Pretty Things That Caught My Eye: The Hook Up Edition

About time I plagued your minds with some more Pretty Things That Caught My Eye. Today I want to talk about hooks! I think they are rather comical objects to have in the home, simply because they look brilliant and then you stick your coat on them and forget about them. Quite absurd in a way. Nevertheless, I would like to invest in one because storage is running low in our little home!
Let's start with a classic. Eames! One for the design conscious (looks over at Hiro), high quality, vibrant and iconic. The Hang it all coat rack has stood the test of time and still looks ever so contemporary. Designed in 1953 by Charles & Ray Eames:

I spotted the next two hooks in the Lifestyle Bazaar in Shoreditch. Designed by Thelermont Hupton.

Stuck on you knife hooks:

Hand Job:

Heel Coat Peg + Mirror designed by Mauricette Cornand

For the pragmatic! I am a hazard with a drill or a hammer come to think of it. These OTT hooks need no nails or screws, they just hang there! With some imaginative configuration I could create a graphic impact upon my hall door! I would get them in white I think. Designed by Byproduct UK

For my compulsion with TEA!! Look!! I most defiantly NEED a hook for my pearls! Designed by Louise Buchan.
I ever design obsessed. I read about new things that have been made with creative thought. I visit shops and showrooms and pick things up inspecting the details, the weight, the feel the colours. I can't help myself! Having a partner who is a product/lighting designer doesn't help.


  1. OMG my housemates have the first hanger. =DD I thought i recognised it somewhere

    Teapots on walls, are you MAD (as a hatter?!) hahahaha. =)

  2. LOL @ the handjob :D. love the Spout Hook! it's so pretty~

  3. I love the first coat rack! And the over-the-door hooks look a lot like the hangers we use for wreaths at Christmas (mine is white), they're useful but don't hold up a lot of heavy things (though mind you, I never tried anything other than a wreath, but our hanger was quite flimsy).

    I love the tea-spout hooks! That picture seems so perfect for you :)

  4. Wow! Knife hooks!! Well, I am going to get a few and planning to play a practical jok on my bf!!! Hahaha. This is just brilliant!! Thank you dear old cow!!!!! xx

  5. Great ideas for hanging out. Do I have a favourite - well I have more than one actually the 1st and 4th ones. Xxxx

  6. I love the knife hooks!! My hubby would get such a kick out of that..

  7. LOVE the tea hooks! I need em in my life, the heel hook is pretty fab n all! :)

  8. hahahah that finger is priceless!

  9. Oh Nancy would LOVE those teapot hooks! I can so see her putting them up around the house!! LOL!

    Haha at the middle finger! I love the first (balls) one, and the rainbow over the door ones are cute too!! And those knives would be great for you know who....

  10. You are my daily dose of artsy delights.

    Don't even get me started on those twisted art pieces you posted a few posts ago!

    The tea hooks are lovely, but I'd also go for the door hanger hooks. pfft those are the only manageable ones for accident prone people like me. lol

  11. I love the knife and teacup hooks! I've seen some Ninja throwing star inspired ones as well. Definitely something I would get for a future place!

    Love your new banner! especially the inclusion of the flamingo :D

  12. LOL! love the knife ones xD but the teapot and the door ones look fab!

  13. HAHAHHAHAHAHA...i love the finger coat hanger...i would soooo add a ghetto fake nail to that...and bejewel it up....


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