Aqua Sense Masks

Right at the very top of my Hong Kong shopping list was Sheet Masks. I do have other travel plans this year but I decided that Hong Kong would be the best place to purchase my favourite MBD's and other masks of choice.

I had a tiny mall attached to my hotel and this was normally my 1st point of call everyday as they had a Watsons! Yipee!

Have you tried Aqua Sense masks yet? Needless to say, it was the amoosing packaging that caught my eye! Yup, I am a sucker for a cute cow and it had a lil Hokkaido map above it.....I was captured and thus bought 3 kinds to try out.

Aqua Sense Sheet Masks

Isn't the box just adorable? You get 12 sheet masks per box.

Sapporo Milk Mask for whitening and firming:
Unfortunately I lost the box for the above masks so cannot tell you much detail about them. Sorries! However see below for an interesting tip!

Sapporo Premium Yoghurt Mask for radiant whitening and moisturising.
These masks are incredible! They are not fragrance free but the scent is powdery clean and fresh and for me, perfectly tolerable. What I love about them is that you can HEAT THEM UP!!! How amazing will that be in frosty climes?

Instructions pon the box:
Aqua Sense is introducing the new SPA Warming Mask method. Place the sachet into warm water for 2 minutes then apply.
This warm mask opens the skins pores to allow the skin to absorb the nutrients better and retain moisture longer.

You can use the masks normally as well. These masks include: Collagen, Vitamin E, Pearl extracts, Arbutine, Guava extracts and Yoghurt.

Gunma Myoga Mask Fights Allergies and Moistens.
Up until I found these, I thought that myoga was best found topping my hiyayakko! However these are another gem of a mask find!

Myoga is part of the ginger family and has long been valued in Japan for it's nutritional and flavoursome qualities. These masks use myoga root extracts which are high in amino acids and vitamins which can help to promote blood circulation, improve cell regeneration and immunity. These masks also include purslane extract which has long term anti allergy properties and assists to prevent skin irritation and inhibits itchy skin brought on my dryness.

My skin was waning due to the effects of cabin air and the heavy pollution of Hong Kong so these masks were a brilliant purchase. I kept these in the fridge and used them ice cold to soothe my face before going to bed.

These contain: Myoga extract, Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Vitamin E, Collagen, Orange Blossom, Purslane, Hyaluronic Acid.

I also found some brilliant tester packs that I will be sending out to a few of you to test too. These cute packs contain a Gifu Persimmon Eye Mask and a Aomori Yam Mask.

The masks themselves have a waffle textured finish which makes them skin well on the skin. In my humble opinion they are half way between the MBD and the MBD premium masks in their "fit". They are saturated with liquid but not stupidly so that they become messy and a hassle to use. They are a bargain at HKD$58.


  1. These are so, so cute!! And how neat that you can warm them up... if I can find these online I am definitely going to try that after a night shift, I think it would help me fall asleep!

    I haven't really ventured beyond the MBD line yet though I am thinking of trying the FaceQ masks since the packaging is SO CUTE.

  2. aww so cute! never seen them in japan before...

  3. those masks look interesting! I wonder if they have them in Watsons here. I'm really into masks now too, went to Sasa and the Face Shop today and 80% of my haul was masks! :)

  4. I've never seen those in Shanghai either! I wish my family lived in Hong Kong...

  5. Adorable! The Japanese (and the Italians) are so good at industrial/commercial design!

  6. ooh their packaging are so cute!!!its make me wanna buy buy them! hehe *shall put them on my: if i go hk to buy list" XD

  7. The masks are so cute, never seen it before. I'm such a mask addict! haha

  8. ive neva seen any mask package in such a kewl moo~ wats your rating on them? good?

    xoxo elle
    ps: im having a giveaway ^^ ends 25th april

  9. very cute packaging :) I actually did the same thing to a few MBD masks in the winter (placing an unopened mask in a bowl of hot water to warm up the serum)...it was a nice treat to use a warm facemask, even if it was only temporary

  10. Welcome back dear old cow! Yummy masks you bought. How adorable is the little cow on the packaging! Mooooooooooooooooo......

  11. Aww the cow packaging is so cute!! :) And you can heat them?! That's the first I've heard of that! But I'm glad you found a great mask to help with your skin in HK!!

  12. Oh wow that's a really good deal! I just googled the currency rate. haha That is pretty much the most awesome packaging I've ever seen. :) I am a sucker for kawaii stuff, I wouldn't have been able to resist them either! ^_^

  13. I hadnt heard of these before, they sound great.
    Skin whitening though? Mmmmm. Great packaging. Also great to have you back. Welcome home.


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