The Red Spread

I get requests a plenty for some Red swatches.
I think I may have inadvertently associated myself with this colour in my reader's minds.

So here you are, this is my RED Arsenal.

Bloody nails:
From left to Right:
OPI Tasmanian Devil Made me Do it.
CHANEL Rouge Peche
Some lovely red that Bittenbefore gave me.
YSL #3 Copyright Red

The Bottles:

I have to say that the YSL is my current favourite. It is incredibly long lasting and chip resistant. It also appears to change hue in depending on what clothing I wear.

Tainted Lips:
From left to right:
P&J: Red Ribbon
MAC: Russian Red
Lipstick Queen: Red Sinner
D&G: Scarlett


The MAC and the D&G offerings are my favourites.
The D&G being a touch more...well, scarlet and the MAC being more Claret.

I started wearing red lipstick because I have always admired a woman who steps out in red.
For me it is bold, timeless and glamorous.
I think it takes some oomph to go out there with your lips a brilliant shade of shocking.
When I wear RED I feel a bit braver than usual.



  1. I adore red. Love your collection of Red. Red is such an emotional colour. Been told that it enhances human metabolism;-)

  2. oooh lady in red indeed!
    I was thinking of getting MAC russian red!

  3. I love that OPI, will have to have a look for that one.

    I love a red lip, I often wear them for work meetings if I need to be brave. You do wear a red lip very well! I wish the D&G lipstick I have wasn't so much work on me, because I love the colour and the name of mine (Devil - isn't it a good name for a red?)

  4. I Love red lipstick - for me it means I am going out and yes braver is a great way of explaining it. Xxx

  5. I love, love seeing your red arsenal! The lipsticks are fantastic - I'm always surprised at how much more confident I feel with a bold lipstick :D

  6. YSL always does the best cosmetics I think... the mascara yes please! Unfortunately they are a tad expensive... *sigh*

    Love love love,



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  8. I do associate lovely RED lips with you my dear! Cuz you pull them off so well! Love that you have the confidence to paint it up! :)

    When I wear red I feel self conscious! Maybe that's why I don't! LOL!

  9. LoL I tied you as a more red lips vampy nails kinda girl rofl

  10. yummy red ♥♥ in that pic i was wearing shiseido lipcrayon 4 and pk 303 lip gloss on top!! looks more red in the pic than irl tho!! x

  11. ya very true, its take a bit of courage to wear red.. i love to try it someday!

  12. In my humble opinion, only three people who wore red to perfection - Marilyn Monroe, Kristin Scott Thomas and Dear Old Cow! Like the most deliciously striking strawberries on a perfect Pavlova..

  13. i admire your guts to wear red
    i simply dont do it XD i should i suppose

    that nail polish swatch made me think of this piece of cloth from nani iro

  14. You are all brilliant in your views. I cannot help loving red!

  15. i love wearing red polish, but I haven't worked up the courage to wear a red lipstick the way you do - I love seeing photos of you with barely there makeup and a bold red lip!

  16. how fun!! those are some quite daring reds :D


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