Pretty Product Questions

I love it when I get a quick question in my inbox.

Here are some beauty product ones that have filtered through lately:

What is your favourite highlighter?

After a couple of years of trying everything that glimmered enough to catch my eye I have settled with 4.

The creamy multi-tasker: NARS Multiple in “Copacabana”.

When I have dry skin days, this is a dream on the cheekbones. It is not called “the multiple” for no reason. It also doubles up as my saviour when it comes to crème blush. I use it to tone down, add a hint of shimmer or as an assistant in blending crème blush.

I also use a powder highlighter. I tend to reach for MAC’s Mineralised Skin Finish in the evenings in either, “By Candlelight” or “Soft & Gentle”. Shu Uemuras Glow On blush in 94 also works as a fabulous gold hued highlighter for me.

What are your current favourite BB creams?

I have 3 favourites:

Oriks Vit C BB cream

Big thanks to Bittenbefore!

I use this on days when my skin is chip pan oily as it’s oil control is pretty darn good.

Lioele Water Drop

Light coverage for “office and straight home” days. This has SPF 27 and sets to a fresh dewy finish.

Dr Jart Dew Drop Blue Label

The one I use the most. SPF27 moist, dewy and light so my skin doesn’t feel clogged. Sheer coverage that keeps looking fresh for hours.

Best My Beauty Diary Masks?

I love this brand of masks more than any other. There! I have declared my love.

I have not tried them all but from the ones I do have I especially like: White Peony Tea, Cooling mask (perfect for beach holidays), Sake and White Bulgarian Rose. I still want to try the Rice masks sometime.

UD or MUFE eyeliner?

Honestly? MUFE! So it is really sad that I cannot get hold of it so easily here. The one above was bought in HK thanks Bittenbefore for enabling me. That does not mean that I don’t like Urban Decay – I LOVE IT! The only reason I place MUFE a notch above is because it really is heavy duty stray proof.

I don’t use any other pencil liners other than these.

The next requested beauty post will shift the swatch spotlight over RED fings….I know, about time!


  1. I love seeing your favourites! And I am going to try using my copacabana multiple to tone my blush... If I overdo it I just wipe it off and start over. I am still super intrigued by the Oriks BB cream... Will need to hunt eBay for it! I love MBD masks, the sake one was really nice! Can't wait to see your 'red' post!

  2. 2 out of 4! i am a decent enabler arent i? XD

    yes mufe aqua liners are the business! u can see how i went crazy buying the entire set

    i wanna make it 3 out of 4 and i reccomend u LUXOR multiple from NARS. i used to use copcabana a lot but LUXOR has overtaken its spot in my heart

  3. Really useful reviews! Thank you dear old cow!

  4. I so enjoy reading your reviews and being introduced to your favourite products;-)

  5. Justine - you must try these things too!

    Yumeko - Luxor is my sister's firm fave. I am defo more of a Copacabana gal. Luxor gives off a wierd hue on me :(

  6. Thanks for sharing your favourites! I definitely need to check out MUFE the next time I go home. It is definitely hard to find it here in the UK...

  7. Didja know you can buy a collector's box of Beauty Diary masks? I think you get one of each type (18 in all) and it's less than £20 including postage!

  8. You can get MUFE here: http://www.makeup-provisions.com/

    Hope this helps! (Although I got my MUFE stuff from US with the help of relatives) x

  9. YES! MUFE FTW. Their eyeliners have AMAZING staying power, which is perfect for my oily eyelids. If only they would release more shimmery/metallic colours, then I would be 100% satisfied.

  10. Hey Old C...the MUFE are one of the few cosmetic brands that are sooo easy to get for me, so I should send you some of these pencils soon. I think you would love their paintpots as wel.

  11. i have all the products in this post except for lioele water drop bb cream. i need to give it a try when i'm finish one of my current bb cream. i am addicted to mbd mask especial to the peony white tea and white chocolate truffle. MUFE is good stuff!

  12. Oh I want to try those BB creams and masks. The masks sounds lovely. I agree with you on the NARS multiple, it's amazing!

  13. i'm loving the Oriks bb cream too!! still trying to fall in love with MBD though ..


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