is the stuff)

Click to enlarge.

My favourite quote from this article has to be:

"I gain more inspiration from the rescued images such as these than the H&M zombies parading the streets, clubland fakes and flakes...and the Fashion Week sideliners who are so relentlessly desperate to be photographed for the now defunct pages of self-appointed style bibles such as (animated yawn) 'i-D'. I'm just so repelled by unimaginative, infantile, generic shitheads working gauche chic, totally repulsed by lamelamelame London bollox"

While we are on the subject of "style", here is one of my favourite articles:

Have a good weekend.

Word has reached my unlearned ear from the brilliant Nyanzi Report that it is in fact Vivienne Westwood's son that owns the label. The guy behind Agent Provocatuer, although he sold it now to start Jago.
Great story.

Thanks NR I think I have spoken to him about his hanging birds. He was really nice, let me take pics and everything!


  1. What a unique little boutique, it's refreshing to see a piece of individuality, especially in a clothing shop.

    I just wanted to let you know that I woke up this morning to your package! I adore the whole thing, the gorgeous hand made card as well as the actual prize. I was eager to try the makeup out straight away (whilst still in my pajamas, I should add) and both the products are definite winners! I felt so glamourous. Thank's a lot :)

  2. o.o some of those items look very creepy...
    yea, queues are so annoying =/ really puts me off unless I really really want the item.

  3. I love shopping but I tend to avoid shopping on weekend cause of the crowd. The shop looks really interesting though ;)

  4. I'm so gonna check this out! I hate shopping too, partly because everything I want is too expensive and all the high-st stuff too tame :( Sigh, what's a gal to do. (learn to sew is the answer to that)

    Have a lovely weekend dolly bird xx

  5. lol I think you gathered how much I dislike shopping too this store looks amazing, it has such a feel to it even through images.

    It annoys me that I live 45minutes from London but I just don't take the opportunity to go down very often as I don't like the 'hot spots' unknown quirky vintage places I need to find.

    Thanks so much for sharing a love of yours.

  6. It's a high brand designer store designed to look like a something an unusual boutique. But its far from that, its the The prodigal son Ben Westwood's store (son of V Westwood) and their clothing is sold in Selfridges too

  7. That's Vivienne Westwood's son that owns this label. The guy behind Agent Provocatuer, although he sold it now to start Jago.
    Great story.

    Unlike you. I do not shop online coz I like to touch things and try them on before I buy.
    You jusy have to go when the shops aren't busy like, say, weekday afternoons.

  8. @ Anonymous - this shop is by far more fun to look in than Selfridges.

    Nyanzi - Thank you for this info I am rubbish with brands :) Yes you have a point but it I am stuck in the office upon weekdays pms. I do like feeling things too but then I go and buy in online. I am a lost cause!

  9. hehe I'm not a big fan of shopping in stores either, at least for clothes, shoes, etc. It's so disappointing whenever I have something in mind that I can't find!

    Ahh you must know all the best places in London! That's soooooo cool that they have an in-house publication! Also I can't wait to see the hat you're saving up to buy!

    hehe talons! *bird caw* Oh! I totally had a hard time with the Essie...it took me 2 attempts. =( It seemed like it was clumping and drying as I was applying...I just thought it was me!

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  10. This place is kooky cool, I need to have a gander some day...That article about the Bacango gentlemen looks super interesting, I will attempt to blow it up so I can read it proper. x x x


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