A Little Note for The Loyally Curious

This is a special note for my loyal readers, commenters and emailers out there. Everyone else, please step aside now...hahaha.
Worship at the House of Blues is going through a couple of changes albeit very minor restoration! I hope that they make your visits an even more special experience. I would like to bring your attention to a couple of new pages that I would like to think of as growing, projects (yes Speckled Hen, I can't grow sweet peas but I can sprout a tale or two haha). Both pages can be accessed just below my header.

The Tale of Worship at the House of Blues
Here the story of my little manor shall unfold and evolve.
Preferred Purveyors
Thank you all of you who drop me a line asking where I managed to find my bits and pieces be it clothing, shoes or homewares. Here is an ever changing page of links for you to browse through.
A Loyal Readers Contest
Later on this year I will be hosting a fabulous contest. This is a big year for me personally and I would like to celebrate it with those of you that have been supporting and following my progress. I will be giving away a GHD straightener to one lucky reader. I must forewarn you that this contest will only be open to those readers that have brought themselves to my attention....the ones that have commented frequently, dropped me and email, mentioned me on their blog etc.
I am so excited about this contest. I hope you are too.


  1. The pages are a really good idea :)
    Your contest sounds amazing :) xx

  2. your contest sounds rather wonderful!

    the new subpages feature is great :) I need to make use of it on my sites as well, if only to remove some of the clutter!

  3. Love the new added features, especially Preferred Purveyors. Thanks for the list of fab shopping sites. Now I must save, so I can SPEND SPEND and SPEND!!

  4. Sounds like WHOB is really taking off! And I couldn't be happier for you! You're getting great love as a talented brilliant shiny fing maker, and a lovely unique blogger! :) Yasumi you are nothing but love and brilliance to me! :)

  5. I am hella excited! I loev stumbling across blogs and yours is a pleasure to read me dearie :)

  6. WOW! GHD! hahaha. can't wait for the change, i've wanted to do more with my blog too but i'm sure it's nowhere near as interesting as what you read/go through. i do hope you get those cuppies!

  7. I am hella excited! I loev stumbling across blogs and yours is a pleasure to read me dearie :)


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