Food! Glorious Food!

Good food is like music for my soul.

I surrender to the truth; I am a glutton!

Here are a few tasty bites that have got my palate doing all sorts of gleeful dances.

Deceptively simple looking Nasu Dengaku, actually really tricky to get the perfect texture:
Japanese grilled aubergine with miso and sesame.

Grilled Saba:
Charcoal grilled mackrel.

Niku-Dango Nabe. Hiro makes his Niku-Dango with a serious ginger kick!
Japanese hot pot with pork meatballs.

Tamagoyaki Hiro Style. Perfect layers, fluffy and moist.
Egg roll with Japanese 7 flavour Chilli Pepper

It is sooooo good to have a man that can cook.


  1. it is VERY awesome having a man who can cook! and he takes great pics of you - a total keeper :)

  2. Don't eat pork but the vegetables are looking positively gleeful. And I so love Ginger, too.
    And the egg rolls with chilli looks divine. Happy eating and enjoying;-)

  3. I am sooooooooooo impresses with Hiro's cooking!

  4. So hungry now..They all look so yummy!!!
    I think it's time to learn Japanese cooking from Hiro! Recipes please...

  5. Looks delish! Lucky, having a man around that cooks yummy food!! The Tamagoyaki is especially impressive. I can't quite work out how to do that...

  6. loooks delicious!
    I love japanese food, the hot pot looks A+

  7. Hiro, is a hero, what a spread. My man does the cooking too. We are lucky girls arent we :-). Must say I am glad I was eating my lunch when I was reading this, otherwise I would be running to the kitchen now. Thank you for your lovely comment today. Xxxx

  8. nooo tempting me with delicious Japanese cuisine!!! I LOVE hotpot!! I LOVE meatballs! And I LOVE Japanese grilled fish.

  9. damm ur man makes a far better tamagoyaki than me

  10. lol high five on your last statement. everything looks good ;) I love a good grilled aubergine with miso! mmmmm

  11. I am SO jealous!!! My hubby went to culinary school and he NEVER cooks for me..lol

    The food looks delicious!

  12. Your man cooked all of this?! I thought you went to a resteraunt! LOL lucky girl...I too am a fatty boomlash. What can I say, a girls gotta EAT! :D

    x x x x x

  13. Ohhh... *DROOLS* That looks soooooo gooooood!!!! MMmm grilled saba is the best! With some hot rice and a touch of shoyu!! YUM!!!!!!

  14. FABuLOUS! each dish is like a a work of art! you are extremely lucky!

  15. yummmmm, ginger kick.. and i LOVE nasu!!!! <3
    i need to eat now :(

  16. The food looks delish, Hiro is such a masterchef.


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