Ironing is The Most Tedious of All Tasks

Now and again, I receive some searching questions from my more inquisitive readers. Readers, who have chanced upon my little blog and feel the need to ask why I blog in such a personal way.

This post is my way of addressing these queries.

I blog because I am a person that perpetually seeks inspiration.
I hope to inspire others in a small way during my search. So I suppose, that Worship at the House of Blues is actually an irregular variety of brain storming.

I like to dress up. I like to paint my face.
I am not a particularly confident person when it comes to my appearance but I want to be because I think everyone should be comfortable within their own skin.

I want to be my own supermodel.
I don't mean that in a vain way.
I mean that I want to be a better version of me.....

I lack ambition in life. I don't strive to make piles of money.
I don't want to see my name in lights.
Designer clothes will never make me happy.

I come from humble beginnings and I will never forget how far I have come.

This idea of "beauty" interests me because I see that my idea of it is so different from others.

I don't think that I understand fashion trends.
I am more interested in the way that individuals choose to express themselves.

I find characters inspiring.
Both historical and fictional characters inspire my way of dressing.

A pipe from Holmes, a bowler hat from Poirot,
cream tights from Alice.....ideas come at me from everywhere.

Freedom of thought is a gift that I feel we ought to take greater advantage of.
I spend an enormous time day dreaming both in my head and out loud.

I rarely take myself seriously.

I love small details. Little almost unnoticeable details.

I often feel overwhelmed by the amount of things I have yet to learn......
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Trapped in Jelly

I love sakuranbo (Japanese cherry) jelly.

Delicate flavour of a cherry trapped in pink tinted sakura jelly.
We buy our wagashi in Minamoto Kichoan, Picadilly.

Served on white porcelain plates
"Colombina" plates, a design collaboration between Alessi & Fuksas.

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In Praise of Shadows : An Adventure in Niigata Pt 1

Four friends went to Niigata together.
We were seeking quiet and a sense of real Japan.
Such things can rarely be found within a bludgeoning metropolis.

Our time here was magical and unforgettable and Hiro and I will definitely return.

Niigata for me is the home of rice! It grows everywhere! I never realised how brilliantly green rice growing is. It quite literally took my breath away. Niigata produces the Koshihikari variety, widely considered to be the highest-quality rice produced in Japan. It is also my most favourite rice in the world, the Niigata food post will hit this page next week!

The way.

There are so many tunnels that cut through hills in Japan.

Rice, beautiful Rice. Bet you never knew it was so green!

One day, I would like to live in a house like this.

Endlessly green

Home for a while

Our dear friend and I investigate.
There is something about the countryside that brings out the child in me.

Resting within the branches of an old tree.
I felt as though I was in Totoro's world.

I felt a refreshing sense of peace.


Hiro is happy.

We played with fire......

...and marvelled at the poignant poetry that is senkou-hanabi

It rained the next day.
But not even rain can dull the brilliance of the rice fields.

"Such is our way of thinking—we find beauty not in the in the thing itself but in the patterns of shadows, the light and the darkness, the one thing against another creates."
Junichiro Tanizaki “In Praise of Shadows”

"a degree of dimness, absolute cleanliness, and a quiet so complete one can hear the hum of a mosquito."
Junichiro Tanizaki “In Praise of Shadows”

"Out beyond the sitting room, which the rays of the sun at best can but barely reach, we extend the eaves or build a veranda, putting the sunlight at still greater a remove. The light from the garden steals in but dimly through paper-paneled doors, and it is precisely this indirect light that makes for us the charm of the room. We do our walls in neutral colors so that the sad, fragile, dying rays can sink into absolute repose."
Junichiro Tanizaki “In Praise of Shadows”

Thank you Mappa & AZK for the magic.

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Eye Spy: Su Blackwell

In normal circumstances I would shudder at the very notion of someone taking a craft knife to a book.

the skill and imagination involved in this work really is inspiring stuff.

Eye Spy: Su Blackwell

”I often work within the realm of fairy-tales and folk-lore. I began making a series of book-sculpture, cutting-out images from old books to create three-dimensional diorama’s, and displaying them inside wooden boxes”.

”For the cut-out illustrations, I tend to lean towards young-girl characters, placing them in haunting, fragile settings, expressing the vulnerability of childhood, while also conveying a sense of childhood anxiety and wonder. There is a quiet melancholy in the work, depicted in the material used, and choice of subtle colour.”

Words taken From Su's web profile see here.
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Much Can Be Said About Silence....

....but we need not say much at all.

Dress from Joy
Tattoo tights from River Island

Photos were taken in Canonbury Square which has it's beginnings in the early 1800s.

George Orwell once lived in one of the houses that face here.
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Lady Gray's Disobedient Biscuits.

A biscuit can be such a complement to a cuppa.

And biscuits look nicer upon pretty plates.

I recently tried my hand at baking.
This is new territory for me.
I have never baked a single confection in my life!

