Sat Just Like That in My Boater Hat

Spending a sunny afternoon reading and eating ice cream in the park is a small but definite joy to me.

I think that I ought to pick up another hat sometime soon.
Off to the milliner I go:

Of light and shadow:

Of deep contrasts:

About light.

Hiro took this pics using the Canon 450d.

Fingers crossed for more sunny days to come in London.

Giveaway Alert.
Dear readers, I shall be hosting a small but ever so sweet giveaway within the next few days.
Keep your eyes peeled and your imagination in good form.


  1. I adore that hat! So timeless, especially for hot summer days :) These photos are lovely. My fingers are crossed for hot sunny days for you! It's supposed to be sunny but a bit cool here this week.

  2. These pictúres are so dreamy and very well photographed. Have fun at the Milliner;-)

  3. I love boater hats!!!
    They are so gorgeous looking (:

  4. that hat is perfectly u my sweets
    i know u love sunny days so i wish the sun here could go ur way!!!!

  5. Oh gosh, I miss London's sunny-ness and blue skies and pretty grass.

    You look so serene in the pictures, very beautiful =)

  6. I always try these hats on when I see them, they just don't seem to work for me....you look amazing in it.

    What are you reading..? =)

  7. lovely weather you got there, my side here is sooo HOT & stuffy! i tried very hard to stay indoor. wish more warmth be with london! i need rain here...

    your pics reminds me, i havent been reading for sometime.. should find time to pick up new inspirations.

  8. Hiro did a fabulous job of photographing, and you did a fabulous job of just being you!

    I can't get enough of that hat! Hopefully the weather is nicer for you in London than it is here in the midlands. It's so grimy and grey looking..

    By the way, I don't know if you would care to do another tag. I tagged you in the rather vain hope that you might fufil my rather childish endeavours, and give us some more glimpsies of your pretty face!


    I appreciate that it's rather childish, so if you decline I understand completely!

  9. I adore your hat, it frames your face well! Straw hats are great for summer.

    I love ice-cream.Whats your favorite flavour?

  10. This is super cute! Im loving the London weather right now =D

  11. Beautiful, beautiful shots. Xxx

  12. Wearing the stongest BB cream branded The Sunkiller,
    Old Cow was about to read a book which is a Bestseller..
    But the sun in the pastureland was far too bright,
    So she searched for a shady spot was just right..

    Curled under a big tree where she could hide,
    With a good book she could graze far and wide..
    Though it's only just paper from end to end,
    A book was indeed her very special friend...

  13. Hiro has captured the partnership of your natural beauty with nature perfectly! :)

    It looks so serene and peaceful!

  14. i love the second pic the most methinks :D all in all, very pretty and... relaxing!

  15. thank you my friend for the pressie :)




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