Shit Catchers & Other Miscellaneous Matters

Dear fabulous readers!

This will be the last post before I vamoosh my way to Japan, so I thought that I should make it worth your while by slapping you (gently) with heaps of pictures, junk and bla di bla!

Shit Catchers in Dalston on Sunday

Why you stood over there on your jack jones?
I love Dalston - It's alive with colour!

Me and the wonderful van of a million colours
(it's not actually called that)

Tell your boyfriend hold you jar....

and dance wiv me!

I am really loving these cotton drop crotch (shit catcher ahaha) trousers!
I bought them in Spitalfields. They are made by a Company called Liquorish.

Pinned my hair up in a heap of ringlets.

I have me some new sunnies!

I am a bit of a Ray Bans Wayfarer collector.
Hiro bought me this is my newest edition.

Hold up!

Let's go back outside!

Lurking in the market!

I am bored of me now!!

Saturday was filled from morning to night with shopping!

Most of this was for our family and friends in Japan.

I do like wandering in and out of the aisles in Fortnum and Mason.
Jam anyone?

Fortnum and Mason have the most loveliest displays.

Extortionate but ever so fancy sugar cubes:

Onwards to Liberty.
By far the most beautiful department store out there in my opinion:

Here I bought a little dress for a beautiful little one I know:

Then I got selfish!


Hiro bought me these gold ones from Office, a bargain at £35.00

And when Hiro wasn't looking I grabbed me some treats!
American Apparel Nail Laquer in Mouse
Topshop Cream Blush in Neon Rose x 2

I love my new wayfarers!!

What did you get up to this weekend?

Anything new to tell me?



  1. ok so i warned u in chat that this will be a long comment cos i like a lot of things abt this post

    first of all..yay for japan. yay for u coming here to see me [ok not to see me but i can pretend]

    2nd of all..hello..those are awesome pants and u look fab in them. love ur ringlet hair AND those are wicked raybans. RED..u didnt tell me they were RED. thats FAB. Hiro has good taste..oh wait of cos he does *wink*

    3rd of all..[btw i am giving up on the numbering soon cos i am lazy] i am just drooling over those pics of the stores and omg libertyyyyy That is one lucky little girl. dont think i can fit in it else i totally steal it

    4th of all [ok i lie..will try numbering] i LOVE THOSE SANDALS! they are just PERFECT FOR U. u need to wear a white maxi dress with that.STAT!

    5th.i love tat nail polish..its a gorgeous color..remember to do ur toesies for the hot sandals [that's number 4 in case u missed it]

    6th..nothing else except..yay for japan..and yah for u coming here..no wait tat was number 1...

  2. My weekend was not as playful and colourful as yours. It was very relaxing indeed. Loads of rest and early to bed. A girl needs that, too!

    I adore your blue cotton long crotch trousers.
    And the colourful wall/street art. Do enjoy your stay in Japan, and look after yourself, my lovely;-)

  3. Fantastic Ray Bans...and they so suit your face and style!
    I hope you have a wonderful time in Japan and take loads, LOADS of pics that tell such magical stories...
    Lots of love to both of you
    Nina x

  4. wowzwers! shit catcher pants,I LOVE IT! bwhahaha! and that AA nail laquer is indeedly big! oh those hearts + spades + clubs sugarcubes are divine..your hair is otherworldly and awesome.

  5. I need to make this comment count since you leave so soon! :O

    - HURRAY FOR JAPAN. I cannot say enough times how jealous I am... especially that you will be seeing more than Tokyo... will have to imagine your trip vicariously!
    - Your outfit is SO CUTE. And not something I'd pull off on my own I think (my legs are too short to wear the drop-crotch trousers, haha). The little flash of belly is adorable and it just looks so summery :)
    - The Fortum and Mason tea tins are so lovely. Did you end up picking up the charcoal biscuits? *squints at picture*. I'm sure they will love it :)
    - The Liberty store is GORGEOUS. And huge! Somehow I thought it was just a little shop, but that is massive o_O The fabric is gorgeous, and I hope the little one enjoys her dress!!
    - Are the gladiator sandals comfortable? I have a pair from Harajuku lovers but lately when I've been off it's been rainy so I haven't been able to wear them. The gold is so gorgeous - and it will match everything! Are you bringing them to Japan?
    - I want to see what your AA manicure looks like!!
    - The RayBans are awesome - I love the surprise colour on the inside of the frames... it reminds me that I Need new sunglasses myself...


