"I Vomit Ice Cubes"

Judging a book by it's cover....

It’s something that most claim not to do. I on the other hand don’t see how doing so is a problem.

Let's take my latest read for instance...

The cover pulled in my gaze:

Beneath the slip case was another version of the lovely illustration:

Then my attention was fully captured when I opened the book and fell upon this:

"Light Boxes"
Shane Jones

A tale handed to it’s readers in fragments of varying typefaces. Rich, darkly beautiful and economical with words. I enjoyed dipping my nose into this story, I am glad that I own this little gem. However, I would have enjoyed it even more so had there not been a page referring to other writers (cheap shot Mr Jones!).

I hear that Spike Jonze has nabbed it’s copyrights – I am sure that this will make a wonderfully absorbing cinematic experience.

I wrote this post on a whim with a large measure of curiosity. I wonder if anyone else out there is as enchanted with a book’s cover as with its insides?


  1. i havent read a book in far too long
    but i for one am interested to check this book out now

    the latest book i bought which i tried to read on the plane was "How Would You Move Mount Fuji? Microsoft's Cult of the Puzzle - How the World's Smartest Company Selects the Most Creative Thinkers" Very exciting..i know. XD

  2. I like picking books out judging by the visuals, I'm a visual person, how can i not?! ^_~ I adore the beaky nosed plague style masks and they all have long capes! Woo! think I'll have to store this in my wishlist up in my noggin *taps head* it looks like a treasure with the best innards of a book I've seen in a while.

  3. I really need to super glue my hands to this book & finish..I've only gotten 12 pages in!! Shame on me..I vomit ice cubes..?? Must get to that part..lol

  4. I bought a book by its cover recently too. It was so tactile I couldnt put it down. Sadly the insides were not as great as the outside. Your sounds like a real find though. Xxxx

  5. I haven't picked a real book in a while. By real, what I mean is physical. I've been reading books on my iPhone!

    Your post makes me want to go and browse the shelves of a bookstore though, to see what catches my eye now!

  6. I always judge a book by its cover, thats the whole point of a cover...I am aesthetically pleased after all =D

  7. I love the sound of books like that...they sound so magical. I don't usually buy books due to limited space, but I definitely pick up books to borrow from their covers.

    You should post a reading list or a list of your favourites! I'm in need of reading material suggestions :)

  8. sounds interesting, i hasnt read for ages after the twilight Lol... guess its time for me to hit the bookstore & not cosmetic counters

  9. Ahh you spy the most interesting things all the time! I'm sure my eyes would never have captured the intriguing essence of the cover!

    But still "I vomit ice cubes" is hauntingly poetic to me!

  10. It really depends, if its an author and I read a lot of his/her work.Then I couldn't care less about the cover.

    But covers are important-they are what attract you to the book in the first place.A nice looking book cover is what compels me to pick up the book. ;D

  11. I read like crazy on planes! My latest is the Travels of Ibn Battuta.

  12. I do - I'm mainly a fantasy and sci-fi reader so I see something with curly font, pastel colours and a cartoon of a martini glass on the front and vom.

    If you like weird books, try House of Leaves - it's probably a bit darker than this but it's absolutely mental with text and the way the stories intertwine. Honestly, I think you'd like it.

  13. MJ trust you to know about that bonkers romp through the font files! I have read it and i was like....( 0 _ 0 ) at the end!

  14. As long as the cover is covering the inside, I can be enthralled by the cover as well...

    So yeh, I am the inside that counts person, bookwise and personwise...

    The dodgy Chicklit covers are completely off-putting, so I avoid those, but that cover has been made to attract a certain audience (chicklit readers) so that is good that I am not attracted to it. But that is association...and experience with the monotony of chicklit

  15. That cover looks really interesting! I would have bought the book if I saw it too. I kinda think it looks a little morbid. It could be due to the black capes and hooked beaks. I'm always intrigued by morbid stuff.

    I once bought a book coz of its cover too. There were many cute, quirky and prettily coloured illustrations of undies. Its title "Just a Little Disco on an Open-Top Bus" caught my eye too.

    Guilty as charged.

  16. Thanks for posting about this book. I've just looked at it on amazon and it sounds like it's well up my street!


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