That "Alice" Girl!

Yah! That Alice chick, we all know who I mean, she is all over the place at the moment!

I have dusted off my sewing machine with the intention of making something
out of the scraps of pretty fabric sitting idly in my cupboard.

I made some clip frame purses using some "Alice" fabric:

I found a little shop in that sells these brilliant clip frames.
I think they suit the fabric brilliantly:

I found this cutesy heart fabric at the bottom of my pile,
I thought that it helped tell the tale a bit better:

These small clip frame purses are the perfect way for me to use up small remnants.
These purses are so easy to make and the end result is so satisfying.
I shall be making a few more over the coming weeks and perhaps attempting
to make a make up purse sized version too.
Do you like them?

Once upon a time (about a year ago) I used to make "Alice" shiny fings a plenty:

Get Yours!

If you fancy having one of my handmade,
no where near perfect clip frame purses for your very own,
all you have to do is drop me a comment. Tell me something, anything!
I will pick my favourite comments and send you a purse.
You must either be a follower of my blog, a loyal commenter, or a regular in my email inbox.


  1. I love your hand made goodies!! I still use my little makeup bag on a regular basis and think of you every time I see it!

  2. No way did you make those! I bow to your supreme crafting skills.

    I saw these really cool Alice necklaces on etsy recently, laser-cut printed wood pendants taken from illustrations in the book. Probably not the first one to ask but have you considered selling your wares there?

    (Nice as they are, I'm not commenting for one of the purses - not sure they'd go well with a 5'o'clock shadow!)

  3. Wow, these are SO pretty! I love that Alice fabric and the cute heart lining. I'm nowhere as talented as you or Yumeko with sewing, but I did send a bunch of fabrics home to Vancouver so I can sew my heart out when I return later this summer.

    And you're right, Alice IS everywhere this year. I've never seen Alice hyped up this much, but I love it dearly so I'm glad its finally getting the attention it deserves!

  4. lovely alice pretty hearts and the teapot set!with a cheshire grin will complete the set! ..now that i have some time i would love to go for some sewing lessons!

  5. JC - That is so sweet of you to say!

    D.D - I cannot be bothered with Etsy selling. This is just a hobby of mine and to avoid cluttering my living space I like dropping things in people's post boxes. My crazy idea of fun I guess?

    Sheila - I am no where near as talented as Yumeko. She is an inspiration for sure.

  6. Wow, when I first read your post I thought you bought these lol.
    I really think you could even sell these!
    It is so cute, I wish I can be as good as you T^T.

    I love Alice in Wonderland :)

  7. You are a super talented oldcow and I love and want one of those clip frame purses!

    Heres a tale that I can tell ya:

    I like pie, in fact I LOVE the stuff. This is because I am a fatty boomlash at heart and the combi of crisp flaky pastry with hot sweet filling makes my lips go all pucker and my belly swoon


    x x x

  8. alice! handmade! black and white! made by yasumi!
    be still my heart!

    i dont usually shamelessly ask for things but imma have to put my hand up here and hope u might consider me!!!!!

  9. Wow Those alice coin purses are SO SO cute. Where do you find such beautiful fabric? I was actually looking up the nuno fabrics on the net and it reminded me of you. =)

  10. That black/white purse IS TO DIE FOR!!!

  11. You remind me of my mum (who's a seamstress!) When I was younger, she would make dresses (as well as everything else haha...) That made me feel like Alice in Wonderland...

  12. I want to tell you plenty,
    while my red heart is panting..

    Adorable Alice Clip Purse..
    with the hearty lining bliss...
    Above all the rest..
    Made by the Dearest.....
    Simply the BEST!!!

    Please make my Alice Dream come true.........

  13. Forgot one more line..

  14. I love love love the little clip-frame purse! The pop of colour from the lining is so cute! And I totally remember that necklace - it was already sold by the time I 'found' you - you were already making shiny Alice fings before they popped up everywhere!

    Toss me in for one of the purses also :). I actually did end up picking a sample of concealer up from Sephora yesterday - but I haven't given in and purchased one (yet)!

  15. I used to have a red alice coin purse when I was little. I have no idea what I did with it. =( It always made me feel so grown up when I used it..lol

    Alice: If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary-wise; what it is it wouldn't be, and what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?

