Eye Spy Furious Feng & The Sweet Petal Sea

I have never stopped counting my blessings for bumping into some honestly wonderful people during my time in the cosmic netverse.

One such person is the artistically talented Furious Feng.

Not only do I swoon over the brilliance of her tag name but I do also swoon and lick ma lips at her work. She did something remarkably generous the other week. She sent me a little friend:

Isn't he special? Isn't he gorgeous?
Take a look at the detail!
I dont know how much time the dear lady must have spent on this. I can only thank her a zillion buckets full.
His name is "Sweet Petal Sea" but I call him Bubzy.
Take a look at some more pics of him here.

Her generosity still went on:
Furious Feng also sent me a couple of masks.
I have never tried the lavender one before!
A couple of MUFE Aqua Eyes liners which are hideously hard to get hold of here in London.

Thank you!!

Eye Spy Furious Feng

I want to share some of of her work with you.
Below are some of my most favourites:
"she wears their fear around her neck."
Was listening to Man Man - Poor Jackie and felt inspired by the line "she wears their fear around her neck."

FF if you are reading this, this is my favourite doodle that I have seen you do so far.

"The Wind Demon"

He lives in the woods by the mountains and he likes to eat little children!
RUN when you hear the wind chime!!

I wonder if he would consider taking up residence in the House of Blues?

Dear readers,
Let's hear it for this talented lady.

**applause please**


  1. Aw of course I will applaud for Furious Feng.I am privilege enough to know her personally. She's my partner in making banana pudding. She is one of those people who has many talents but is very modest.XOXOX

  2. wow, what a talented lady. I could not distinguish that the doll/artpiece was a he, but he is adorable.
    So you have a knack for the children-eating-monsters for your houseofblues...wow, the grotesque and the morbid are a part of your fascination.

  3. Yes indeed a big warm round of applause for the furious one. Lovely work. Xxxx

  4. Not just any applause, but a furore of applause is called for I think.

    Not only very very talented, but evidently very kind-hearted too.

  5. the lovely Lil is quite the crafty artist! Bubzy suits you so well, in his watercolored petals. Lil is such a sweetheart in person, and aside from being a talented artist, she's quite the talented cook! (I've only seen evidence through photos, but the food always looks delicous!)

  6. wow so talented, i love the drawings!

  7. LV art !! the wind demon looks like something u will c in the ghibli series i love it!! x

  8. She is one of a kind. Bubzy is gorgeous, thank u for the detailed photos. And ima stomp, clamp and yell for Ms. FF!

  9. wow her work is fantastic!

  10. WOW she is super talented you both are! Maybe you should BOTH take up a spot in Portabello??...just sayin... ;-)

  11. Indeed, "Sweet Petal Sea" is gorgeous :) and she is very talented!

  12. Oh my dear Glow, thank you so much for all the flattery. The encouragement from everyone will help me get off my lazy butt to do more and post more to share. Thank you everyone for the kind words, and thank you Glow for doing this eye spy. <3


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