Welcome To Magical Camera World

This post would not have been possible without the generosity and thoughtfulness of FriendzCentury. We met in Hong Kong and her gift to me was a super Welcome To Magical Camera World in the form of a Superheadz White Slim Angel:

Plastic "toy" cameras are fabulous!
Superheadz is a Japanese Company and their Wide Slim range picks up where Vivitar left off.
This series of cameras, is available in a range of bright and wonderful appearances.
I am secretly eyeing a yellow one.

Plastic and Fantastic Wide lens goodness:
There is a definite and almost magical appeal about B+W photos.
I dislike forcing my strong opinions on people but I feel that the striking tones,
the punchy contrast and the gritty effect that you get from scanning real
photographs lends it self well to capturing everyday urban life.

I am so thrilled to share the fruits of my 1st roll with you!

Where I followed the elder people:

"Old Man" Hackney, London

"Old Couple" Shoreditch, London

"Old Friends" Dalston, London

"Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many"

Where I Took Shots of Places I See Everyday:

"African Stall" Ridley Road, London
This is an everyday scene for me as this is was taken but a stone throw from my home.
"Entrance to Bank Station" London

"My Favourite Building In London" The Lloyd's Building.
To me this building looks like something straight out of Blade Runner.
It is sometimes called the "inside out building" as the stairs, lifts and other services remain outside the structure (Bowlism). This leaves a clear inside space and an imposing and distinctly "rogers" exterior. Richard Rogers is without doubt one of my favourite architects. I am in awe of this unflinching imposing style and in this case (like with the Pompidou in Paris) it casts a strong contrast against the older style architecture.

All the above photos were taken using Fujifilm Neopan 100

I hope with all my heart that I am not boring you all with this post.
I wish you all a relaxing weekend.


  1. Your pics remind me of the photos my parents took in the 50's! Very nostalgic!

  2. You are not boring me, dear Lady. Love the African Stall picture. Reminds me of the Caribbean Market in Brixton. I admire elder people. When I see them I think; How wonderful that they are alive to remind one of the different stages and seasons of life. So refreshing to them captured here. Happy Friday!

  3. looks amazing!! glad it all came out so well

  4. Those are sooo good! You've got talent, it ain't about the camera. :]

  5. Oh I have loved this post. Cameras and photography are my life. Love it.
    I love the romantic quality of the images and the way the lens is so wide that it interfers with your corners.
    You mentioned Blade Runner, my favourite movie. All with a bit of architectural history. Brilliant. Have a great weekend Xxx

  6. 'African Stall' is my favourite!

  7. OMG I love the pictures of the elder people! Whenever I see an elder couple I always want to ask them their story..I want to know what their glue is.

  8. This post is fab! you're fab! your an addict I tells ya...a photography fiend who will collect a min of 12 cameras by the end of the month. GRANTED LOL

    BIG love


  9. i love the feel of black and white film, just gorgeous :)

  10. And "Old Man" is my favorite.. :)

  11. Great pics! I love B&W.. when I took a photo class in college we worked only with B&W film. There really is something special to it!

    Whoa the Lloyd's Building is a sight! Thank you as always for sharing part of your daily life with us in a brilliant artistic way!

  12. Omg those are so pretty, you are a true pro :)

  13. what a cool camera, really! love the pictures of london. please keep them coming !

  14. the camera is so cute!! love black and white pictures~

  15. love the black and white photos, something about them always makes me want to know more about what's in the photo/why it was taken :)

  16. wow the photo looks amazing! can't wait to see more

  17. Thank you for sharing your new snap shots, you've captured some great photos. I particularly like "Entrance to Bank Station" and "Old Man", they show extraordinary dimensions and give me a sense of calm and collective feeling. Please keep them coming.

  18. OMG. I want one of these! Now!

    Elle xx

  19. I've been looking for a camera to do something like this to photographs for ages.

    You're right and I totally agree, photos look much more enticing when they're in black and white.


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