Dude You Saved My Skin

Have you read the SCforM blog?
You blooming well ought to!
DD does the most helpful articles on skincare tips that are not JUST for men.

He recommended that I tried out the Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate to tackle my concerns about brightening my complexion. I was abit apprehensive about the name after all I am not that bothered by my lines but I thought that it is worth a try as DD really does research his reviews so thoroughly.

Read SCforM’s brilliant tips for an even skin tone here.
I should tell you a little about my skin at this point. I have a sensitive, dull and sallow complexion that is prone to outbreaks of spots once a month.

I have used this for a few months now and I am so glad that I splurged on the purchase. My skin appears a brighter to me but the best thing is that this stuff has actually boosted my skin’s resilience to outbreaks and it feels healthier overall. I get far less spots and blemishes since using this.

I can’t say that I have noticed a difference in my wrinkleage. But sod the wrinkles this stuff is now a daily staple for me. I have even noticed Hiro swiping a bit here and there. I am not certain he knows what he is using ah well…..he says it helps with shaving bumps.
There is no wonder why there is a host of rave reviews for this on MUA. Maybe it’s down to the whopping 10.5% of pure vit c that they have crammed into the pump bottle that makes it work so well? I will definitely repurchase. I do wish that It was cheaper over here (£52.00 per pop).

Thank you DD – Dude!! You saved my Skin!! Mwah x
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Worship in a Secret Garden

London has many secret gardens tucked away in the most unexpected places.

This Saturday Hiro and I took a walk along Eastcheap and found this little gem.

St Dunstan in The East Church Gardens

These gardens sit beautifully inside the brutalised carcass of a medieval church. The original building was severely damaged during the Great Fire of London. She was patched up complete with a steeple designed by Christopher Wren.

During WW2 St Dunstan was attacked again. This time by enemy bombs.
After the war the decision was made not to reconstruct the church but instead to grow a garden out of the debris.

I personally think that the garden is beautiful.

Who says the city has no soul?

Shady sunshine.

Beautifully ruined

It really is outstanding how with lots of care and attention, and sympathetic planting that something so broken can be fixed in this way.

I have really taken to wearing maxi dresses.
They make one feel ever so feminine.

Light and shadow play games.

The house with no windows.

I thoroughly enjoyed our little walk.
St Dunstan is so peaceful at the weekend. There is a lingering presence in the air and I have little doubt that it is the fruit of it's long history.

I imagine that it is a different place during the week,
with the hoardes of City workers swarming in for their lunch breaks.

I found a jolly city worker on my way home!
Dress from Oasis

It's been a while since I have stuck my face right up in your screens!
I hope that you have enjoyed this latest ramble around London with me.

To all that entered my contest!
Your tales are marvellously imaginative.

I will announce the Winner on Friday.

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I Owe My Life To a Manga

Imagine owing your very existence to a comic book?

Okay, it is a manga to be exact and it happens to be a major contributing factor in the road that lead to me being here!

This manga hit the shelves of post war Japan in 1951 when it was serialized in a national newspaper. Soon after it was made into its own series. The manga tells the tale of a father who takes his son Wataru to Kenya on a business trip. They are attacked by a rampaging rhino and are thus separated. Wataru winds up being taken in my a Masai tribesmen and then has a wealth of adventures with giant snakes, dinosaurs etc.

It captured the imagination of boys and girls across the country but none so much as my father.

As soon as he hit 18 he decided to follow his dream and headed for Kenya. Here he met my mum and then I came along.

My father still lives in Africa. It’s been nearly 35 years and I don’t think he will ever leave. I have asked him about Shonen Kenya and he said this to me;

“I have learned that there are no giant talking snakes here. The masai don’t look like they did in the manga either!”

My father is not the warmest person on the planet. But his silence is reassuringly moving, his eyes are sad, his spirit of adventure and independance is humbling and his story is unfathomable.

Hiro told his father this tale and it just so happened that he was a Shonen Kenya fan too. Such a fan that when he had the pleasure of meeting the author/artist in the 70’s he had them signed! Sometime ago, he sent us the entire series to keep. They are so precious to me.

I hope that my little snippet from my yesterday has not bored you.
I am tirelessly interested in why and how people move from their birthplace to seek adventure.

Have you also a tale to tell?

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"I Vomit Ice Cubes"

Judging a book by it's cover....

It’s something that most claim not to do. I on the other hand don’t see how doing so is a problem.

Let's take my latest read for instance...