  6. "shitcatcher pants" <--- definitely a term I will remember from here on.

    I do the same thing, when they're not looking... BUY! heehee.

    Didn't do much this weekend except celebrate my country's freedom by eating a pound of bbq.

    I hope you have a wonderful and safe trip to Japan. Can't wait to see it via blogpost.

    <3 Rina

  7. I've never been to spitalfields and everytime i've been to Dalston, i've seen no colour :( both these things make me sad. Your blog however always has soemthing new and unique ot offer.

    I hope you have a fantastic time in Japan!

  8. Take care on your journeys my love.
    - & yes my brow box is Urban Decay in Brown Sugar!

    Loving the sunglasses, wayfarers seem to not suit me much, but you are rocking the shit out of them & that outfit, you have the cutest body frame.. swaaap.

    I always get amazed with your shop finds etc...whenever I hit London I seem to be so typical with my shop trips boo.

  9. That shopping centre really is beautiful! Oh your so lucky to be going to Japan! I'm so jealous he he =P

  10. Have a great trip!!

    i love the pic galores!! the nail polish looks fab!! and the liberty print!!

  11. I'm rather impressed by the AA polish formula - it definitely wins extra points for working with the konad & BM plates too!

    I hope you have a wonderful time in Japan :) and I know you and Hiro will take some gorgeous photos with all the cameras you'll be toting with you for the trip!

  12. *gasp* I see your belly button!!!! You look lovely...I haven't bared my belly in years...years I tell ya!!

    I love the red ray bans on you..they pop against your skin. My sister in law just got white Ray Bans & I do plan on borrowing them..I mean she loses things all the time anyway so she probably wouldn't notice...right??

    My weekend was quite & I spent lots of time eatting & with my family.

    Have a great trip!!!

  13. OMD Old Cow you are sooo hot! I will miss you dearly and all your faboo blog posts, please try post (when you can) whilst you're out there...I love this post and your clothes and your cheek bones...

    Have an AMAZING trip

    BIG love

    x x x x

  14. Your raybans are so nice!! and the gladiator sandals is to die for!! I love it!!!! :D You are so gorgeous!! You wore those clothes so sexily =) Very fab!! Enjoy your trip! :D

  15. Only you could look good in any outfit! :D How do you find the quality of Topshop's blush?

  16. wow i am jealouuuuusss! Have so much fun on your unbelievable trip!
    that chandelier is making my nipples hard lol! it's so gorgeous!!! and i just love your style babe!! ;)

  17. lol it must be a japanese thing cos my in laws are HUGE fans of fortnum and Mason. I always haul tons back for them when I visit.. but since they came to UK i reckon they hauled on the way back :P safe journey to the east :)

  18. I really love, love your look. So stylish, quite sexy, cool and stunning! Like your blog!

  19. You will be in Japan now. I hope you are having (had) a good time. This is a great fun post. I have enjoyed your excitement about going away. Xxxx

  20. Love the pretty pattern on the Liberty dress you bought for the little girl. Gold sandles are fab!
    Have a wonderful trip to Japan!!!

  21. hahaaa nice shitpants Lol. I like that name so much better.
    I must admit topshop make up packaging is cute, but How's the quality?
    and the shades are cute! Love your blog :)

  22. love those sugar cubes! aahh extravagant indeed. love your gladiators (:

  23. You look fantastic in your shit-catchers... I still have a bit of MC Hammer connotations with the semi-harem pants, but they are actually really lovely and perfect for a relaxed day.

    I went a bit Tour de France fan this weekend as it started in Rotterdam. I could not find anyone (of the Tour) for an autograph...darn!
    The Tour is not a hot topic right now, because whole of the Netherlands is obsessed with the final of the WORDCUP...amazing...even I bought a orange dress! That would be a smashing party if Holland would win...ha ha, reaching the final was already total madness with people jumping in the dirty canal waters...he he he
    (so, told you enough???)

  24. I'm loving this post but I'm missing you more!
    I have a lot of blog reading to catch up on and I've just started a new job. Things are hunky dory for now and I hope it stays this way. Have a FABULOUS time in Japan and will most definitely catch up with you soon my dear.
    Love the pants, love your shades and the polish and your great pics. *woot*woot*


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