Thinking that I should start off with something easy, a friend passed on a biscuit recipe to me.
Being a disobedient sort, I contorted her recipe to suit my own tastes and I must say that I was very lucky that they turned out rather yummy!

I am so pleased with me! My very own tasty biscuits.
They also made our little home smell delicious.

I share this recipe with you on the understanding that this is a novice's attempt at baking. You absolutely must not sneer at me if what you end up with is a noxious plate of bricks!


Lady Grey's Disobedient Biscuits

* 200g sifted plain flour and some for just in case it is too gooey as well as dusting

* 150g slightly salted butter. I use Lurpak

* 95g light muscovado sugar (the recipe actually calls for 115g which is too sweet for me.

* 1 or 2 Earl/Lady Grey tea bags. Depends on how punchy you like your flavours I used 2 Lady Greys on this occasion.

* 1 egg.

Beat together the butter and sugar until you have a creamy and smooth paste.

Stir in the tea well (just the tea not the bag).

Beat in the egg.

Carefully and gently fold in the flour. If it looks and feels too gooey, add a little more flour to stiffen the mixture.

Lay out a stretch of cling film and get your hands dirty! form the messy sticky mixture into a long fat sausage shape of approx 20cm long.

Roll it up and stick in in the fridge for an hour to firm it up.

Preheat oven to 180 degrees.

Remove the biscuit dough and slice into 5cm thick ovals (or rounds. Stick them onto a non stick oven tray and whack 'em in till they start to go a a little golden (should take approx 10-15 mins. Remove from oven and cool on a wire rack.

Munch away!


I hope to keep learning, distorting and perhaps even create my own recipes so this Recipe book that I bought in Paperchase should be my constant kitchen companion from now.
It is a chunky ring bound notebook with a handy wipe clean cover and neat little tabs to keep me organised.

Have I mentioned that I collect tea cups? This is a more recent purchase from Liberty and made by Royal Albert.
While I may think that they are glorious,
Hiro thinks that they are vulgar!

His tastes are far more modernist. bla bla bla!
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>>Fast Forward Reviews>> Edition II

Hello Readers!
I thought that we could kick off the week with a bumper edition of my speedy dash around what's good and bad in my beauty box.

I really think that my eyes are getting lighter, or perhaps it is just the lighting for they look very dark today.
This EOTD was taken from my outing that you can view here.
I wanted to quickly spill the beans on the bits that I used:

NARS Rajasthan Duo Eyeshadow
I grabbed mine from SpaceNK but you can find it online from the NARS.co.uk or even Liberty. I just love this and would recommend it to anyone looking for a neutral smokey mix eyeshadow. Excellently pigmented, easy to work with and lasts. There are a zillion more in depth reviews of this on-line if you are interested.


K-Palette Real Lasting

Dollywink Eyeliner

Both these liquid pen liners are deep black and long lasting. I honestly really like using both - not at the same time of course.

The top swatch is the Dollywink, it is marginally more of a fine liner. The bottom is the K-Palette which is a smidgen darker but not obviously so. The K-Palette is waterproof and thus lasts longer than the Dollywink. I bought these both in Tokyo but you can get hold of them at Mihoko, Ichibankao or A Pop of Kawaii.


National Matsugekurun Heat Lash Curler
I have poker straight lashes. While in Japan my friends girlfriend recommended that I gave this a go. She was very specific it HAD to be a National curler. As her make up was beyond perfect I took heed and I am pleased to report that although they do take some getting used to, they do work well! Be warned though, these are not something that one can use when in a rush.
Take a look at this in depth review for more info on a similar thing.


HR Lash Queen Mascara
Another Tokyo bought item. I grabbed this at Narita Duty Free. I am pretty chuffed with it's performance and glad that it works well with the lash curler. I probably would not repurchase simply because it is so hard to get hold of here and I honestly prefer YSL Faux Cils.


Love Clover BB Cream Foundation
This is my new BB of choice since my return to UK. It contains SPF30 and provides medium coverage with a lovely soft focus and dewy finish. This comes in 2 shades and I use the darker one. I would definitely buy this again. If you are curious as to what it looks like on, take a look here. I have spotted this at A Pop of Kawaii or Ichibankao


Misa Toxic Seduction
If you have not tried Misa nail varnishes then I must tell you that you are missing out on a good thing! They have some excellent colours to pick from and they last and last and LAST.

I think that is is a wonderful shade of enchanting green. Staring at it is like (if you have a rampant imagination and the time for such musings) looking into a deep enchanted forest. This is my current fave polish.

One week later:
Yes there is some wear but minimal chips.
I buy Misa on ebay at the reasonable price from the seller "Nails Supply U.K"

~*~ Babu Bath Tablets
Babu are my favourite fizzing bath tablets. They are cheap as chips and found in supermarkets or pharmacies or such and come in a host of fragrances, many of which are seasonal. This Hinoki (Japanese cypress) one have to be one of my all time favourites. I hear that the ebay seller "alphabeautyuk" stocks these.

Wowee I think I have out done myself this time!
I have sped my way over 8 different products.
I hope you have found this a little useful.

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