The cover pulled in my gaze:

Beneath the slip case was another version of the lovely illustration:

Then my attention was fully captured when I opened the book and fell upon this:

"Light Boxes"
Shane Jones

A tale handed to it’s readers in fragments of varying typefaces. Rich, darkly beautiful and economical with words. I enjoyed dipping my nose into this story, I am glad that I own this little gem. However, I would have enjoyed it even more so had there not been a page referring to other writers (cheap shot Mr Jones!).

I hear that Spike Jonze has nabbed it’s copyrights – I am sure that this will make a wonderfully absorbing cinematic experience.

I wrote this post on a whim with a large measure of curiosity. I wonder if anyone else out there is as enchanted with a book’s cover as with its insides?

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I am a Soap n’ Water Type o’ Missus

My friend visited our shabby little home not so long ago. She made a big to-do about the fact that I use SOAP to wash my body with.

The next time I saw her she handed me this:
Milk, Soy and Sugar Shower Foam.

Soothing frothy body wash conditions the skin with a blend of milk proteins, soy and sugarcane extract. Formulated for pure and gentle cleansing it contains moisturising glycerine, amino acids from apples, nourishing wheat proteins, soothing Vitamin B5 and moisturizing glycerin.

Bless her cotton wash cloths!

I have used it for a week and I shall continue to use it until I hit the bottom but would I repurchase? NOPE!

The smell is fine – sort of like vanilla cupcakes.

The foam is frothy and light.

It doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry.

And it contains nil in the way of parabens and mineral oil.

So what’s wrong with it?


I love me a bar of soap. I like the way it CLEANS and the way that I feel CLEAN when I get out of the shower. The problem with these moisturising wash fingies is that they leave a residue and that irks me no end.

So there you have it. The problem with this Crabtree and Evelyn shower foam is ME. If you like a gentle bubbly body wash that leaves a faint cupcake smell on your body then this is the one for you.

As for me, I am opening another bar of standard soap. I like my soap simple – no fancy shmancy stuff from that walk in stink bomb of place AKA Lush (Achoooooo)! This time I think I shall go with:

Lux, Cucumber & Mint. I stack up on Lux in South Africa each time I go.

For me the keyword is always FRESH!

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Konad Crazy

"Practice makes perfect" is what my mum used to drill into my head.

So that is precisely what I have been doing.

Misa "On the Edge" with Konad plate:M5

Misa "Heavenly White" and Konad plate S09 with red nail art.

I am loving Misa Nail polishes.
Interesting colours, amazing staying power and decent drying time.
Misa "On the Edge" is a wonderful creamy deep blue.
Misa "Heavenly White" is an intense white.

When it comes to natural shades I reach for Elizabeth Bon Bon!
Bon Bon in shade #2 and Konad plate:M77

Elizabeth Bon Bon shade#2 and Konad Plate:M57

I do like a shock of animal print now and again.
GOSH's gold is delightful . I used Konad Plate:M57

Trailer Trash is the name of this Hard Candy polish.
I have had this for about 5 years and it is still a breeze to apply.
Konad Plate:M73

I think I have myself an addiction.

I know....


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London’s Stone Heart.

A little time ago I read a compelling tale that took me on a frenzied rampage through London. I learned many valuable things about the city on this roller coaster ride and one lesson haunted me so much so that I felt compelled to seek it out.

Go grab yourself a cuppa whatever and join me….

What is this??

You may glare at me in disbelief if I told you that encapsulated behind that rusty metal grill (complete with wedged in cigarette packets), fixed to an abandoned building that is ear marked for demolition on a commonplace kerbside; lies the ancient and mysterious heart of London.

Known as The London Stone, it has survived fire, flood, bombing and everyday life for centuries to end up in this sad lowly fate. Throughout history The London Stone was a place of prominence steeped in myth and legend let me share some with you:

It is said that The London Stone’s origins are associated with the mythical Brutus of Troy who set in place to protect the City.

It is said that The London Stone is the place from which the Romans measured all distances in Brittania.

It is said that Queen Elizabeth I's adviser and occultist, John Dee, was obsessed by the stone, believing that it had magic powers.

Legend claims it was the Ancient Stone from which King Arthur pulled Excalibur.

It was mentioned by Shakespeare who depicted the 15th Century peasants' rebellion leader, Jack Cade, striking the London stone as a symbolic sign of taking control of the city.

It was mentioned by William Blake

"They groan'd aloud on London Stone
They groan'd aloud on Tyburn's Brook
Albion gave his deadly groan,
And all the Atlantic mountains shook."

