Next Week Shall Be A Week Of Shiny Fings

I have received a few requests to unleash some shiny fings upon my blog once more.


Expect to see some whimsical tomfoolery here next week.

Any questions or preview requests: Questions@worshipblues.com

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Eye Spy: Lolo Veleko

Soon the football loving world's eyes will shift focus and land on South Africa.

I LOVE footie.

It is a relentless passion in my life but I also live in in hope that the "beautiful game" will bring a new light to how the rest of the world perceive Africa.

Yes every country in Africa has it's problems. Big problems!

But for me it is also continent of magic, vibrancy and soul like no other place on earth.

Note that I said CONTINENT?

(Fed up with people talking about it like it is one country. We are one massive land mass YES but we are different nations too man!)

Anyhoo I seek not to rant but to bring a little Rainbow Nation fashion vibrancy onto this here blog!

Eye Spy: Lolo Veleko

Made in Cape Town and residing now in Johannesburg; her full name is Nontsikelelo Veleko .

She is also one of my favourite street fashion photographers.

This week I was jumping up and down like a crazy when I saw that the BBC had scheduled a documentary that would feature this awesome lady if you have time, watch it here.

My adoration for her and her work grew ever more when I saw that she uses a Mamiya!!

Lolo Veleko; Worship Blues salutes you!

I love it the most when Lolo captures brightly dressed people!

Nontsikelelo Veleko was born squint. The doctors wanted to replace her eye but her grandmother, a traditional healer, resisted, saying that it was a challenge from the ancestors and that she must learn to master it. Her sister too had been born with a bad leg that the doctors wanted to cut off. The sister went on to become the fastest runner in her school. Veleko became the 2008 Standard Bank Young Artist for Visual Art.
From the Design Idaba Website

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"Be Careful What You Wear To Bed....

...You Never Know Who You'll Meet In Your Dreams"

My Sunday was a day of blossoms and pillows.

This is my idea of a FOTD:
For the curious, I used: Lioele Water Drop BB Cream, MAC Shy Girl Lipstick with Chanel gold gloss on top, Visee Aqua Shiny Eyes cream shadow in green and Lancome L'extreme Mascara.

My Hair:

My Top:
Bought from ASOS for £10.00

Day dreaming:

Amid blossoms:
Hackney Wick, London

I am so blessed to have a wonderful other half who loves taking photos!
Hiro used the EOS 450d for all the shots above.

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I Dream in Sepia

Well...I do sometimes.

Do you recall me mentioning my Polaroid revival and the arrival of my PX600 Impossible Project film here?

Well TA- DA!! Here is my humble stack of film:

I just couldn't wait to tear off the packaging and get down to trying the film out.

"First Flush Film is experimental material that will produce changing results depending on light conditions and temperature. Early batches of these first flush edition films may have some peculiar characteristics that are not considered defects of the product, such as small white dots in the picture area or leaking film chemistry from the back of the picture".

The Impossible Project

Here are our test shots:
Taken under a bridge in Hackney on a sunny day

Taken at home, indoors on a sunny day.

Taken at home, indoors on a sunny day.

Taken in shadow under a bridge in Hackney.

All the above were taken using a Polaroid Extreme Camera.

Very sensitive to use but I was really impressed with this film.
I am rather fond of that old fashioned feel of really old photos and this gives me the chance to emulate that feel with thoroughly modern subjects. The juxtaposition fascinates me.
The variables that effect the end result add such character and ambiance.

If any of you are planning on using this, I recommend reading the instructions on the website very carefully.

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Last Week I Did Blow Bubbles

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and support on my mad "Mission"
I plan to be be out and about today with my lil arsenal of cameras.

Last week I blew bubbles.

Photographs taken in Abney Park Cemetery, London using a Canon EOS 450d.
I hope your Saturday is sunny and bright.

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Let us Look to the Weekend

I forgot the photos for my intended post today.
Instead, I rummaged around on my camera and found this photo that I thought was appropriate for weekend frolics:

Thank you for all your comments and emails during the week.

See you on the otherside.

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Double Bubble - Readers Request

Thank you “P” for asking me about facial cleansers!

Call me greedy or extravagant if you like, but I actually use 2 different cleansers in one go! I tend to use a bubbly gentler formula in the morning or after using an oil make up remover and then and then a deeper cleaning one for the end of the day.

At the moment I am using Lancome: Mousse Eclat in the morning.
Nice dense foam mousse formula that is light on the skin as well as gentle and fresh smelling. I like this a lot, no tight feeling after rinsing and no break outs either. This is lovely stuff but for the price! You can buy cheaper mousse cleansers from Japan and they work just as well.

