Black & White & Boater Hats

How was your weekend?

I wore my boater hat everyday! When I buy something new and funky,
I feel the need to wear it over and over until I get sick of it!

I found this hat in a junk shop for 50 pence:
I wore it out shopping:

And on my way home I bought something yummy from my local market:

Sunny days in London fill me to the brim with joy.


Thank You Massive Much

For the wonderful support with my clip frame purse project.
I have decided to grab some more frames and make a few more.



  1. what a cute hat~ u know when i was shopping in taipei i wanted to get a hat just like tat

    but guess what? thanks to my huge japanese head..i couldnt find one tat fit!!! gahhhh

    miss u muchly!

  2. Oh, my , god, coconut water? Can I have some, please? I love fresh coconut water. Drank alot of it in the west Indies; directly from the tree!
    Your hat is lovely. It frames your face nicely.

  3. I love a great find, it's amazing what some people give away for us to buy at junk shops, I always find myself rummaging. Love the hat, thank goodness you got something to shield you from our HEAT at last lol.


  4. I've actually just ordered a boater hat from ebay!
    I love them a lot :).
    You look great in yours^^

  5. i love coconut juice and its fleshy bits!..love the hat!

  6. Oh that hat is perfectly gorgeous! Cheap as chips too.

    Looks like your making the most of the weather, hopefully it lasts longer this year!


  7. i like your hat, very vacation mood. esp the pic with the close up tree background one. your pics just reminds me i'm due for vacation!

    i'm the same whenever i got something new i would often stick to it for the new few days as if i have no choice LOL

    quenching ur thirst with coconut water, glad to know that warmth has returned to london!

  8. Ooooh coconut! Love coconut, and your hat. Reminds me of the long, very hot, days I spent in Hainan.

    I miss London so much =/

  9. The hat is adorable - I want one like that for when I am in California but I have a similar problem to Yumeko - my head is too big for a lot of hats!

    Mmm, and fresh coconut juice would be amazing right now!

  10. I do love your hat! I find myself rather wishing that I had one yesterday in the scorching sun whilst punting.

    Fresh coconut milk!!? Where can you get that from? I've never seen it in the UK!!

  11. The hat suits you perfectly!! With that hat & the coconut you look like you should be on vacation. =)

    I'm curently obsessed with an owl T-shirt from Forever 21..it's different, soft, & goes with everything.

  12. One beautifully warm summery day,
    Old cow was strolling the market to find some hay..
    Wearing a boater hat that made of straw,
    She found a coconut and drank its milk from a straw.
    Tilt it, twist it, and then wear it straight in place,
    A well-worn hat is a symbol of her style and grace...

  13. Hey it is great to see your boater at last. You look brilliant in it. I am wishing you many sunny days in it. And only 50p. Lucky you. Xxxx

  14. That hat is soo you! Fits your wonderfully funky vintage style to a T!! Love it!

    Oooh fresh ice cold coconut juice?! mmmm!

  15. what a cute hat :) very "you"!

  16. That look is so old school n cute, I love it!!

  17. You made me want a coconut!

  18. the hat was a nice purchase, especially for such a (rare) sunny day in London!

  19. Don't you just hate it when you buy a new fing, you wear it over and over again because you just love it too much, then it gets worn out extra fast T.T
    Oh well, that is why we need to buy more new fings xD


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