Yet despite all it’s once prestigious claims. The stone lies desolate and it makes my heart sink each time I pass it. For let us not forget what Brutus’ Legend says:

"So long as the stone of Brutus is safe, so long shall London flourish"

There is talk about moving the stone to the Museum of London. I hope that doesnt happen. For that would mean moving something from its symbolic home. I wish they would just mark this spot appropriately. Light it more empathetically and treat it with more respect.

The plaque on the stone reads:

This is a fragment of the original piece of limestone once securely fixed in the ground now fronting Cannon Street Station.

Removed in 1742 to the north side of the street, in 1798 it was built into the south wall of the church of St. Swithin which stood here until demolished in 1962.

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Eye Spy Furious Feng & The Sweet Petal Sea

I have never stopped counting my blessings for bumping into some honestly wonderful people during my time in the cosmic netverse.

One such person is the artistically talented Furious Feng.

Not only do I swoon over the brilliance of her tag name but I do also swoon and lick ma lips at her work. She did something remarkably generous the other week. She sent me a little friend:

Isn't he special? Isn't he gorgeous?
Take a look at the detail!
I dont know how much time the dear lady must have spent on this. I can only thank her a zillion buckets full.
His name is "Sweet Petal Sea" but I call him Bubzy.
Take a look at some more pics of him here.

Her generosity still went on:
Furious Feng also sent me a couple of masks.
I have never tried the lavender one before!
A couple of MUFE Aqua Eyes liners which are hideously hard to get hold of here in London.

Thank you!!

Eye Spy Furious Feng

I want to share some of of her work with you.
Below are some of my most favourites:
"she wears their fear around her neck."
Was listening to Man Man - Poor Jackie and felt inspired by the line "she wears their fear around her neck."

FF if you are reading this, this is my favourite doodle that I have seen you do so far.

"The Wind Demon"

He lives in the woods by the mountains and he likes to eat little children!
RUN when you hear the wind chime!!

I wonder if he would consider taking up residence in the House of Blues?

Dear readers,
Let's hear it for this talented lady.

**applause please**
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Let's Unlock the Attic - Reader Giveaway.

Thank you to all my wonderful frequent visitors to my humble little blog. I appreciate your lovely comments and emails massively and so please know that these little giveaways that I put together are just for YOU!

I am never going to be the type of blogger to beg for more “followers” neither shall I ever ask you to promote my blog in anyway just to obtain entry into any of my giveaway. My giveaways are my way of giving back to you who take the time to sit in my grounds and enjoy the varied goings on.

Anyway I think that I have the time for one more lil giveaway before I leave for Japan in a month so here we go:

I found this assortment of indulgences sitting in my trove. I thought it would make a nice little treat for the winner.


Nude BonBon Lip Gloss “Coral Beige” #1 See Lotus Palace’s Post for swatches
Pink BonBon Lip Gloss “Dream Rose” #4 See Lotus Palace’s Post for swatches

Nail polish:
Nude BonBon Nail Colour “Iced Mocha” #3

Pink BonBon Nail Colour “Sparkling Berries” #3

Face wash:

Laneige Strawbery Yoghurt Peeling Gel.

Canmak Tokyo Light Shimmer Base:

To add to the mix I have also found this brilliant Canmake Tokyo slightly shimmering base that is a fave of mine when I am off on a beach-bum holiday.

“Corrects irregularities in skin tone and gives you added radiance, for a well-defined, lustrous complexion! SPF20/PA++. Mineral oil-free, non-chemical UV filters.”

Vitacreme B12 Samples.

A little hand made by me purse made with Japanese Fabric

How to enter:

Last time the circus came to the Worship at the House of Blues. Before that, we made penance in the Chapel and confessed our sins. This time we shall lurk in the lofty, dusty heights of my garret!

The House of Blues is a labyrinth of rooms, corridors and stairwells that play off each other in marvellous mischievous mayhem. The sounds of laughter drift through the air. Chambers abandoned long ago, rooms filled with decadent grandeur, paintings that tell of ancient fables and maps that lay testament to forgotten lands.

Walk with me through up the stairs to the very heights of this house. Let me unlock the wooden hatch to the attic. Let us walk in together……….

Tell me dear reader …..

What is behind the little door? What do we see?


Leave a comment below or send me an email with your response.

As normal with my contests it can be a tale, poem, picture….anything.

Be aware that it will be published on my blog when I announce the winner.

Contest closes at bedtime on the 22nd June

Winner will be announced a couple of days after

Any questions? Email me Questions @ Worshipblues.com

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