  16. OC you are so multi talented. Hats of to you. I love this purse and would happily buy one or as you are talking of giving them away give a charitable donation to the charity of your choice. Xxxxx

  17. Just lurking on blogs recently but wanted to pop up and say you did a fantastic job on the purses! Can't wait to see more.

  18. what adorable little purses! I love the heart fabric inside as well :) Remember the red pouch that you sent me a while back? It has a navy/white swiss dot fabric on the inside...I use it to keep bits and bobs in my ever-growing purse, and think of you whenever I need to reach for it :)

    what shall you dream up next?

  19. the alice pouch is super cute! i think the clip frames suit the fabric perfectly as well! i would love to get my hands on one :)

    i thought i'd make a short poem based on the theme:
    "alice alice, little girl in blue; where is she going... she doesn't have a clue; down the hole and into the world; of majestic creatures and things unheard; meet the queen and be sure to please; or she'll have you beheaded, no it's not a tease..."

  20. You are so talented! those alice purses are beautiful~ I was so tempted to buy a sewing machine after seeing yours and Yumeko's amazing skills, but I think it would be another one of those things that I try and try and fail at... haha~ (just like the way i bought tons of beads in order to try and make my own jewellery :P) x

  21. First off, I do commend you on your lovely creations! I almost forgot about the failure that was my attempt at a Chinese-style cake even though I am still donning a cake-mixture covered apron. Alas, the bloody thing didn't rise.

    So I was feeling pretty peeved off before I came to discover you had updated with some excellent and beautifully executed needlework! Pesky business this cake-baking, especially when there's no raising agent involved. Do you bake at all? And what is your favourite cake?

    Hmm..do you think I should email you with these questions instead...

  22. I hate it when something gets really popular and then I like it, too. I mean, I guess I overlooked Alice in Wonderland as being a childhood thing, but the more I see it everywhere, the more amazing it seems to me! I finally watched the Disney animated film the other day and let me tell you... I lamented over the limited-edition-ness of those Urban Decay Alice palettes for quite a while... I feel like such a follower! :( Anywho, since reading your Q and A post, I came across The Picture of Dorian Gray at my school book sale and I am utterly fascinated with it. A toast to your taste! Ok I'll stop babbling now... but I love love love a little Alice clip purses. I can't seem to get my hands on any Alice things that are completely unique. please help me be a follower! :-o

  23. So cute!! I love my goldfish one you made me! Your snap pouches are of the BEST quality to me!! Handmade with brilliance & LOVE!!

  24. aaaahhhh what gorgeous bags <3 <3 so cute! i was totally looking for something like that as well :D

    i'm so sad -- i haven't been able to see the alice movie yet!

    other than that.. hm. my friend here at school likes doing "fantasy" series, and he DID cover alice in wonderland :) and in OTHER photographic news, i think my SO is going to do film for his photo class.. either 4x5 or medium format, not sure yet. i'm tempted to steal his holga and just have fun!

  25. LoL I was just gonna say MAKE ME ONEEE lol Damn I wish I had your talent with making things.. *jealous =P

    Yah I didn't know they sold empty bottles but I found them in the back corner of the store and picked some up bwahaahahaha!

  26. hello friend
    how are you?
    i looked at this purse and thought holy karoo.
    it is awesome.
    it is nice.
    to have one, i would eat 50 bowls of rice.
    this is true.
    this is right.
    you make me happy like a flying kite.
    bye bye friend.
    have a nice day.
    hope you like what i had to say.

  27. I adore your handmade creations. So utterly unique. Don't you just hate it when something so rare becomes so "Common"?..... The interior of the bag is just my cup of tea. So pretty. You are gifted. I cannot sew to save my life, but I love riding and playing the piano. Please send me an E-mail with the price structure for one of your precious bags;-) Here's my E-mail address:

  28. Wow, how gorgeous! A little while ago, Uniqlo in Japan had a collaboration with Alice in Wonderland. They had some Alice inspired leggings, which I picked up!
    You are so talented!

  29. Thank you all for your loveliness! I am now in the process of buying some more clip frames so that I may drop some surprises into some of your mail boxes.


  30. your craft is amazing! yours is the first blog that i came across that do these cute purse clips! i <3 vintage stuffs, dislike zippers >.<

    xoxo elle


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