"Be Careful What You Wear To Bed....

...You Never Know Who You'll Meet In Your Dreams"

My Sunday was a day of blossoms and pillows.

This is my idea of a FOTD:
For the curious, I used: Lioele Water Drop BB Cream, MAC Shy Girl Lipstick with Chanel gold gloss on top, Visee Aqua Shiny Eyes cream shadow in green and Lancome L'extreme Mascara.

My Hair:

My Top:
Bought from ASOS for £10.00

Day dreaming:

Amid blossoms:
Hackney Wick, London

I am so blessed to have a wonderful other half who loves taking photos!
Hiro used the EOS 450d for all the shots above.


  1. Ahhh, now you have beaten me to some blossom shots :-) I have some to come. Your skin looks positively radiant. All that good care you have been taking of it pays off.I love your ASOS top, very pretty. Xxxx

  2. i looove ur ASOS top..might i ask who it was exactly made by? its gorgeous really!!

    You are blessed to have a half who loves taking photos but he is also blessed to have a half as his muse.

    *sends love to both of u lovebirds!*

  3. No wonder Hiro loves taking photo of you - he's very lucky to have such wonderful material/aka 'dear old cow') to work with!!!

    The shy girl lippy is gorgeous on you - pure and innocent.

  4. You are perfectly and naturally so lovely (as usual)!!!


    p.s. I still hopes me package finds its way to you someday dear! >_<

  5. You and Hiro are so blessed to have found such creative spirits in each other! I love seeing your creativity, and I love seeing Hiro's pictures!

    The ASOS top is lovely :) This entire post makes me long for sunshine (today it is raining and grey).

  6. Have I already mentioned that you have gorgeous skin? Your white blouse/top is exceptionally pretty too. And your hair is so rich and beautiful. You must be eating loads of nuts;-)

  7. You look like an angel!! Something about this look reminds me of Gwen Stefani's 4am video, I adore that video & I adore YOU!.

  8. I love your hair. I love your outfit. These pictures are beautiful!

  9. You are so beautiful...Your lips are particularly lovelt I jut bought shy girl! :D. Ive got a gold nubar gloss that Ill be pairing with it thanks to you Old Cow you.

    I cant wait till Summer This post is really dreamy, lovin it like JT

  10. Well Hiro is lucky to have sucha gorgeous model to work with ;-)
    Btw that top is super pretty, I loves it!

  11. Love how fresh and bright you look! And I love the way you've been styling your bangs lately! Love Love that victory roll style! :)

    Hiro takes amazing pics of you! But then again the model is absolutely stunning to begin with! ;)

  12. Wow, I -love- the first photo! Nice lighting and everything. You're beautiful. :)

  13. You are so so so so pretty. I wish I was as pretty as you!

  14. I love these pictures of you here (the top is pretty!)! You look so... I don't know the words for it but I really like it. It reminds me of something familiar... Ok I'm just rambling now, sorry!

    Btw, how do you get your hair like that? If you have time... Could you give us a tutorial?


  15. love the first picture and i love your top. very pretty

  16. that first photo of you is beautiful - you look so dreamy and your skin is radiant! i love the retro style you've been working with your hair lately - it adds to that old fashioned yet modern twist to your photos :)

  17. The photos are all so beautiful *sigh*. And I love the way you do your hair.

    How did you get your hair to stay like that?? I can understand the principle, but I think lots of little strands of my hair would fly everywhere...

  18. You're the most awesome old cow!! :] Love that hair, how do you do that?!! The top is beautiful~

  19. You look stunning, lovely.
    I love your hair like this <3 :)
    Such beautiful pictures

  20. Gosh, you look like a model in those pictures...Look at those cheekbones you can slice bread with...
    Fab look overal!

  21. you are gorgeous! i love your light natural fotd <3

  22. great post! your outfit and fotd is so clean, fresh and pretty! I like the airy-light effect :D

  23. :) I copied your hair to go out to a bday party last night. Everyone was raving how cute it looks. You are such a beautiful MULTIFACETED individual! :) <3

  24. I love this you look beautiful xx

  25. That is a gorgeous top you're wearing and beautiful snap shots of you. You and Hiro are two pieces of jig-saw puzzles that fit perfectly together. xoxox


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