Day 1 Hong Kong

I landed in Hong Kong last week and as soon as I got to the Hotel in Kowloon I couldn't wait to dump my bags and go for a wander. Maaaaaaaaaaaan London seems so green and spacious as well as grubby and old in comparison to Hong Kong.

The priority of the day was to go meet Yumeko and our 1st plan was lunch! I cannot remember the name of the place that we dined but it was at the Elements Mall.


BBQ Pork.

In the foreground we had Steamed Custard Buns which were completely different to what I thought they would be. They were salty and far from the Ambrosia Cream Stuff that I had in me mind.

Steamed prawn dumplings.

Deep Fried Tofu! Seriously yummy!!


I am such a lucky lady. Yumeko spoiled me with some very thoughtful and wonderful gifts.

I love this little pouch. It actually has a heart shaped mirror enclosed inside. I would show more pictures but as it is, there are many people that would think nothing of taking the idea and attempting to pass it off as their own. I can tell you that Yumeko pours in all her attention and care in making these. I am more than certain that anyone that has bought something from her before will agree that her "tezukuri" goods are high quality and beautifully finished. Take a look at her stuff:

Click Here!

Are your eyes bulging yet? Is your mind boggled with the lovely fings? Mine was too!
She gave me some LE MBD Black Cherry Chocolate masks, VOV charcoal masks (I love charcoal skincare), ORIKS vit c BB cream and some samples. A handmade scrunchy that is too adorable with it's pleated trim. Do you call them empty tea bags? hmmm. There was more tea and snackage but I ate them all hahaha.

Can you believe there is more?
LE Lunasol Christmas Set.

It's amazing how well Yumeko picked things for me.....Lavender and Green Tea Cleansing Oil.

Monchichi shopping bag!!! MONCHICHI!!

Thank you for all these wonderful things Yumeko!! Thank you!! There are actually more gifts that she sent my way but I will have to show you in my next post.

Next stop:

Mong Kok for some shopping.

The funny thing is, before I left, I kept asking Yumeko if we can stop by a SaSa. I worried so needlessly as these shops are all over the place. We were not so sure why the man in the pic is wearing a box suit.

I really enjoyed shopping in Mong Kok. I am not a massive mall fan (although that is fun too) I love wandering around streets where everyday people are doing everyday things. Yumeko wisely suggested that we visited the area on a Friday rather than Saturday as that would have been far too mad for a claustrophobic novice such as me. The only not so brilliant thing was the stinky tofu stench. Now this really is a stench, I imagine dead fings to pong like that....dead things in the desert!

Some Things I Bought:

Spot patches. Nexcare are particularly effective but I also wanted to try the Cettua Tea Tree versions. Bought in SaSa

Shadow applicators! Stupidly cheap but work really well. HKD$7 from Bonjour

I got a chance to stock up on some film for my Instax camera sooo much cheaper than here in the UK. I found that we had to shop around for the best deal for these as different places charge different amounts.

Bonjour (shop that is like SaSa) are the best for buying cosmetic accessories. I bought these sponges that come in a rather splendid plastic case on Yumeko's recommendation.

Empty little jars. I have a weakness for empty jars, I am not the only one am I? Grabbed these from Bonjour too so next to nothing.

Dinner with Pirates:

We had to rest our feet and fill our tummies. I cannot remember what the name of this place was called either (I know, bad Old Cow). I do however remember that there were pirate mannequins about the place. This swashbuckler had big boobies haha.

Yumeko and I tended to order a selection of small dishes so we could get our chops around a variety of food. We really like the fried rice with mango.

Soft Shell Crab.

Time to get into a blur.

We went for drinks at the rather swanky W Hotel bar and worked our way around 4/5 cocktails. Perfect end to a perfect day out with my lovely friend

I like the way this photo came out, sort of bubbly blurry.

Thank you all for your well wishes during this latest trip!
I hope that you have enjoyed this post.
I shall be back with more very soon.



  1. Your first day looks amazing!! I'm so glad you got a chance to meet with Yumeko even though I am also very jealous and wish I could have been there!! Seeing both of your tweets and now having pictures to go with them is fantastic :D

    Yumeko is definitely way too adept at the gift-bombs haha. Everything looks so pretty! You just let me know how the chocolate masks are (I love and covet the ones from last year) and do a look with the Lunasol!!! I remember how you and I were sighing over it.

