Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man!

I want to tell you a secret!

I got married today!!

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Cherry Picking

I am counting down the days!
4 sleeps, and I am off.

Dear Readers, I couldn't leave you without some brilliant company in my absence. Here is a handful of some of my most favourite bloggers. I find them inspiring.

Visit Imo who I have taken to refering to as my little spud! We both love pies! She is the boss of It's a London Thing, a little blog bursting with personality. Here you will find a little bit of everything including a look at her pretty face!
Imo is such a cutey!!
(Yesh you are - gwan wiv your cute self ahahahaha)

Then there is Vint Junky. Marvel at how she oozes unique style. I love her hair and the way that she throws together her outfits to come up with some fabby dabby combos.
Vint Junky's blog has the most appealing photos! I want to go shopping with you Vinty! I want to seek out curious vintage contraptions and wear them all at the same time.

If it is a calm and soothing corner that you are seeking to sit in, then Fashion, Art and Other Fancies is the place for you.

There is something immediately pacifying about this blog. I adore it! I see cakes. I rediscover a level of sophistication that is sorely missing from today's life. This is a place of contemplation, appreciation and style.

I heartily reccommend taking a walk with my dear Dvora!
Take a stroll with her as she introduces us to new stylish everyday people.
Dvora has an eye for a good shot and a knack for capturing people in the most elegant manner which she couples with a snippet of information about the person.

These are wonderful ladies and thoroughly good blogging company.
Do drop in on them and when you do, whisper that I sent you!

Finally, I would like to send you down the FONK road:
Finally we are from Tokyo, Paris, London, New York and we take photos to document our interests, moods, travels and nuances.

Here you will find photos from Hiro, myself and a host of our friends all jumbled together in confused delight


Blogger is playing silly buggers! Some of my comments for the previous post have disappeared! Pooof!! Sorry if you do not see your comment below. Thank you as always for your time!

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Shit Catchers & Other Miscellaneous Matters

Dear fabulous readers!

This will be the last post before I vamoosh my way to Japan, so I thought that I should make it worth your while by slapping you (gently) with heaps of pictures, junk and bla di bla!

Shit Catchers in Dalston on Sunday

Why you stood over there on your jack jones?
I love Dalston - It's alive with colour!

Me and the wonderful van of a million colours
(it's not actually called that)

Tell your boyfriend hold you jar....

and dance wiv me!

I am really loving these cotton drop crotch (shit catcher ahaha) trousers!
I bought them in Spitalfields. They are made by a Company called Liquorish.

Pinned my hair up in a heap of ringlets.

I have me some new sunnies!

I am a bit of a Ray Bans Wayfarer collector.
Hiro bought me this is my newest edition.

Hold up!

Let's go back outside!

Lurking in the market!

I am bored of me now!!

Saturday was filled from morning to night with shopping!

Most of this was for our family and friends in Japan.

I do like wandering in and out of the aisles in Fortnum and Mason.
Jam anyone?

Fortnum and Mason have the most loveliest displays.

Extortionate but ever so fancy sugar cubes:

Onwards to Liberty.
By far the most beautiful department store out there in my opinion:

Here I bought a little dress for a beautiful little one I know:

Then I got selfish!


Hiro bought me these gold ones from Office, a bargain at £35.00

And when Hiro wasn't looking I grabbed me some treats!
American Apparel Nail Laquer in Mouse
Topshop Cream Blush in Neon Rose x 2

I love my new wayfarers!!

What did you get up to this weekend?

Anything new to tell me?

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Big Chooooooon!

I am hooked. Propa hooked mate.

This choooooooooooon's got me shakin' it.

Mark Ronson & Business International (feat Q-Tip)

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The Attic Has Been Unlocked

Thank you to one and all that took the time and went to so much effort to enter my giveaway.
Your imaginations are such fruitful and vibrant places and I am grateful that you gave me the privilege of taking a wonder through your dream worlds for a little while.


This contest has planted a seed in my head! I shall reveal the details next Friday but in the meantime please do keep your noodles ticking over tales, poems, pictures and photos for me as new additions shall be rewarded!

Apologies for being as clear as mud!! My vagueness is intentional :)

Now to reveal my winner:

Your narrative gripped me!
Your imagery conjured vivid flourishes in my mind.
I am there, flicking through a gold paged book seeking a recipe for dispelling melancholy and I have a luminescent jelly in my pocket.

Plumes of violet smoke seep through the bottom of the door filling the air with light blueberry scent. As the door swings open, a beautiful room dimly lit by candlesticks is revealed. Glints of light sparkle, catching the eye. The attic is filled with troves of treasures once possessed by sea captains--pearls, emeralds, exotic blue stones scatter the velvet paved floor. Long forgotten paintings of naked ladies draped over satin hang on the walls. Silk cushions in an array of splendid colours surround a jeweled hookah, which is silently puffing the sweet purple perfumed clouds into the air.

If one shined a light into this open space one would find young woodland animals dreaming quietly, tucked away behind potted plants or hanging from vines from the ceiling. Fruit from faraway lands lay in gleaming silver bowls, waiting to be tasted. The room is expanding as you walk through, you find more treasures, fans made of peacock feathers, onyx statues of hunting dogs, books filled with gold pages. Ahead, floating neon jellies expand and contract, swimming in the air, trailing along the checkered ceilings that go on and on and into darkness.

This attic is the room of sacred muses. It is where one's mind wanders while in sleep, creating dreams of paupers and warlords; fantasies of saints and whores.

Manuka Honey Rebel!
You win my mystery prize.

Your painting made my day and somehow fitted wonderfully with Lily's tale.

Please email me your addresses for I would like to send your booty on to you soon.

Now that my attic has been dreamed up and furnished with your brilliance, you can seek it out upon a special page:

Tales from The House of Blues

Be sure to visit!
Be sure to take note for it shall put you in good stead for next weeks announcement.

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Eye Spy ROA

Dear Readers,

You know how much Hiro and I love our walk-a-bouts in east London.
A while back we came across this fantastic example of street art on Curtain Road, Shoreditch.

After some research I have come to learn that the artist responsible goes by the name of ROA and he is from Ghent, Belgium.


Hiro took the above 3 pics.

The photo below came from ROA's Tumblr.
I have a fascination with abandoned dilapidated buildings and so I find this rather mesmerising.

It seems that ROA like's working on London's walls.
I spotted his work in the form of a gigantic squirrel way back in January.......
Remember this?
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