Pretty Things That Caught My Eye : Salt & Pepper

Good day to you my dear readers.
It has been a while since I have laid mention to some of the pretty home accessories that catch my eye ever so frequently. Today I have a fine selection of table top shakers to please you with:

S-S-S-S-Salt and Pepa's here!

Pretty Things That Caught My Eye: Salt & Pepper Shakers.

Let the sharks loose at dinner.
Fin Salt & Pepper Shakers designed by Colin O'Dowd
Get 'em 'ere!

You know I love it Creepy! The designer describes these as:
"Victorian dolls who got trapped by a tv set that fell out of the sky"
Interference Salt & Pepper Shakers designed by Tina Tsang
Get 'em 'ere!

Shake your Mama!
Designed by Naoto Fukasawa
Get 'em 'ere!

Fancy a hug?
The Original Hug designed by Alberto Mantilla for Mint Inc
Get 'em 'ere

So what do I have on my table?
I opted for the innovative design of Michael Graves for Alessi.
I really like the highly polished stainless steel exterior and the high quality mechanism in the mill.
The downside is that they must be bought separately.
Get the Salt Shaker here and the Pepper Mill here
Yes they are pricey but I would rather buy such things once and not have to replace them for a long long long time.

Psssst I shall be back tomorrow with my lil followers only giveaway .


  1. Wow, you have a love for salt and pepper shakers too! I love looking at the various designs of them, and laugh when I see really cool or funny ones. I've been eyeing the hug one, but I think I'll wait until I move out to start hoarding XD

  2. The Shark fins are fantastic! They'd be lovely with a fish dinner I would think :)

    The hugging salt-and-pepper shakers remind me of this little guy:


    He's in a lot of salt-reduced commercials here XD;

  3. Good day to you, dear Lady;-)
    Nice to see the things that catches your attention. The Colin O'Dowd's salt and pepper shakers are so ultra modern. Perfect for hip "fashionsistas". Micheal Graves's design is so chic, too!

  4. Hey OC, I am loving the fins - the made me smile and the hug. Mind you I wouldnt want to be hugged by the fins.....Xxx

  5. Those Victorian ones are CREEPAY!? Although I wouldn't be surprised if you bought em just to freak people out!

  6. I've seen the 'hug' style salt 'n' pepper shakers before, but in different colours :D

    I think the Victorian style are incredibly awesome!

    Have a nice day!

  7. Very cute! I have a degree in product design so of course I loved looking up Salt & Pepper shakers! I have a Michael Graves teapot that sits on my stove for decoration, and I also have the hugging ghosts. :)

  8. I want those maraca ones, then I can do a dance around my food when I season them xD

  9. I love the shark fin ones! I'm not sure I'd want the Inteference salt & pepper shakers on my dinner table though. I'd be scared!

  10. Salt and pepper,
    So magical as a pair..
    One is lost without the other,
    They must be put together..

    Niku-Dango Nabe without these,
    Is a meal without taste.
    Old cow would push it aside,
    With so much haste..

    So her Hiro gets 'Graves salt shaker' here,
    And 'Graves pepper mill' there..
    He shakes the salt and grinds the pepper,
    Together he and Old Cow shall prosper...

    This is so Truoooooooooooooooooooooooo..

  11. I love the Shark Fins & the HUGGIES!!! LOL! TOO CUTE!!!

    You always share the most interesting and wonderful pieces with us Yasumi! Love it!!

  12. oh i love these fun little things! you're going to make me want to break the bank when i move into an actual house xD

  13. the fins are too cute! I have the hugging one, but in sky blue & lime green.


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