Diana Mini Points at Blossoms and Rooftops

I have fallen hopelessly feet over badly fitting lens cap for my Diana Mini.
I wanted dreamy soft focus delight. I wanted watery colours. I wanted subdued brilliant on film.
I feel that that is exactly what I wound up with.

A wee bit technical:
I used colour slide film and seeing that the Diana Mini takes square format pics, I decided
to try out the E6 process only route.
Therefore the images below have all been scanned from their unmounted slide state.

"I aimed the lens up there" she said,
and pointed towards the sky, the rooftops and the trees.

Victoria Park, Hackney, London

Victoria Park, Hackney, London

Bank, City of London.

St Mary's Le Bow, City of London

St Paul's Stn, London

I used Kodak Extracolor 400 35mm.

People Stop & Stare......
When they notice that I am walking around with a toy camera.
I have found myself explaining that, "its really does work".


  1. These are fabulous pictures!!!! I hope you continue to take more of these!

  2. Beautiful photos! Well done.

    Elle x

  3. i love your photos and seeing the world through ur eyes

    the dreamy world of yasumi!

  4. Not sure if you received my earlier comment. Your blog is paying with me today. Must be the lovely new images. They are being flirtatious.
    Views of London's rooftops, I love the dreamy colours of the trees, and sky looks like that space between afternoon, morning and evening;-)

  5. lovely photo, like a picture story book!

  6. pretty colours, nice composition.

  7. The're raally pretty..like snapshots from the past that have been slightly worn by time. I love the soft, dreamy feeling.

  8. Wow are we on the same wave length or what. You are right we have done it again. This is a lovely effect you are getting with the Diana mini. Xxxx

  9. dreamy indeed! reminds me of afternoons I'd spend flipping through old photo albums :)

  10. These pics are so dreamy, I cant wait to get mine now! :)

  11. ooh, changes the view on modern london. =) I love the photos. =)

    reminds me of postcards from the 60s =)

  12. LOL peeps staring at you thinking it's a toy camera! Don't they know that even if it was a toy, imagination is what's coming from it?! ;)

    And I LOVE the way the pic turned out! especially the first too! It's like seeing the sky in a dream!

  13. Thank you everyone for your comments! I had so much fun wanderign around snapping with my toy camera. It makes a funny CLACK sound each time I take a photo. It makes me smile.

  14. These shots have a flavour of Hitchcock's thrillers - sending a shiver and excitement down my spine...

    Keep the film rolling...

  15. i love the look of toy cameras.. you just can't get it with these crisp DSLR's now :P

  16. Wow...Beautiful photos!!

    You capture a great angle when you place the camera on the ground and tilt upwards towards the rooftops of buildings. Must say I got a few gazes when I was in Shanghai though, people stopped and stared as if I was crazy.


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