"Get Yer Nails Did" : A Giveaway

It's Friday.
It's the start of a long weekend for me.
I am in a good mood so let's have us a lil giveaway shall we?

What is in my bag of tricks:

One lucky winner shall get a Konad Nail Stamping Starter Kit:
The kit includes, a stamper, scraper, 3 special stamping polishes and 2 image plates to get you started.

The winner shall also get an additional image plate and a Muji blush.

Mystery Extras:
If you know a bit about me then you will know that I always have a surprise up my cardi sleeve.
The winner shall receive the mini bag stuffed with some super duper extra bits and bobs.

What is Konad?

Well it is a fab take on nail art. Read more about it here!
Watch a demo here!

Now be warned some people cannot get the hang of it and I admit it does take a few goes to get the knack of it. Once you do get into a rhythm the possibilities are boundless.

Here are a few of my recent attempts as you can see, I am still learning!
Essie "Flawless" and image plate M60

Rimmel "Grey Matter" and Image plate M66

Gosh "Gold" and image plate M57

Take a gander at the Konading of this blogger she has it down to a fine art!
Polish & Powder

How to enter:


You must be a follower, that way I know who I am listening to.

Imagine that a circus has come to town and stretched itself across the grounds of my House of Blues.
Smell the toffee apples. Marvel at the Victorian carousels. Hear the ringmaster calling.
Imagine that YOU are part of the circus.
Tell me what role you play and why.

Leave your answer in my comment box

How Will I Pick My Winner?

Well I always look for an imaginative response so I will pick the comment that delights me most.
If there is no stand out above the rest comment then I shall resort to random selection
Please don't let me take that route.

Winner shall be announced on Friday June 4th 2010.


  1. oh honey do I love long weekends and nail art and YOU! I'm not sure I'd be great with this giveaway though because I am so utterly shit with my nails but hey if you ever do makeup/face care stuff I WILL DEFINITELY ENTER!

    Have a fabulous weekend lovely and I'll see you for dinner soon xxx

  2. I *LOVE* the Konadicures! I actually think my favourite is the grey bamboo one, though the pink one is close to my heart, and I love that you did the pattern diagonally for the gold lace manicure - I'd expect that to be a tip design!

    I kind of want to wimp out at the Circus question and say I'd be the medic, but if I could get over my fear of large animals and/or heights I would love to be the acrobat that performs and dances with the elephants! I've only been to one circus, and maybe it is because I just finished reading "Water for Elephants" but the idea of having enough grace and empathy to work with such large animals - that'd be fantastic (I am such a klutz right now). Besides, they always get the most awesome, sparkly, pink costumes <-- that's totally me! I like the idea of getting prettied up, performing for other people, but having a specific niche and skill to do something no one else in the circus could do :D

    I want you to do a post on sunglasses -- I am looking for a new pair and I tend to stick with the same thick-rimmed style so I want to see what everyone else wears! I'd also love to see your purses - or what you use for your stuff, as I find they are such personal items! Oh, and an update on your sewing (I think you mentioned you were trying PJs once to me)...

    I am just demanding -- esp. since I never post XD;


  3. Awesome giveaway hunni, have wanted to try Konad for soo long.

    I would have to say I would be the Fire Eater/Juggler. There is something about fire eaters, so sexy and daring. Imagine the adrenalin rush you would get from juggling with such a dangerous element. Making the audience gasp as they fear for your safety but find pleasure in watching your act. (Not in a sick way haha). Doing something that the majority of people would never even dream of doing, as it essentially puts your life at risk, but that's all a part of it. Plus I would get to be sexy without being too girly, which would be bringing out the other side of me.



  4. Hmmm I agree with Justine the grey bamboo one looks amazing,and is my favorite :D

    Can I still enter the giveaway even if I am a new follower? :O

    Well if my entry is invalid...then just ignore below :P

    Circus...hmmm. I'd (obviously) be part of the freak show. The freaks would come onto a black and red pinstripe stage, the setting rather gothic,dark and melancholic.

    Candles will be placed in hollow skulls,and be hung from silver threads from the rotting ceiling. A grand mahogany table is where you will be seated, cushioned with dark velvets and silks. Next to the stage,seats a goulish, frankestein like (with greyish-green skin) creature playing a piano.

    My act will be simple, to entertain,shock and scare.The girl with hairy nipples( ROFL-hairy beards,puh-lease)I will be wearing a black lace corset with Victorian style boots and a white lace trim skirt.

