High Noon in Kowloon

Some of you knew before hand. Thank you for keeping my secret! I am in Hong Kong for work!!! We arrived a weekend earlier than needed giving us some time to adjust and giving me time to wander around and take in the atmosphere, fill my eco bag with random things and best of all see my dear friend Yumeko from Bittenbefore

As you know already, I am not really into meeting many fellow bloggers or readers unless I feel a genuine connection with the person. Some may consider this snobbish, fair play if you do! Consequently, I never expect people to go out of their way to meet me. So I must say that I feel really special that Yumeko has taken time out of her hectic schedule to mooch about with me. I don't think I would know where to start exploring if it wasn't for her. I cannot wait to show you all some more photos and fill you in on what we have been up to. Till then however, I wish you all a fabulous weekend and week ahead.
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A Picture of Me by Julie

I am so excited about this post.
A little while ago I found out that a lovely lady that I know was taking Masters in illustration. I noticed that she had some stunning paintings on her Facebook page and so I couldn't resist the defiant urge to have her paint me too.
She is so gifted. For me, being talented means being able to create something well. Gifted is to be able to do that in a style of your own. Julie is this and more because I can see her developing in a way that I would be able to spot her her out of a crown of others...and that to me is STYLE.

This is based on a picture taken for Pink's contest ages and ages ago.

Julie hand drew and painted me. This is a copy of the original.

She then scanned and coloured in the original me in digitally.

Thank you Julie for this portrait so full of grace and ambiance.

If you would like to get in touch with her to commission a piece of art work, please drop me a line:


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Instant Photos & A Zillion Light Bulbs

Friday meant drinks with a dear friend that I haven't seen in 2 years. Her birthday is on the same day as Hiro so we rarely catch up to mark the event together. However, this year she celebrated it on the 19th and so off we went to get merry!

My new toy arrived so I dragged that out with me to take some photos of a different kind. Instant photos via Fujifilm. I really love the way photos come out this way. More old fashioned, grainier but so rich with ambiance and story telling ability.
Come along readers! Come along and 'ave a gander at my first few pictures!!
The venue was the Book Club in Shoreditch.
The ceiling in the basement in covered in light bulbs. Not all of them are on otherwise the glare would be unbearable.

Old school chairs.

My friend might demand my head on a plate if she sees that I have stuck her on my blog.

Both of us.

Lippy in the loos.

The new toy.
Fujifilm instax mini 7's
I am overjoyed with this gadget. It's reignited my memories of polaroid picture waiting excitement. I hoped that it would add a different dimension to my picture taking obsession and it have certainly delivered on that point. I must now hoard stacks of film so I can snap happy.
Expect more photos soon.

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Sneak into The Bridge Coffee House

You may recall me banging on about this place in my previous post HERE!

If you are in the Shoreditch area, I recommend you popping in for a nice cuppa and a little breather upon your travels.

On the outside it looks rather unassuming. In fact, when I first noticed the place being done up, I had ear marked it as a junk shop!

She insisted on sitting on the pink chairs.

Sumptuous surroundings.

Do visit soon while it is still a little bit of a secret. I am certain that this place will be heaving with popular crowds very soon.

The Bridge Coffee House
15 Kingsland Road
E2 8AA

If you are on the look out for a quintessentially british brew and some knockout food then perhaps this place is not for you.
Yes, the deco is in your face and, yes it is tacky.
If you are like me, this is a convenient pit stop on your way home from the City when the last thing you want to do is be surrounded by drunken City types in pinstriped mayhem.

Frankly, if you are looking for a perfect cuppa and nice slice of cake then ......Don't head for Shoreditch.
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Pearl Collar Winner Announcement!

Pardon my tardiness in announcing my winner. See this is what happens when I fail to set myself a deadline.....I float aimlessly!

Thank you all for your entries, I love getting a small insight into the goings on of your minds.
My winner is:
She said:

If I were a fairy tale character... I think I'd be the evil stepmother in Snow White. Honestly, I don't think she's evil, just misunderstood. Homegirl was jut not aging gracefully, and it was pretty mean of Snow White to be rubbing it in her face every day. If Snow White was on better terms with her - like, you know, offering to buy her skincare and spending some girly time together - I think the story would've ended up on much better terms. Plus it's not like Snow White was all that great anyway. What kind of dumbass accepts a poisoned apple from random old women?


Quick!!! Send me your address so I can send this out to you pronto! My email is: makemeshiney@gmail.com

My next contest shall be slightly darker in tone but the winnings shall be generous.


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I am a country girl at heart. I do love living in a sprawl that is London but sometimes I feel the need to find some space within the space.
My sister and I went for a walk the other day.

Though a bit blurry, I am proud of this picture. I think it shows "movement". I suspect that I am probably breaking all photography rules here.
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Where Upon She Decided to Sit in the Middle of the Road

Sunday's photographic walk about took place in Dalston and Shoreditch. I live in Dalston and although I am unashamedly biased, I must say that I can never tire of my surroundings. Though humble and ramshackle, the area is vibrant, colourful and never ever boring.

The market stalls are usually empty on Sundays.

There is something about corrugated iron roofs! They remind me of growing up in Kenya. Heavy rain on iron roofs is a clash of noise.
Next door to the African Veggie stall. Never been a fan of plantain but I love yams.

Pondering interesting textures.


My friends!! WHO DOES THESE? I simply MUST know.

She sat in the road.

Spilled frills

Tidy up my tights!
My dress came was made by SELFI in South Africa.
Jacket was from my dear China Plate: http://xppinkxx.blogspot.com/
The frilly petticoat was from Gmarket
Tights from TABIO
Nude shoes with gold studs from Ridley Road Market.