In the evenings the choice of the moment is Biore Facial Wash Cool.
This formula that gets rid of the dirt and grime that goes hand in hand with city dwelling. It is definitely deep cleansing and the “cooling” factor adds a nice zing upon rinsing. This is cheap as chips, I bought it in HK for HKD $38 excellent quality for the price. It reminds me of the Japanese version: Biore Deep Clear Facial Cleansing which is my hands down favourite cleanser for when I am in hot climates.

I am not faithful to cleansers in general. When I scrape the barrel with the above, I shall move on to something else to try.
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Mission Soft Focus in Polaroid Dreams

I was so excited when Hiro went digging through his boxes of stuff and dragged out and old Polaroid 600 Extreme! I love my lil' Fujifilm Instax but this is a goody from the old school and if you know me, well then you know I cannot resist.

Hiro and I took the Polaroid along on a long and winding walk on Saturday.
We walked through one of our favourite parks in London, Abney Park Cemetery which is a funny old place! There lays graves dating back hundreds of years besides families having picnics and old people strolling through the grass.

Anyway it seemed like a good place to stop and take a test shot!
I will sleep when I am dead.

Test shot 2 was taken on Sunday when I felt like making a paper crown!
Why not! Everyone can crown themselves Queen for a day.

It's an exciting feeling when you hear the Polaroid chugging away to push out the photo.
It brought back all sorts of memories of happy days gone by and I think that this format serves a whopper for my hunger to produce dream like images.
I had to add this wonderful poem to this post!
Thank you "Speckled Hen" for this dulcet ballad.
You really have made this Old Cow, jump over the moon.xxx

I once had a polaroid..
Now I become paranoid....
Seeing a modern angel lying in the cemetery..
Inspector Clouseau please come and solve the mystry..

Up into the cherry tree
Who should climb but little me?
I held the polaroid with both my hands
And looked beyond the bury lands

I saw the the beautiful angel lie,
Adorned with flowers before my eye,
And many secret places more
That I have never seen before.

I saw a dimpling stream pass..
And people were busy passing the grass...
The dusty roads go up and down
With people tramping in to town.

If I could find a higher tree
Farther and farther I should see,

To where the roads on either hand
Lead onward into the fairy land,
Where the old cow dines at five,
And where all the playthings come alive...



So about this contraption.
Built like a brick and just as solid.
Can you believe this is over 10 years old and still works perfectly?

A note to the Smart Alecs

I am sure that I will get a few readers with poised fingers itching to tell me that Polaroid is over and done with! Gone are the days of instant pics a la Polaroid 600!!


Have you heard? Lady Gaga was appointed a don of creatives for Polaroid earlier this year. In January, the brand unveiled plans for a new product line in Vegas. This will include a new and updated version on the OneStep camera and of course means the re release of instant film!!!

I am sure that the new camera will be rocket powered contemporary brilliance but that just ain't how this Old Cow rolls! So I shall stick to my bulky weapon of choice and relish in the fact that I will be able to buy film readily and freely once again.

My advice? Go grab and oldy but a goody before the hype reaches its climax!

The Impossible Project

In the meantime I have found my way to getting a few packs of the PX600 Silver Shade Monochrome instant film from the bright sparks at The Impossible Project. I believe that this will be the 1st time that 600 instant film will be available in this shade and thus I extent my biggest hand shake to all involved in making this a reality for happy snappers like me.

Photo from Impossble website.

What's more, they aim to bring out a colour film in a few months time!!
OH Happy Day!


I am certain that this will add a new dimension to my Mission Soft Focus.
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Skin79 Sweet Honey Sugar Scrub- A Requested Review

I have decided to step up and dish my reviews on the requests of you fab readers. This 1st one was requested by “N”. I hope that you find it useful!

I bought this on Gmarket a while ago. The reason I bought it was that I had finished my Missha Cocoa scrub and seeing how it is a challenge and a half to get hold of, I thought it prudent to try something new.

The prime focus of this scrub is to target blackheads and to shrink enlarged pores.

First impression:

Boring plastic packaging! Yawn! Then the smell hit me….it smells like porridge oats with honey. I despise sickly sweet smelling things. I know I used a chocolate scrub before….but I ALWAYS, ALYWAYS wash it off with a fragrance free cleanser else the smell will drive me to distraction.

My Thoughts after about 8 weeks use:

WTF was Skin79 thinking? This is a seriously rough and chunky scrub! Then add to that an oil slick and I pretty much have a tub of stuff that I would not want to put on my face. Ok to be fair, the sugar granules do melt down, but not nearly as fast as I would like them to. In fact I would go as far as saying I think it is much better suited for use on your body.

I saw nil in the form of skin rejuvenation. No difference to my black heads. Pores did not shrink.

