Skin79 Sweet Honey Sugar Scrub- A Requested Review

I have decided to step up and dish my reviews on the requests of you fab readers. This 1st one was requested by “N”. I hope that you find it useful!

I bought this on Gmarket a while ago. The reason I bought it was that I had finished my Missha Cocoa scrub and seeing how it is a challenge and a half to get hold of, I thought it prudent to try something new.

The prime focus of this scrub is to target blackheads and to shrink enlarged pores.

First impression:

Boring plastic packaging! Yawn! Then the smell hit me….it smells like porridge oats with honey. I despise sickly sweet smelling things. I know I used a chocolate scrub before….but I ALWAYS, ALYWAYS wash it off with a fragrance free cleanser else the smell will drive me to distraction.

My Thoughts after about 8 weeks use:

WTF was Skin79 thinking? This is a seriously rough and chunky scrub! Then add to that an oil slick and I pretty much have a tub of stuff that I would not want to put on my face. Ok to be fair, the sugar granules do melt down, but not nearly as fast as I would like them to. In fact I would go as far as saying I think it is much better suited for use on your body.

I saw nil in the form of skin rejuvenation. No difference to my black heads. Pores did not shrink.

I do not like this packaging!!! It can be really messy using this scrub in the first place so I tend to use it in the shower. Yes, I know what you are thinking! This is shower Unfriendly. I do solemnly declare that all scrubs should be packaged in a tube!!

What is good about this?

It’s excellent for my feet and legs! I still wash off the greasy remnants with soap but it does work wonders on my heels and knees, buffs them up to a nice soft finish. I am glad that this is not going to waste!

Needless to say I will never purchase another .
I have however started using something so much better…….

There you have it! Some Reader interaction for a Monday morning.
Please do drop in your review requests if you see mey grab something that catches yoru curiousity bubbles.

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  1. Well I know what my next Boots voucher is going on...

  2. Its nice to see a negative review once in a while so we know what we don't need to get. I got your parcel last week. and I love it. Thanks for all the little extras!

  3. Thanks for the review! I shall stick to my Olay thermal exfoliator from Boots.

  4. i hate scrubs in a tub but way too many of them are that way..ugh

    will let u know how the soy scrub in a tube goes!

    oooh boots ..curses@ they gotta open here

  5. I don't buy body scrubs instead I make my own mixture of brown sugar and the juice of fresh green limes. Heavenly!!

  6. Thanks for the review and for putting up with something on your face that is only suitable for you feet and elbows. And for the steer towards Boots. I hope no lasting damage done to your face by the 1st product. Xxxx

  7. Thanks Ladies!!

    I have some body scrubs that I need to use up but in all honesty I prefer those Japanese washing cloths! Much Much Much better!

    Yah, sticking to the Dermabarasion type scrubs with the itsy bitsy srubby fings in them.

  8. I've tried the No7 and really liked it. In fact I liked it better than the one from Kiehl's which had been a staple since it came out. The No7 was just as effective but irritated my skin less.
    BTW I just realised I wasn't following you...d'oh!
    Nina x

  9. good to know! i always want to order stuff from gmarket but the shipping is so expensive!

  10. ooo lalaa! glad you found a good use for the product, i've been trying to use up some of my unloved items as well.. just to get it out of the house, but not to waste it by throwing it away. gargh.


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