I used VOV COLORSONG EYES single shadows to create this splash of colour that were a gift from the talented Anastasia!
Shades: 7161 Pink Pony and 7146 Shes Barbie Pink.

I bought him some shoes. So he jacket up his jeans to make sure he can see them as he walked. Bless

I bought him some black brogues from Crockett & Jones. They are handmade and each pair takes 8 weeks to make and involves 200 different processes.
I think mine must have taken 2 seconds upon a factory line in China. Haha

Time for tea! We went to our local tea shop, Belle Epoque in Stokey. I had the pistachio opera and Hiro had a lemon roll cake which was particulary tasty. I marvelled at the way they managed to craft a delicate layer of meringue over the roll.
A Few Changes at The House of Blues:
Have you noticed that I have updated my banner? I thought it was time for some spring cleaning.

I have my own domain! Yes, Worship at the House of Blues has it's very own web kingdom.
Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for me!

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Pretty Things That Caught My Eye: The Hook Up Edition

About time I plagued your minds with some more Pretty Things That Caught My Eye. Today I want to talk about hooks! I think they are rather comical objects to have in the home, simply because they look brilliant and then you stick your coat on them and forget about them. Quite absurd in a way. Nevertheless, I would like to invest in one because storage is running low in our little home!
Let's start with a classic. Eames! One for the design conscious (looks over at Hiro), high quality, vibrant and iconic. The Hang it all coat rack has stood the test of time and still looks ever so contemporary. Designed in 1953 by Charles & Ray Eames:

I spotted the next two hooks in the Lifestyle Bazaar in Shoreditch. Designed by Thelermont Hupton.

Stuck on you knife hooks:

Hand Job:

Heel Coat Peg + Mirror designed by Mauricette Cornand

For the pragmatic! I am a hazard with a drill or a hammer come to think of it. These OTT hooks need no nails or screws, they just hang there! With some imaginative configuration I could create a graphic impact upon my hall door! I would get them in white I think. Designed by Byproduct UK

For my compulsion with TEA!! Look!! I most defiantly NEED a hook for my pearls! Designed by Louise Buchan.
I ever design obsessed. I read about new things that have been made with creative thought. I visit shops and showrooms and pick things up inspecting the details, the weight, the feel the colours. I can't help myself! Having a partner who is a product/lighting designer doesn't help.
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Regarding Perrenial Red and Pallor

I get requests to show more of me on my blog and then I go over board! Forgive my self indulgence, it was a sunny weekend in London and it is a rarity for us to have such good light. Naturally this became an occasion to dress up for!

Please do join me in my stroll around some of my favoured places in the East End.

Red, Blue and White
Shoes from Office. Tights from Tabio. Peg Legs from Agnes B. Crop Tee from Oasis. Earrings from RI. Brooch from flea market in Cape Town and jacket from some shop in Italy (Hiro brought it back for me).

Pin head! Curls pinned in place. Have you tried the Shiseido "Ma Cherie" mousse wax? It kept my hair in pace all day and with a nice sheen to boot.

A thoughtful gaze. Little things amuse my little mind, like funny shaped cracks for instance.

We found some abandoned mattresses. A perfect place to rest for a quick pose...as you do!

Last week there was an abandoned sofa here. I suspect that it may have been part of an al fresco crack den. It is now gone and so here I am wondering who took it!

Along the way to Columbia Road a post box caught my attention. "It's red!" I exclaimed with certain delight......I match it perfectly.

No talking! Let's pause for a while and think. I would be happier with this Jacket if I could change the buttons. I shall!! I shall change the buttons!

Columbia Road, London
Place where the flower market is held every Sunday. Place where you can find a plethora of things to look at. Look out for the Chorley & Buddug shop. It is a sight to behold. This Paris bourdoir.

Flowers and foliage everywhere! Wheeling and dealing and bargain making. Oh and Ryan Town in the background. You must pay this little shop a visit if ever you are in the area!

Time to stop for tea! No outing is complete without a cuppa tea!

I found the most wonderful cafe!! I cannot wait to take my sister here at the weekend. From outside it looks like the tiniest tea stop around....but it ain't!

Lemon layer cake. Light, not too sweet and positively delicious.

Must you stick the camera in my face when I am trying to talk to you Hiro? x I suppose that now would be a good time to talk about makeup?
MAC Russian Red lippy, Kate Super Sharp Liner, UD Sin eyeshadow.

Ah my industrious photographer for the day, stops for a nice cup of Earl G!

A reminder! Yes we still have to find some new shoes. I love Hiro's grandad inspired look. I am also on a look out for a hat pin for him......His Trilby is begging for a shiny fing! Incase you are wondering the pair of brogues he is sporting above were bought in Russell & Bromley 2 years ago.

Back in da endz!! E8 x
I have eyed this graffiti from the top deck of my bus and have been meaning to go and have a butchers before the new development is plonked on the plot. Such a fab photo! Street art is here one minute gone the next, I feel the need to capture it while I can.

I was overjoyed and got that WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW wonder feeling again when I came around the corner to see so much more than the lonely figure.
This is not what Tourism for London will have you see! It is a reality, listed buildings coming apart before our eyes. To me however, this is beautiful. It was once someones home.

Behind the wall where everyone walks.... lies a fridge!

Oh dear! Me again.

I am thinking - I wish I could buy that building.

Friends!! Why do they look so scared?

Home again.
Now to look at my purchases from Ryan Town.

The tape is a sticky fing of wonder and perfect to strengthen my tights and leggings box that is currently busting at it's seams.
Do check out Rob Ryans website below...HE IS BRILLIANT! I shall add the links on this post to my Preferred Purveyors Page for your reference.

I do hope you have enjoyed my post as much as I enjoyed my Sunday.

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