On Giant Peaches and Twits.

My favourite breakfast cereal were giving away Roald Dahl books not so long ago. I must admit I went a little loony over these. You could spot me in the cereal aisle in Sainsburys digging around for George's Marvellous Medicine or The Twits . I got both AND a copy of James and the Giant Peach which is the influence behind this post!

Here is a mass tissue splurge upon which I have swatched all the peaches in my fruity bowl!

I am utterly in love with my Yaby peach (actually called Tangerine Mist) at the moment its more on the orange scale of the peachy spectrum but it is so wearable and pretty. I never wear it on its own. I like to pair it up with a complementary shade for I do like to mix and blend.

The Dior one is part of the Parisian Lights Quint and is a pleasure to apply.

The Lunsol offering is straight out of the Orange Gradation from the Layer Bloom Eyes series.

The VOV shade in the middle is a single shadow from the Colorsong range. I think it is called She's Barbie Pink.

The Mac peachy number is from the Hello Kitty Tom Cat palette

The Chanel offering is taken from the Beige Velours Palette


From left to right:
Paul & Joe #16, MAC Costa Chic, Mac Gentle Simmer, Majolica Majorca OR317, Clarins Gloss Appeal #05, Visee OR200

I love Costa Chic. It is a loud and proud Coral Peach in your face. I like pairing it up with the MajoMajo gloss for extra ooomph.


Canmake Cheek Gradation in Peach Stripe. One of my all time favourite "mix" type blushes. Canmake hit the jackpot with these beauties.

My HG powder blush has to be Shu Uemura P Pink 36D. This is my second one!!

1. Shu Uemura P Pink 36d
2. Beauty Credit Peach Girl
3. Paul & Joe Limited Edition Face Colour #200
4-5. Canmake Orange Gradation

I wonder if this sort of thing is at all useful to anyone?

All that is left for me to do now is wish you all a marvellous weekend! Here are some clues as to what I will be doing: sporting 3d specs, snapping in a building set to demolished on Monday and going stripey in a flower market.

See you on the other side.


  1. I love Roald Dahl books and Costa Chic lipstick is gorgeous. happy weekend =)

  2. Useful, oh yes it is! If I am ever in need of another juicy peachy blush or shadow, I will definitely check here for reference again xD

    And Gosh, I think I've read most of his books, except The Boy or something, that one bored me half to death.

  3. OOh where are you watching Alice in Wonderland?? Are you going to Columbia flower market by any chnace?? Ive never been but I heard it is amazong...great time too being Spring and all...I enjoyed decoding this message depicting the adventures to be had n London Town :) xxx

  4. Ooooh this was really useful..i'm really into peachy colours atm..the shu blush looks gorgeous! Def one to go check out for me. See how useful this post is?? You make me wanna spend! :(

    Enjoy the weekend..actually sounds like fun..3d glasses will be on my agenda next week :)

  5. dahl!! love his books :DD i reread george's marvelous medicine recently and fell in love all over again, haha. i remember i asked my mom to read me "big friendly giant" when i was younger.. b/c my friends had their parents read to them at bed time.. we got through one chapter.. and stopped. hahaha.

  6. Love this kind of post. Sunny, juicy peachy colours...but WHERE is spring????? Have a good one!

  7. ahh so this is what you're talking about. =) I LOVE LOVE LOVE roald dahl, I grew up reading his stories before bedtime, My mum is also a massive fan. =) God I love to read. my alice post is intertwined with fairies and poetry.

    Oh, and that shu uemura blush is SO pretty.

  8. Beautiful swatches! I love peaches and pinks! This post got me thinking about how much I want to try Paul & Joe makeup but haven't taken the plunge yet...

  9. Ohh Dahl AND swatchies! :) Love peaches! You can dress it up, but it also looks good on it's own!!

    Yasumi I LOVE YOU!

  10. Its good you reminded me about Canmake blushes...I need to get some of those and the cream ones too!

  11. Roald Dahl is my favorite when I was young & I still got his books until now....& the canmake cheek gradation has been on my wishlist for so long...

  12. This is such warm peachy collection you have! So pretty lippies and shadows!!

  13. I LIVE in Roald Dahl country, so I understand your obsession, lol!

    You and me are alike...we LOVE our peaches and our reds!!

  14. pretty swatches! Im kinda slowly getting into the whole peachy-orange-coral thing. I love to check out yaby cosmetics but they dont have the cheapest tag around the block and not the most available cosmetic in tokyo, unfortunately. darn!

    ps. I havent tried dior TM but im tempted now ha..

  15. ♥ the canmake blushes - i've been using the pink stripe more this winter, but i know i'll be reaching for the peach one again this summer! thanks for the lip swatches - if i dare to try orange/peach lipsticks i'll look back at this post!

  16. Omg. I totally love peach colours and Roald Dahl made my childhoold magical... I love them both!

  17. of course this is useful! i think i'm going to get canmake blush next :D


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