Skincare in the Sunlight

A few weeks ago I suffered the misfortune of running out of my favourite moisturiser which Givenchy seems to be phasing out.
In a panic I rushed out and bought the 1st thing that I came across:
Clinique Even Better Moisturiser
I broke out in clusters of little white heads and was none too happy.


I tried again.

This time I opted for Caudalie's Day Perfecting Cream:
I have never tried any Caudalie products before and am more than just pleased
with how this purchase turned out.
It goes on smoothly with a pleasant, light fragrance.
Has not irritated by skin in the slightest and contains SPF15.
No parabens and no mineral oil.
This product is supposed to have brightening and luminising properties.
I have yet to see any marked improvements on these points but Hiro seems to think that
my skin is looking more radiant of late. Could just be the sunlight?

I bought this at SpaceNK.
I will definitely be trying out more from the Caudalie Vinoperfect range in the future

I know what some of you are thinking.
You are quite right so so I have started to use this:
I bought this from Adam Beauty around the same time as I spied Lotus Palace's review.
I am loving this stuff with all kinds of happy feelings when I slap it on.
Not only is it a massive SPF50, but it also contains collagen.
It goes on light with the perfect amount of moisture and sheer coverage. It is basically a uber brilliant tinted sun lotion but can double up as a base if you need more coverage.
For me this is perfect for days dilly dallying in London and I am certainly packing some of this with me when I next head for the beach.
One more thing: It's ridonkulously CHEAP $11.50.

I am currently using this for me legs and arms:
I grabbed it in Hong Kong and it was really cheap, although I cannot remember the exact cost.
If you like your body lotions on the super light side then this is for you.
I find that I need to slap on a little extra moisturiser on my appendages before using this because it is so incredibly light that I need to think, "DID I REALLY USE SUN LOTION?".
Because it is a gel it sinks in quicker than you can say ESS PEE EFF. An added bonus is it's fragrance free formulation.

I have to admit, that I will not be buying it again, I think I shall try something from Biore, or Mentholatum or Fasio.....


  1. i vote for bbcream from mentholatum!!!
    hmm fasio..i havent bought anything from them in yoinks! shall have to look

    AFTER i get the above sunkiller items!
    u so enable me!

  2. Oh thank you so much for these reviews! I've been looking for light sunscreen and I think the Sunkiller UV Gel shall be a part of my next haul.

    I also dislike Clinique Even Better Moisturizer. DId absolutely nothing for my skin...

  3. The Caudalie range looks interesting... you are far braver than I am, I loathe trying new skincare and I'd be scarred for life if something broke me out again (I ended up switching because I wasn't recovering from the breakouts, but otherwise I'd likely have stayed with the same regime...)

    That BB cream looks fantastic! Is it very fair? I might try it out... I still haven't accepted that Dior discontinued my TM, haha, and haven't been able to commit to purchasing a BB cream.

    I've been using SPF 55 or greater lately both on my face and body! I found a nice liquid-y sunscreen from Neutrogena for my face, and I use their regular dry-touch line mixed with a bit of lotion for my body. Else I find it too thick to spread evenly! Sadly I tested myself outside with only SPF15 for about 10 minutes on a sunny day while at work and I totally burned :( High SPFs for me!

  4. Caudalie has some super stuff. I love pulpe vitaminée for some time now, but every now and then I switch, otherwise my skin gets lazy.

    Sunkiller sounds so harsh as a name for a sunblock, "I do not want to kill the sun, I just does not want it to harm me"...But if you like it as well, it will probably be fantastic stuff against those ageing rays.

    I prefer my Japanese sunblock to others, because on my Caribbean holiday last time I noticed the difference between Anessa (fab protection) and some greek brand (redness and my horrible pigmentation playing up, eeek!)--> so odd, they had the same level of sunblock!

  5. Great tips...Love to hear from u2.

  6. i'm not too fond of things by Clinique..i love the sunblock by biore! *eyes*the kiss me sunblock i did not know it has collagen!going to try it after the biore~

  7. Firstly thank you for my lovely surprise this morning. It has had me smiling all day. I have emailed you :-).
    My problem with sun creams is that they melt and hours later run into my eyes and make them smart. I am going to try the 1st sunkiller product (great name. Even though I love the sun) and see how I go. THanks for the tip. Xxxxx

  8. Hello...I just started following your blog, and I must say you're posts are truly amazing,you're a very inspiring person and I love your individuality and your sense of humor.

    Much Smiles,Love and Cookies :D

  9. Caudalie makes some really nice products - I used one of their serums for a while and it was a nice treat to my skin! that sunkiller gel actually sounds like it would work well for me in the summer - the humidity here is insane in the summer, but I still need to moisturize my arms and legs year-round!

  10. The name sunkiller amuses me! Sounds like the sun is like a weed or some other kind of pest!

    I will definitely be checking these out. I get so paranoid when the sun comes out to play. Although I think it's staying away for the next week or so?

  11. ah, i love gel formulas :D

  12. After having sampled both Lioele and Dr Jart BB creams, I have decided to go for Dr Jart which seems to stay on my face longer..
    Thank you for great reviews - Sunkiller sounds tempting.

  13. Haha!!! ESS PEE EFF!!! Love it!!

    Sorry to hear that the Clinique broke you out! The only moisturizer I use from them would be the Dramatically Different Moisturizing GEL cuz it's oil free.

    You're skin looks radiant cuz it radiates from the INSIDE out!

  14. Hi! How appropriate to talk about sunscreens - I just posted something similar on my blog today :-) I like the Sun Supreme stuff from Estee Lauder.
    I've heard good things about Caudalie... I'm surprised that the Clinique didn't work for you.

  15. Ah Clinique, never does it fail to break me out. I once made the bad mistake of picking up their 3 step program and never have I seen such horrible breakouts. I looked like I had leprosy >_>


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