    I also love empty containers to take makeup and skin care with me and bought a load when I was in Vancouver. I'll have to take pics for you! Can't wait to seeped of your polaroids :) And the pouch she made for you is so cute!! I saw hem on her sale blog but long after they were sold unfortunately.

    The food looks delicious :) and I can't wait for your next post!!

  2. looks like you had a great time! Bonjour is stupidly cheap, i forgot to buy the ten pack lashes last time i went.

    Yumeko's gifts look wonderful ^^.
    Can't wait to see more of your travels.

  3. Fantastic! Love the pics...HK must be such a fascinating city.
    More, I say, MORE!!!
    Welcome back

  4. food looks so appetizing !Hong Kong seems so exciting! and the pouch is really cute! i saw the heart mirror inside, absolutely adorable

  5. Ohhh the food!! Mmmm.... Killing me with how good it all looks!!

    And Yume is soo sweet and talented, just like you!! So of course you two had to have met up! :) I'm soo jelly you both got to meet your gorgeous selves! ;) Oohh everyone raves about those nexcare patches!

    Shopping heaven huh. I always hear that about HK.. one day! ;) I'm glad you had a great time!! And that you're back safe! :)

  6. I'm already hungry and you made it worse!! >=/ rAWRRR lol

  7. amazing, you make me miss HK again :D. Where abouts did you buy the instax film? Thanks ^^

  8. Great post!
    Looks like you had a fantastic first day :)
    You got some wonderful things xx

  9. This sounds like a great first day!! The Cettua patches are amazing. The fried rice with mango looks delicious, tell me it was..pwease!! lol

    I can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip.

  10. WOW Honk Kong looks amazing! that pork looks scrumptious *licks lips* I am actually in the market for some empty jars..a very useful essential I think. Im glad you had fun! I love reading about your adventures :)

  11. Woww, looks like you had a lovely time with Yumeko in Hong Kong =)

    And the stinky pong of Stinky Tofu is really quite ghastly isn't it. T__T My grandma used to stink her flat out with it because my dad likes eating it. Have you tried it? You know, expensive restaurants do a non-stinky version of stinky tofu! And in some places you can get stinky (or not stinky as the case may be) cucumber too!!

  12. WOW. that's quite a haul. i love little containers as well! hahaha ;) LUCKY YOU getting to meet up with yumeko!!

  13. Looks like you had a great time~~!! Lucky you! Although i have to agree on the stinky tofu..it is rather foul-smelling. It doesn't taste as bad as it smells..although I don't really get the big fuss about the taste either.

    And Yumeko is so lovely for giving you so many things!

    And gosh, I wish I'd got some of the nexcare patches when I was in Shanghai. I definitely need to get some of those!

  14. love the hauls and the food porn!!!ho[pe to visit hk one day too so thank you for your "guided tour!" i love this post!XD
    i heard although the toufu is stinky they taste great!! and they stinkier they are the better they taste! my cousin love them

    ditto on the little jars too! plus they are super usefulXD

  15. your hk trip looks fun! youre super duper lucky to have a blogger friend like yumeko, she really seems so sweet and kind plus very very creative! :)

    love all the beauty product shots and food pics! i cant wait to go to hk! its one of my favorite places to visit!

  16. ah i miss monh kok and miss SASA! hope you have a great time! yumeko is so generous =)

  17. I love stinky Tofu! What a great post...love your adventures and your acquisitions!

  18. aww I miss HK.. hopefully will be able to go sometime this yr or next.

    Yumeko is so generous.. enjoy!

  19. Looks like you had tons of fun in HK. I miss HK so much! Is the Pirates restaurant upstairs? It looks familiar to me. Yumeko is so sweet!

  20. how wonderful that you got to meet up with yumeko again :) you are two talented ladies!

    black cherry masks?! how awesome! I like using the cettua patches on new pimples, before I spot a head...otherwise the Nexcare ones work better. and a monchichi bag?!? too cute!

    that mango fried rice looks like it would hit the spot for my lunchtime cravings right now!

  21. that post was choc full of so many delightful things. i hope to visit HK some day. It all looks mind boggling and awesome!

  22. Wow so many yummy things in this post! Thank you for sharing it dear old cow. That Lunasol Set stands out...


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