Jolly Brolly Sticks and Crumpled Turn-Ups

I thought I would spill some shots from my weekend. Out when elegance and in came the scruffy style of me.

What's the time?

I love these turn ups. I have a deep seated love for safari clothes and thought it would blend well with a bit of flora and brogue-ish footwear. I do have an urge to change the boring buttons for something more "interesting".

View from down here.

This was actually my Saturday shopping and cinema outfit.

The stranded gentry.
Abandon your black umbrellas!

I have a grand dislike of black brollies! Not only are they tediously boring and lacking in personality but they are mood darkening too! I am being perfectly serious!
I bid you to abandon your dark brolly and find yourself a light coloured one! For in gloomy skies any translucent fabric that will let in precious light is a must have.

On getting my stitch on!

Sunday saw round two in my sewing campaign. Well, I am waiting for some fabric to arrive so I can try my hand at making my 1st pair of pajamas but seeing as Royal Mail failed me....again, I decided to work on something else in the interim

Bunnies everywhere.

I love monster munch! When I 1st landed in UK (years and years ago) I was a monster munch addict! I was so filled with nostalgia and happiness when I saw these in my local supermarket. I bought 3 packs!



  1. Roast Beef Monster Munch are officially the best crisps ever.

  2. you got me cravin for Monster munch now..!! In america they're a totally different thing if i remember right from when i tweeted about craving some pickled onion flava monster munchies..!
    your outfit and umbrella are RAD!

  3. i agree black brollies are just depressing, but my last doraemon brolly broke, after first use. =/

    You have such awesome fashion, it reminds me a little of 20s men fashion. I love it. =)

  4. I thought I already commented but I think my computer ate it :S

    I love the outfit!! I think this is the first one I have you seen you in pants in! I wish I had the legs to pull off pegged/cropped pants but alas, I am too short XD;

    Down with black brollies! My umbrella is brown and decorated with hearts in all colours of the rainbow. I can't find it right now, but as long as I manage to find it before the rain starts I'll be fine!

    What's Monster Munch? I'm intrigued, but they don't sell it here... unless not that I've seen!

  5. i simply love, love, love your shoes! how was the movie dear?

  6. I own the ONLY purple brolly in downtown Vancouver. Everywhere you look, you'll see people in their black wool trenchcoat, black pants, black shoes and their black brollies, then there's ME!with my purple umbrella!!Wheeee!!! it brightens up a dismal rainy day, and you can always find me in the crowd.

  7. You look SO AWESOME HERE. That is all.

  8. Really stylish..even the brolly!
    Love your bunny pajamas in progress, the finished item must be super cute!!

  9. I love your hair like it is in the first couple pictures! Very pretty! I also really like your umbrella... I love that it's part of your outfit. It's an accessory!

  10. Monster Munch?! Hrmm... LOL!

    You could never look scruffy! This is another simple yet outstanding outfit modeled by a timeless beauty!

    Love how you make it your's with the addition of the cute tights! It wouldn't be Yasumi without it! :)

    The umbrella frame is so unique! Never seen one so pretty!

  11. the flower print tights/socks are soo pretty! cute brolly too XD

  12. Your style is so versatile and changeable...its quite inspiring!

  13. LOVE the outfit!!

    You and my other half have the same addiction!!

  14. my favorite umbrella of all time is one that has a clear top.. i loveeee seeing rain fall, i'm rather like totoro ^0^

  15. i wish i knew what monster munch was =/ but i love your umbrella, especially the inner flowery wire design!

  16. I wonder what you're making!! :D

  17. LOL! Monster Much pickled onion rules! That pic of the light brolly is absolutely fab! captures London skies and I like it. Ive got a leopard brolly but yours is way cooler!

  18. I really like your hair messy like that! You wear those pants well! I'd just look even shorter with my already petite stature :/


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