Dream's Cape & Cloud Formations

((((((((((((((((((I AM BACK))))))))))))))))))))))))

In case you somehow missed my non stop blabbering about my trip, I have just got back from Cape Town. Yes, Worship at the House of Blues temporarily headed for the sun with the "proper job" (the one that actually pays the bills).

I am a very lucky lady to be able to see such wonderful places. I know that most OLs (office ladies) would never get such opportunities. Please do not think that I am bragging, I am not. I am counting my blessings and ever grateful.
It has been an intense week. 11 hour and 40 minute flight, and if that doesn’t bend your mental then there are the long days with 7.45am starts and then lucky to be in bed by 1.00am. But I grit my teeth and work hard all the while anticipating a couple of half days off!!!!
It is so very worth the slog!
I have been to Cape Town twice before and never made it up the Table Mountain. This year I was determined! On a personal note, my Grannny had wished all her life to see this mountain, sadly she passed away before she did. So, I did this for her.

View of the Table Mountain from the Waterfront.

View from the top. Oh and that is the football stadium that we shall see rocking during this summer's world cup!
I didn't climb! I got the cable cart because I am a lazy old cow.

Surreal dreamscapes. The landscape up there is fantastic. Not surprising that it is a World Heritage site. They say that it is the world's richest floristic area in the world.

I always wondered what it would feel like to be in a cloud. I now know that it is bloody cold! It feels like dense damp mist, but it moves freely and fluidly and is really magical to experience.

Clouds for one second then blue skies and ocean the next! Can you see that little island in the distance? That is Robben Island. The place that Nelson Mandela was imprisoned.

The cloud is back!
And that is my boss!! He jumped over a gap between the mountain and a large boulder to get to where he is standing. I was terrified! I am not ver good with heights.
Colours are even more vibrant in the African sun.

The whole city

There you have it. Part uno of my trip! I will be back soon with some more snippets and to award the devoted reader there will be a lil contest at the end of the week.

It's good to be back home in spite of the cold gloomy weather.


  1. Cape Town is beautiful, but if you want adventure you can't beat the jungles of the Congo Basin. Especially if you find a band of gorillas to hang out with.

  2. What a beautiful town! The photos are breath taking. Thanks for sharing:)

  3. gorgeous! i bet the plane ride would be inanely long for me.. i'm so glad you made it up there for your granny.. just like i'm on a goal to make 1k cranes for mine, still working on it!

  4. Happy you are hope but also happy you had a good trip! Hopefully you manage to catch up on sleep now :)

    Hurray for making it up Table Mountain!! The pictures are beautiful though reading about your boss jumping a gap also made me go :O. So not a heights person. Would likely not have made it up the mountain myself.

    I can't wait to see more pictures!!

  5. Those are amazing pictures! I can't believe your boss is so daring! hahaha

    I'm glad you had a nice journey. :)

  6. south africa looks beautiful, sounds like a great work holiday! nice to have you back. i miss worship blues posts! x

  7. WOW, what beautiful pictures! I've never been to Africa, but now you've made me really interested in going!

  8. Hoezit
    Sho! maar dis lekker prentjies xD
    Ahh, good ol' SA, I really miss that place!!
    You looked like you enjoyed yourself. I know what u mean about the freezing at the top of the mountain, I went up in shorts T.T
    I hope you ate lots of yummy SA food!
    I look forward to more photos!! and what did you haul from SA??!!!Tell meeeeee

  9. I'm glad you're back safe & sound! Those pics are absolutely breathtaking! It's like your up on Olympus or something! OMG your boss jumped a gap on a mountain?! Ballsy!

    I'm glad you were able to see the mountain for yourself and your gma! :)

  10. WOW! Your trip looked INCREDIBLE! Once in a lifetime opportunity to see such beautiful sights - amazing :) Loved this post x

  11. Welcome back! And what beautiful pics...lucky you! Cape Town looks amazing and definitely worth visiting. Have a good time now that you're back.
    Love from Athens

  12. Times fly by so fast, you managed to go away and get back before I could react! D: But I am happy you had a super nice time and the trip went well!
    Gah.... I would kill to get some nice summer weather right now.... I am drowning in snow here

  13. guess who`s back ;P

    SA looks beautiful!

  14. What spectacular pics!! The OH went to Cape Town on Biz too, and he really wants to go back.

    YEAH Table Mountain!!

  15. I can only imagine how gorgeous the view was. Lucky you! Darn them chilly clouds, I was up on a mountain near Mt Fuji and the clouds just didn't leave, lucky I didn't get a cold.

  16. beautiful pics - thanks for sharing them with us!!! breathtaking! can't wait for ur next post!!!!!!

  17. Welcome back! What Capetownstic pictures!!
    Look forward to more pics and first-hand insight into this magnificent place.....Any local food and drink review per chance?

  18. thats incredible miss K!! how are you my lv:) i miss ur outfit pics! xx

  19. glad you were able to make that trip for your grandma :) what beautiful scenery to take in! i really need to save my pennies and aim to travel somewhere foreign next year...i miss it!

  20. i saw the pic of your boss and it reminded of my DH. why do men do such stupid things.

    beautiful pictures.

  21. south africa looks beautiful, sounds like a great work holiday! nice to have you back. i miss worship blues posts! x

  22. What a beautiful town! The photos are breath taking. Thanks for sharing:)


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