I Don't Want To Smell Of Roses

In ruthless honesty, heavily floral smells bother me. I like fresh smells. Clean smells.


Sometimes I don't want to smell like a girl!


I use Hiro's fragrances.


On Saturday;

I bought my own.

Comme Des Garcons

This may shock you (so hold onto your seats!) but this smells of fresh lemons and bergamot and a dash of pepper to my untrained olfactory senses. I LOVE IT.
Although this is marketed as a unisex fragrance, I personally think sways more towards the masculine realm of smellies. Thus be the reason why I probably find it so appealing. Guess what? Hiro uses it too.

It is from the ENERGY C series that also includes a Lime and a Grapefruit spray too.

You can try it out yourself in the West End at: Dover Street Market

Or if you are an East End loiterer (like me) then pop into: Start for Men

A New Project: Mission "Soft Focus".

I am busy teaching myself how to take film photographs.


I live life in soft focus, I am a perpetual day dreamer! So, I have this determination, this NEED to capture everyday life as I see it through my day dreams and digital photography will not let this happen.

I do not want to take lessons and I do not want to learn to develop these things myself. Consequentially, I am up and down with trial and error on a daily basis.

Please stick with me as I try to fulfill my quest?
Thank you


  1. i love mens cologne!! mm it smells sexy so why not wear it :D

  2. this is kind of random, but it reminds of when i was in middle school and i used to like mens adidas deodorant. haha but i doo like the scent of citrus too ! i like photography, but i never have the determination and patience to learn, plus i get sad when i think im wasting film when my pictures turn out horrible =[

  3. It sounds like we are fragrance twins. I absolutely despise scents that are too "girly" or overpowering-- they give me headaches. :( My favorite scents are clean and tend towards citrusy smells... mmm!

    I've got to get my hands on that fragrance!

  4. I don't like flowery scents (I prefer citrusy/fruity ones) but I never think about it since I don't wear perfume! I do like smelling it though. My favourite scent right now is Fresh's Sugar Lychee which is citrus, lychee, and... well sugar. It's nice and clean :D

  5. I change my fragrance preferences every season, only because winter, i need something a little bit more warm! But i love citrusy smells in the summer and spring.

    I'm loving the old school film roll cases =D

  6. I'm not really a fan of girly perfumes either..the only flowery smell I like is the bath & body works japanese cherry blossoms. Yum!!

    I don't think I could wear a guy's cologne..hubby wouldn't like it..lol but I love when he wear cologne..my fav is givenchy play.

  7. I love the scent/smell of pepper, lime, grapefruit. Reminds of life on a tropical island with the sun high in the sky. Flowery scents have their time and place; same goes for lemon and sandalwood;-)

  8. I cant wait to see your developed treats :). I LOVE mens perfume...Dior bois d'argent all the way! :)

  9. MM I tend to like clean citrusy scents too! LOL bonus if you & Hiro can both wear it! One less bottle to buy! ;)

    Can't wait till the unveiling of your new style of pics! I love the ones you take now, so I'm sure these will be just as amazing! :)

  10. Thank you all for your comments. You know I love hearing from you.

    @ D.D quick quick quick! LOL

    @ Heartofpearl - absolutely sexy!! How are you? I have missed you x

    @ Sharpieunited - mens adidas? hahaha thats so funny.

    @ HT. Yes I agree. HEADACHES!! Especially when someone is wearing something like CHANEL No5 or YSL Opium.

    @ Justine - In my head you smell of cookies and vanilla for some reason. Must sniff you when we meet ahahaha

    @ Yin. Seasonal scents? Very sophisto. I stil to clean and sharp all year round. Boring old me.

    @ Tammy. Oh Givenchy do nice stuff for men. Good taste.

    @Fashion, art and other fancies. I agree!

    @ Imo! I knew you would agree with me. Must get me a whiff of that Dior stuff now.

    @ Wuzzy. YES! It also puts an end to fragrance clashes.

  11. I used to wear unisex scents...CKone was all I ever wore in hs but now I can't wear it, haha...I like a little floral now and then, but give me a citrus scent any day! I like the name of your latest project - can't wait to see what comes of it!


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