Let's Unlock the Attic - Reader Giveaway.

Thank you to all my wonderful frequent visitors to my humble little blog. I appreciate your lovely comments and emails massively and so please know that these little giveaways that I put together are just for YOU!

I am never going to be the type of blogger to beg for more “followers” neither shall I ever ask you to promote my blog in anyway just to obtain entry into any of my giveaway. My giveaways are my way of giving back to you who take the time to sit in my grounds and enjoy the varied goings on.

Anyway I think that I have the time for one more lil giveaway before I leave for Japan in a month so here we go:

I found this assortment of indulgences sitting in my trove. I thought it would make a nice little treat for the winner.


Nude BonBon Lip Gloss “Coral Beige” #1 See Lotus Palace’s Post for swatches
Pink BonBon Lip Gloss “Dream Rose” #4 See Lotus Palace’s Post for swatches

Nail polish:
Nude BonBon Nail Colour “Iced Mocha” #3

Pink BonBon Nail Colour “Sparkling Berries” #3

Face wash:

Laneige Strawbery Yoghurt Peeling Gel.

Canmak Tokyo Light Shimmer Base:

To add to the mix I have also found this brilliant Canmake Tokyo slightly shimmering base that is a fave of mine when I am off on a beach-bum holiday.

“Corrects irregularities in skin tone and gives you added radiance, for a well-defined, lustrous complexion! SPF20/PA++. Mineral oil-free, non-chemical UV filters.”

Vitacreme B12 Samples.

A little hand made by me purse made with Japanese Fabric

How to enter:

Last time the circus came to the Worship at the House of Blues. Before that, we made penance in the Chapel and confessed our sins. This time we shall lurk in the lofty, dusty heights of my garret!

The House of Blues is a labyrinth of rooms, corridors and stairwells that play off each other in marvellous mischievous mayhem. The sounds of laughter drift through the air. Chambers abandoned long ago, rooms filled with decadent grandeur, paintings that tell of ancient fables and maps that lay testament to forgotten lands.

Walk with me through up the stairs to the very heights of this house. Let me unlock the wooden hatch to the attic. Let us walk in together……….

Tell me dear reader …..

What is behind the little door? What do we see?


Leave a comment below or send me an email with your response.

As normal with my contests it can be a tale, poem, picture….anything.

Be aware that it will be published on my blog when I announce the winner.

Contest closes at bedtime on the 22nd June

Winner will be announced a couple of days after

Any questions? Email me Questions @ Worshipblues.com


  1. I fancy that handmade purse - so unique and sweet.

  2. Hey nice blog! Love the header its fabulous

    D E G A I N E


  3. Alice in Underland having tea with rainbow bunnies and Johnny Depp in a beat-up shredded hat?

  4. wow that really opens up for lots of creativity, how do you choose the winner? ^_*

    i see..my family
    i hear..their laughter
    i smell..my dory the pug lol
    i feel..happiness
    i say..forever please

    xoxo elle

  5. Oooohhh what a nice giveaway.The purse is really cute ^^ But I think I'll leave out on this one :D

    Wahahaha exams are nearly over.

  6. Behind the door is a another door and behind that door, yet another door, and another and another.
    As I open each door, I close my eyes tightly, praying furiously, that this would be the last door, that when I open my eyes, I will see a great scene of marvel, of beauty beyond man's wildest imaginations, a Dali-esque scene, of warm sunshine, of fragrant grass, of thunderstorms and lightning...
    Until then, I will continue to open each door that comes my way.

  7. The door creaks open. At first all we see is darkness.

    As our eyes adjust, the blackness lessens and is replaced with shades of grey.

    I inhale deeply before stepping forwards into the attic. The air has a stale, rusty twang to it.

    The wooden floorboards groan under my weight. 'Do not disturb us' they cry, for they have been sleeping a glorious sleep, uninterrupted for decades.

    I fumble in my pocket for my torchlight. My hands grasp the cool textured metal as a thin film of cold sweat is secreted from my forehead.

    I turn the torch on, and point the dim beam of light it exudes haphazardly around the room.

    Dusty jars swimming with yellow purulent liquid. Containing 'specimens' of mushy grey swirls of adult-sized brains, and foetus.

    The walls are lined with instruments. Of scalpels, and knives, scissors, clamps and skewers. All covered in a film of musty brown.

    Terrified, I turn towards the light from the open doorway to find you no longer standing there. In my panic I trip over something which makes a metallic clunk as it hits the floor. A freezing liquid seeps into the skin of my foot.

    I let out a scream. I feel frozen to the spot. The shadows move in the corner of my eye. A stink of rotting flesh and formalin fills my nostrils.


    And then you flick the lightswitch on. I look down to see I've kicked over an old bottle of formaldehyde waste which had streaks of yellow adipose fat tags floating in it.