I do not like this packaging!!! It can be really messy using this scrub in the first place so I tend to use it in the shower. Yes, I know what you are thinking! This is shower Unfriendly. I do solemnly declare that all scrubs should be packaged in a tube!!

What is good about this?

It’s excellent for my feet and legs! I still wash off the greasy remnants with soap but it does work wonders on my heels and knees, buffs them up to a nice soft finish. I am glad that this is not going to waste!

Needless to say I will never purchase another .
I have however started using something so much better…….

There you have it! Some Reader interaction for a Monday morning.
Please do drop in your review requests if you see mey grab something that catches yoru curiousity bubbles.

Questions @ Worshipblues.com
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And it All Floated Down the Canal

I start today's post a sad note! I lost my first batch of photos taken with my Mini Diana.
I don't want to proclaim my inherent idiocy by giving you the details.

However, I did try my hand at scanning a couple of the negatives yesterday morning at work. This means that my surviving test shots are miniscule. Alas, it is a lesson learned and I shall behave better when next I am beside a canal with photographs in hand.

I have learned that London is far to lacking in light to use 35mm ISO 100 film.

The above shot was taken in a record shop in Soho.
Yes - I buy vinyls, or rather Hiro does.
I loved the blurry drunken feel that the photo had.

No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk!

This Old Cow has already reloaded her Mini Diana with a faster film and may the next experiment be a triumph.

Those who read my prattle on Twitter will know that I was rather excited when my Gmarket order finally landed on my desk. I decided to use up what remained of my credit so this haul was free!

The Loot

A mini Instax photo album:

An embossed lable thingy.

A shockingly large selection of embossing tape in a multitude of colours.

Why oh why did I get that?

Because my once excellent penmanship has degraded drastically since these fingers of mine are so regularly poised above a keyboard.


I wanted to lable some of my Instax photos:

I like this very muchly!

My free loot came with freebies:
Milk pens: perfect for the awkward scrawl of an Old Cow.

And Pegs? Ahahaha....PEGS!!!

You can guess that I intend to be out and about happy snapping this weekend. I am determined!! Now, London skies...be good to me!

I shall be back next week with a slightly more beauty focussed mind. I feel that I owe some reviews. If you have any requests, do drop me an email:


Wishing you all a perfect weekend.

"If it seems a childish thing to do, do it in rememberance that you are a child"

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I Don't Want To Smell Of Roses

In ruthless honesty, heavily floral smells bother me. I like fresh smells. Clean smells.


Sometimes I don't want to smell like a girl!


I use Hiro's fragrances.


On Saturday;

I bought my own.

Comme Des Garcons

This may shock you (so hold onto your seats!) but this smells of fresh lemons and bergamot and a dash of pepper to my untrained olfactory senses. I LOVE IT.
Although this is marketed as a unisex fragrance, I personally think sways more towards the masculine realm of smellies. Thus be the reason why I probably find it so appealing. Guess what? Hiro uses it too.

It is from the ENERGY C series that also includes a Lime and a Grapefruit spray too.

You can try it out yourself in the West End at: Dover Street Market

Or if you are an East End loiterer (like me) then pop into: Start for Men

A New Project: Mission "Soft Focus".

I am busy teaching myself how to take film photographs.


I live life in soft focus, I am a perpetual day dreamer! So, I have this determination, this NEED to capture everyday life as I see it through my day dreams and digital photography will not let this happen.

I do not want to take lessons and I do not want to learn to develop these things myself. Consequentially, I am up and down with trial and error on a daily basis.

Please stick with me as I try to fulfill my quest?
Thank you
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Tales From The Red Telephone Box

Have you seen my dear Fashionistable's blog yet? Well rush over there in a moment for she has an eye for style and is well worth watching for a daily dose of "ooooh la la".

Last week Fashionistable posted a shot that included a red London Phone Box and though I loved the photo, I admitted that I was a smidgen dismayed because I had the very same idea (great minds). Anyway, I did make a promise to post my Phone Box pix and here there are with you in mind my Dear Fashionistable

I love the City of London on the weekends. It's oh so quiet.
To my overseas readers: please do not confuse the City of London with the West End, for that is always buzzing with a zillion people! What we Londoners refer to as the "City" is actually the financial district of London and but a small part of our metropolis. Those who like their history lessons should note that the City is the historic epicentre from which the rest of today's London branched out from.

I am so glad that in a world of mobile communication that we still have these around for emergencies as well as picture opportunities.

Yep, like I said....dead as a dodo!
My shirt dress was bought for £3.00 in Oxfam. My Ouma would have been proud of me.

So no harm in jumping off the walls of the Bank of London!

I take my fujifilm instax everywhere these days.

I say take your blogging outside into the sunshine.........go on! Who cares if people stop and stare! It's only because they want to join in too.


Old Cow.
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