I Dream in Sepia

Well...I do sometimes.

Do you recall me mentioning my Polaroid revival and the arrival of my PX600 Impossible Project film here?

Well TA- DA!! Here is my humble stack of film:

I just couldn't wait to tear off the packaging and get down to trying the film out.

"First Flush Film is experimental material that will produce changing results depending on light conditions and temperature. Early batches of these first flush edition films may have some peculiar characteristics that are not considered defects of the product, such as small white dots in the picture area or leaking film chemistry from the back of the picture".

The Impossible Project

Here are our test shots:
Taken under a bridge in Hackney on a sunny day

Taken at home, indoors on a sunny day.

Taken at home, indoors on a sunny day.

Taken in shadow under a bridge in Hackney.

All the above were taken using a Polaroid Extreme Camera.

Very sensitive to use but I was really impressed with this film.
I am rather fond of that old fashioned feel of really old photos and this gives me the chance to emulate that feel with thoroughly modern subjects. The juxtaposition fascinates me.
The variables that effect the end result add such character and ambiance.

If any of you are planning on using this, I recommend reading the instructions on the website very carefully.


  1. I feel like I've been transported to the early 1900s with the sepia in pictures. =D

    There is a Wonderful nostalgicness to them.


  2. I adore these photos...you look like you have a tan..hehe!!! Hiro looks scared with his pillow..lol

  3. these pictures give that 20s-esque feel, especially you wearing the fascinator hat and Hiro (it is him, isn't it) wearing his suit and hat...So intriguing...

  4. You my dear Masai, is just too darn photogenic!
    It reminds me of the photos you posted of your mum.

  5. You both look very good in Sepia. I like the finish/light of the last shot, particularly.

  6. They came out beautifully =) I wish I was artistic.. T__T

  7. Great pics! Yes sepia always gives off this great nostalgic feel! So vintage and romantic!

  8. wows that is so pretty!
    I love the colour of it

  9. in the poladroid picture you have long funny fingers.... looks like you hold your tea cup and your pinky is crooked and curled up...


  10. OOOo these photos are COOOOOL!


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