    Well. That wasn't so scary after all.

    I think it must have been the laboratory of some kooky old medical professor.

  8. i open the door to find two doors in my path. one is adorned with crystals and chains and the other is dusty and old. i turn to the shiny one, look to the dust, look back again. and decide for once in my life to go with the less bright prospect and try to open the door. it is stuck -- it has been unused for far too long. or has it? i hear some creaking on the other side and before i even reach to touch it again, it has opened. inside is dark. i take a tentative step inwards and then completely immerse myself in the darkness. i feel the door shut behind me, as if whoever had opened the door for me wished to keep the the rest of the world out of this place. i stand there for a few minutes, waiting for my eyes to adjust, when suddenly i see little men forming out of the dust and walls. soon, i see a skull with a crown on top of it. a pair of dancing feet. all of the characters out of these wonderful twisted tales that i have been reading about for so long come out of the woodwork and join me. i keep walking. the room slowly grows bright and brighter as i keep walking, until i reach another doorway. i open the door and am in an empty room. there is another door across the way and i hear some creaking, but it opens on its own. i gasp to see all of the shiny fings and pieces in the other room.. and realize that the two were connected for a reason. this must be the place that you slip into when you come to create the wonderful pieces of the house of blues! where stories and shiny things come together as one to fascinate and elate the eyes of any onlooker.

    a tad cheesy i know <3 but that is what i imagine!

  9. I'll give this a go :) Hope you like it.

    As the little door creeked open, we see a lush green field full of wild flowers. We stepped in and followed the small over grown path and walked through the fresh floral scented field. As we walked deeper and deeper in, slowly we began to see the edges of a large aqua green pond.

    With each step closer, we find ourselves surrounded by floating bubbles of water that seemed to be born from the from the moisture of the plants. They drifted pass, following the slow breeze and then up and up it floated towards the sky. We made our way further in. One by one the bubbles got the larger.

    Soon they were the size of our palms. Being curious as ever, I raised my finger and "POP!". The bubble shattered like a firework of fragrant mist. "Now that's a bubble!" I said. As we approached the pond that seems to stretch out as vast as the seas. A huge bubble the size of yoga ball floated by our heads. You raised your hand, stopping it in its tracks. We smiled, I walked up next to you and looked up through the bubble at warpped clouds and sky. Grinning, I lifted my hand towards the bubble. And BOOM the bubble bursted and showered over us. "Now that's what I call a bubble bath" we laughed.

    We picked up the pace and ran into the bubbles, Poppop pop popp it went as laughter filled the sky. Only till we were exhuasted did we stop, slowly we lay down under a lush willow tree and dosed off to sleep.

  10. Creaking up the old stairs to the attic at midnight,
    and all the spooky sounds along with it quite alright.
    When we finally reach the very top,
    My heart is overwhelmed with pumpty pop..
    You unlock the wooden hatch to the little blue door,
    Something magic suddenly happens like never before...

    Wow! Wow! Way hay hay...
    We are flowing into the doorway..
    Wah! Wah! Wah Ha Ha...
    We are flying along the milky way..

    Surrounded by a million STARS,
    I imagine you work for NASA..
    But You say you are contracted by NARS
    To capture the reddish tint from Mars..

    As we are gazing at the stars so enchanting..
    I hear you dear Old Cow starts chanting:
    'Caicos, Copacabana, Cadaques...
    Angélique, Aurore, Ploama...'

    So I interrupt,
    With a bit of abrupt:
    'Oh please give me some hints,
    On those magnificent tints...'

    Be quiet Speckled Hen!
    Watch and Listen and Learn!

    The galaxy is my passion and work-station,
    I gaze at the stars for inspiration..
    A telescope is the best,
    For spotting Pluto and the rest..

    I study stars that are Shimmering and Luminescent..
    so to create top brand make-up which are so relevent....
    From Laura Mercier to L'Oreal,
    I'm head-hunted by them it's unreal..

    Do you know Comet McNaught will be visible all this week?
    Bright Green Comet streaks above UK!!!!
    It will be brightest in Britain's skies on 22nd of June,
    and when my attic contest closes the very same tune!!!

    Go and catch a glimps of this unusual sight little Hen Speckled,
    While I fetch my spectacles..
    I might want to catch its bright green tail,
    And that will be my next tale...


    Thank you dear Old Cow!
    I have learnt something multiple,
    From House of Blues' Principle!
    Now I am going to dream of applying BonBons,
    and fiddling with the fantastic fan purse..
    Tokyo shimmer delight,
    I Canmake it right!!!


  11. I emailed you my story so I hope you enjoy it!=)

  12. i emailed mine as well! Can't wait to see all entries.


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