In Which She Wore Florid Frills on Saturday

The sun was out on Saturday which prompted me to dig out my floral rara and lacey bloomers which I thought would be the perfect costume for my day. This outing was to include a hunt for some handmade leather shoes for Hiro and a trip to the IMAX for the screening of Alice in Wonderland.

My floral rara was bought in Oasis about 2 years ago, shoes from Office, bloomers were purchased in Tokyo, tights from Tabio, cream cardi from Benetton and dress coat from Mini Market.

Me and my fluffy hair.

I couldn't resist the urge to mess around with this up turned bollard.

That's me adoring the shiny antique fings in the window.

Burlington Arcade, London. A good place to find leather goods of fine quality.

They also have a little Laduree. It's a golden grotto with treats in every nook and cranny.

That's my little sister. She looked adorable! Her hair was done up all pretty and she wore NARS Angelika blush.

Alice in Wonderland with some lovely treats and a Gin & Tonic.
I love that you can take a proper drink into the IMAX.
Notes on the Film
Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton. I enjoyed in immensley. I have to say though, had his usual compendium of stars not been in it I would not have known that this was a Tim Burton offering at all. It was so bright and saccharine (perhaps that was just my macarons?) and without a hint of hovering gloom. I must remember it is a Disney film after all. An added bonus was the 3d factor, it was truly special, a visual treat that I would happily repeat. The spin on the well known tale was interesting but it left the script a tiny bit patchy in some parts. Nevertheless it is hardly anything to complain about for it would not be possible to pick up the tale from Lewis Carroll seamlessly. All my nit picking aside, I think it was wonderful.
I am unashamedly childish in many ways. This is most evident in my sense of wonderment. I love that feeling of WOOOOOOOOW that I felt when I "discovered" something new to me when I was a tiddler. I am ever seeking out experiences that sparks that gush of awe within me. I firmly believe that one should never ever loose one's sense of wonderment. For a life without it would be quite dreary indeed.


  1. I'm jealous, i heard the film is AMAZING. =) Yay for childis (I can't wait for toy story 3!)

    OOH I spy some macarons, I'm CRAVING some BADLY. but i'veonly tried pierre herme ones, yet to try the laduree ones. =)

  2. Thanks for the film review and the adorable pics! I love how you style yourself, and I can relate to the fluffy hair!!

  3. This sounds like such a lovely Saturday!! I am so jealous of your Laduree... I will make it to Europe one day to try macarons from the source! Though I did find a local bakery here that does them, and I quite like them (though I had a lime-ginger one that was mostly ginger - the heat-kind, not the sweet kind which was not my taste).

    I need to find a time to see the film in 3D :)

  4. WOWZAS! I love your outfit no 1. It looks like you kicked down that bollard with all your mighty strength!!

    The tickets at the IMAX are all booked up the days I wanted to go but I think I am def gonna try and see it there for the ability to take a G&T into the theatre is incentive enough.

    The Disney Version of the film is quite dark in a frivolous way I think Burton should have touched on that maybe a little bit more from what Ive read. Nevertheless great post and I am really looking forward to seein it now!

    P.S your lil sis is a cutie...pass me her digits...I joke I joke


  5. I can't wait until Alice comes out here! I'm so jealous that you're able to bring a G&T (my faaaavorite, by the way) into the movie with you. I love your sister's hair!

  6. Thanks for the review on Alice Wonderland film - will definitely go and watch it.
    Your little sister is very pretty - you two look like twins. She's so lucky to have you as a sister!!!

  7. Laduree macaroons are yummy! They are the only ones i like! I haven't had a chance to see Alice yet. I love your bag!

  8. I MUST agree...the storyline didn't flow the way I would have liked it too, but I really enjoyed it. Everytime they walked through the forest I wanted to jump into the movie & have a closer look at everything. =)

  9. look at your in your delightful garb :) i miss going to this hole in the wall theater back home...the movies were a bit older (no longer in regular theaters, so tickets were cheap), but you could sit in booths and order food & drinks.

    I agree that the movie wasn't quite what I expected, knowing the story and from previous versions, but my eyes were darting all over the screen trying to take in everything :) was it just me, or did Depp sound a bit like Jack Sparrow whenever the Hatter had that "serious" tone in his voice to take down the queen?

  10. I still need to go see Alice! It looks amazing in the previews! :) You and your sis are always such beauties to behold! That shopping alley reminds me of a modern Diagon Alley from Harry Potter! LOL!

    You look absolutely beautiful in that frilled outfit! Love the fluffy hair on you! On me that would just look bad!

  11. I haven't seen the movie yet but for sure this weekend!

    That shopping area you went looks nice! Wish I could visit UK and Europe! Perhaps buying less makeup would help :P

  12. love your outfit :D you and your sis are so pretty!


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