    Haha, well I hope your mind enjoys my gothic wonderland filled with freaks.

  5. I have a little poem for you.

    If were to pack my trunk and join a circus,
    amongst the clowns, the talented lion and walrus.
    I'd make my living by selling my wares,
    of fluffy pink clouds and candied pears.
    Like a drunk from the sweet perfumes in the air,
    I observe the crowds from my little chair.

    The gleeful faces of delighted children,
    Or the delighted faces of gleeful adults?
    Here in this circus there is no concept of age.
    But who is that, up on the stage?

    A popular resident of these grounds I hear.
    For she goes by the name of Old Cow.

    Whence came this spectacular creature
    who lacks any resemblence to this name?

    Don't ask me. I can't do nothin' but sell my wares,
    of pretty pink clouds and candied pears.

    My mental arithmetic skills are commendable though.

    That's £1.50 please, love.

  6. The giveaway looks so cool!

    If I were to be in your circus, I would be the trapeze artist. I'm quite fond of the ballet Swan Lake, and could see the trapeze costume as a white long sleeve leotard adored with pearls and feathered shoulder pads. The pearls would be a neckline trim that would gradually disperse further down the bodice. Naturally, the pearls and feathers would be white or dusty grey or a grey blue. I'd like the idea of white stockings with a subtle print-- perhaps lace. I'm not sure, but I think I need to do a DIY now. Haha! Oh yeah, I like the idea of a trapeze artist because it's restricted freedom.

  7. I can't do crap with my own nail.. I can barely paint ONE color on them, so I think I'll give others more a chance! LOL!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the grey nail with the bamboo print!! And all these "attempts" look pretty darn professional to me!

    Haha! If I were in the circus though.. I'd be in charge of the concession stands! Someone needs to quality check those funnel cakes, hot doggies, popcorn, candy apples, toffees, and other yummies! >_o

  8. i know right! what am i doing up at almost 3:30am! but but oh whats thiiiiis, i must enter but brain is creative dead right now so will enter tmrrr!! gdnight beautiful x

  9. Whip in hand and high up on my podium, I'd wear a hat with lace trim and golden buttons on my coattails, for the Ring Master am I, and finely shall I be dressed. I'd twirl my moustache and wink at the unsuspecting audience, enticing them with my charming tales of freaks and glory of the animals in my kingdom! For when I speak the ladies beards grow longer, and when I dance around my grand stage, the elephants twirl faster! You'll be a lovely audience won't you? Wouldn't want to set my precious kitties loose on you! Clowns, elephants, acrobats, your unwavering attention, I have them all up my finely tailored sleeve! With a wave of my hand I'll have people flying high above and whirling down below.
    Time stands still without me. With my booming voice, I welcome you to my circus...
    "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages... Let the most magnificent of spectacular spectacles begin! I welcome you to my most amazing show... Come one, come all, and get lost within our show... hahahaha! " *evil grin*

    lol had loads of fun writing that one! you come up with the best writing prompts! X)

  10. your konad skills look great! I love the grey bamboo nails :) I've been trying to use my stamps and the left hand looks good, but my right hand still needs some work, haha.

    If I were in the circus, I'd want to perform with the aerial silk ribbons, twisting and wrapping ribbon and falling into poses without the help of any wires...beautiful and dangerous at the same time.

  11. i second the bamboo nails! thats hot! =P

    soo.. circus.. i've actually never been a circus before lol.

    i wanna be the pony. *blink. I get fed good shit everyday and have people brushing me all over to make me clean =D and all i have to do is run around in a circle with a hot girl on top of me doing awesomely flexible things. and when its all over and I get tired I have someone rubbing me down =P what more could i want? *wishful thinking

  12. Just got back from my mini holiday. And I have received my next assignment - I shall be none other than the Undercover Agent Hen Speckle, whose mission this time is to free all the animals, domestic and wild used in the Circus of Blues...with the help from M007 of course who will perform along big cats, elephants, horses, sea lions and bears... And our human friend the lighting manager Haha Hero. Together we are 'Operation Circus of Blues'...

    But first thing first I must get my chicken nails done – they are essential for the assignment!! Konad stamping specials they are!!! Underneath each image plate on my nails shall lie a secret weapon... Have you got yours done already M007??


    ..to be continued...

  13. i wanna be a puppet mistress, showing kids some funny stories while i move my puppet on a colourful stage with strings!

    xoxo elle


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