The Stuff of the Street

You would be excused for thinking that I am big on graffiti and street art in general.

Truth is...

I dislike artless, sloppy tagging. I loathe it when it makes an unsightly blemish in otherwise picturesque areas.

But in the right place....

and with the right humour, skill or talent.

Street Art can be mightily, heartily brilliant.

I felt as though I learned much.
A darn sight better than your regular Heath & Safety course!

These were taken in Spitalfields just off from the Brick Lane area.

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  1. "Street Art can be mightily, heartily brilliant." Totally agree with that statement... I am still lookin' for images like this. I will be wondering the streets real soon, let's just hope I don't get lost in direction! Ps. I'd be the first picture trying to escape the tragedy.

  2. I was just there a few weeks ago but I missed these. They're so cute!

  3. That is possibly the cutest, most well thought out graffiti I've ever seen! I love that each panel tells a story, and graffiti like this makes me think of the time, effort, and courage it would take to 'tag' a building this way - definitely not the average!

  4. That is such fun art! Looks exciting :P

  5. I love street art like this, so intelligent.

  6. Street art like all art requires the right setting. It looks out of place in leavy, smart boroughs.

  7. Love it...a brilliant artists with a sense of humour.
    I would like to escape from tragedy through that way as well...(any way to escape from tragedy is good to me)

  8. Wow..I really have to visit Brick Lane and the streets around it some day.

    Did you see last week's junior apprentice? The kids that were meant to be holding an art exhibition were mortified at the idea that it was at Brick Lane and thought it was a really run down area. LOL.

  9. LOL You share the cutest street art with us all the time! I swear you NEVER see anything like that down here. Maybe we're just too uncreative down here. Wait I think Chinatown may have some.. hrm...

  10. those are fun! i'm not a big fan of this graffiti, scrambled words, etc. but these are illustrations!

  11. So true. It is brilliant when done well. Messy and unsightly otherwise - cant be called art really. Then it just pure vandalism.

  12. Love it! I find the street art in Toronto generally messy and disorganized. Maybe I need to look harder for some gems :)


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