Where Upon She Decided to Sit in the Middle of the Road

Sunday's photographic walk about took place in Dalston and Shoreditch. I live in Dalston and although I am unashamedly biased, I must say that I can never tire of my surroundings. Though humble and ramshackle, the area is vibrant, colourful and never ever boring.

The market stalls are usually empty on Sundays.

There is something about corrugated iron roofs! They remind me of growing up in Kenya. Heavy rain on iron roofs is a clash of noise.
Next door to the African Veggie stall. Never been a fan of plantain but I love yams.

Pondering interesting textures.


My friends!! WHO DOES THESE? I simply MUST know.

She sat in the road.

Spilled frills

Tidy up my tights!
My dress came was made by SELFI in South Africa.
Jacket was from my dear China Plate: http://xppinkxx.blogspot.com/
The frilly petticoat was from Gmarket
Tights from TABIO
Nude shoes with gold studs from Ridley Road Market.

I used VOV COLORSONG EYES single shadows to create this splash of colour that were a gift from the talented Anastasia!
Shades: 7161 Pink Pony and 7146 Shes Barbie Pink.

I bought him some shoes. So he jacket up his jeans to make sure he can see them as he walked. Bless

I bought him some black brogues from Crockett & Jones. They are handmade and each pair takes 8 weeks to make and involves 200 different processes.
I think mine must have taken 2 seconds upon a factory line in China. Haha

Time for tea! We went to our local tea shop, Belle Epoque in Stokey. I had the pistachio opera and Hiro had a lemon roll cake which was particulary tasty. I marvelled at the way they managed to craft a delicate layer of meringue over the roll.
A Few Changes at The House of Blues:
Have you noticed that I have updated my banner? I thought it was time for some spring cleaning.

I have my own domain! Yes, Worship at the House of Blues has it's very own web kingdom.
Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for me!


  1. I love these posts. I don't always comment, but I always read them; it's like looking at a picture story book for (somewhat!) grown-ups. I really enjoy meeting Hiro in them too.

    You look fantastic, as always. Love the colour of the skirt picked up in your eyeshadow.

  2. you look so floaty and marvy.. spring goddess!
    i noticed the name change in the URL :D FAB! i like when the world is all quiet and it feels like your own to play around with and fritter around.. laaavly xxx


    i started to giggle when i see your pastel pinked ass propped in the middle of the road...only you wormy!!! i can see you plopping yourself down and then poping back up and brushing yourself off and then skipping to go stand on a pissed hydrant!!!...and ummmm why that jacket looks AMAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZING on you...whoever your stylist is...well i give them 4 thumbs up!!! im loving these out and about posts...JUST LOVE IT!!!

  4. the food looks delicious and your outfit is so perfect. i wish i could pull off white tights!

  5. Great pics! You look like you're in a dream world, lol!

    That Hiro...looks like he's waiting for a flood!!

  6. HELLO! I love "She sat in the road" photo... It's actually a really good picture. Dunno if you done anything to it but it makes me focus on it like I did when I went to see the Mona Lisa if you get what I mean... I can't really explain it or myself really well lol.

    Loving the eye swatch! I actually wanted to do something like this when I saw something similar in Marie Claire... Can you do a mini tutorial on it? Btw, ru using falsies? I am thinking of buying MAC 31/32 or SU Soft Cross (help me decide!!!) xx

  7. I totally like your style!

    xoxo Jolie

  8. I love your outfit today! So perfect and dreamy for spring, and such a contrast against the iron and concrete! And I love that Hiro rolled up his pants to see his shoes, though it does look like he's about to go wading!

    The food looks delicious!

  9. love the new banner and the dress. i'm loving nude shades. =) Sounds like you two had a grand day. =)

  10. You look wonderful, I love the outfit. The location is cool too. Looks like you and Hiro had a good day out. Thank you also for sharing the coffee shop. More great cakes. Xxx

  11. This post is so funny, I couldn't stop smiling. Awwww, Hiro looks comic. He has reminded me of the French detective Clouseau from The Pink Panther..
    Here Detective Hiro is trying to solve the mystery case of 'Who has plundered the fabric store?'. He has got a bit carried away of gathering evidence though. The pretty suspect has successed in confusing the hell out of him with some of her road tricks...

  12. Only in America do our cakes look super ugly & taste like pure sugar! Everywhere else...I envy your cakes!

  13. I was gonna say FLAMINGO!! LOL! Yes the new banner is still WOHB-esque! Very nice!!

    Ooh just who is that Lady in White! Simply a stunning beauty! ;) LOL Aww Hiro looks all newsie style with his jacked up jeans & jacket!

    Thank you for always showing us how unique and fab you hometown is! I love it!

    And mmmm... oh the beauty of tea desserts!! Mmmm.... *drools*

  14. I ADORE your outfit!

    Congrats on the domain too. =)

  15. Your hair looks so pretty with curls!!!
    I love these posts...the things you & Hiro do remind me of me & my hubby..lol

  16. I love these: you lead such a stylish life! And Hiro is so adorable... :)

  17. you're like a little dream roaming around the real world :) I'm loving these posts of you and Hiro wandering around the city!

    oooh I spy some new little creatures in your banner!

  18. congrats on ur new domain
    u guys are so cute
    the last photo of u seems like u are a giant in a little world. its UBER cute.

  19. I love everything about this post! You're so perfectly girly in these images - even your makeup is spot on. Juxtaposing it with the city is gorgeous.

  20. so cute that he rolled up his jeans just to show off the shoes you got him!! <3

    love your outfits as always :D so doll-like!


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