I Am Not A Pillow Case & Other White Objects

I have this funny feeling that WHITE (along with peachy nudes) might be the order of the day for spring/summer 2010. I bought this jersey dress from All Saints a few weeks ago. It was in the sale so I was quick to grab myself a bargain.

When All Saints make a garment out of jersey, you can bet your bottom penny that it will be amongst the softest you can get. I especially like it because it hangs/moves so well, in an almost fluid manner in fact. Also, it's such a breathable and stretchy fabric so its lovely for everyday wear.

I remember when All Saints was a men's shop! I remember when it became a tiny chain. I always thought of it as rather exclusive and avant garde for the high street. But things have changed and All Saints is a common feature almost everywhere. *sigh* Is it so wrong of me to feel a touch disappointed at the surging success of a Brit brand? Oh dear I am thoroughly selfish!

On with my pillow talk:

I must admit, I just love clothing that you can "play" with.

Thank you for the compliments on my floral tights!

This close up is for you:
I am actually wearing 2 pairs of tights here. A cream pair beneath the floral display.

I am still in a state of jolly YAAAAAY about my very first DSLR. Yes, I now own a mighty Canon 450D. I am chuffed to bits.

Here are my very first experimental photographs using my new Mini Munny buddies (the evil one is mine and the woodcutter is Hiro's):

Using a fully automatic mode.

In manual using A DEP (automatic depth of field) no flash.

In manual using TV and playing with white balance.

Project Mini Munny

Thanks to a recent gift from my dear "China Plate", I have been inspired! I want to send a Mini Munny to a few people who pique my creative curiosity and ask them to run wild with their, paints, pens, decos etc....and then I WANT IT BACK!! Hahaha I want to collect a little undiluted bit of my friends in this way. A few bloggers will definately be hearing from me soon!!

In the meanwhile, Hiro and I will be stamping our personalities all over the blank duo above so watch this space


What the Dickens is that?

Well it is a photo taken with my new camera!

What is in the photo? ummm well, it's the shell of a dead and dried up sea urchin that my little brother found and gave me while we were out in Zanzibar. I have kept it ever since because I think it is pretty.
What are you up to this weekend?
Aside from gettingt snap happy, I am planning a trip to my local cinema to watch Micmacs the new bound to be fantastic film my Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

See you on the otherside of the weekend.

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The Bottle Bank Opens - UK Readers Alert


After much pondering about what I am to do with the bottles of potions that didn't quite work out for me that are currently causing clutter upon my shelves I have decided to open a "Bottle Bank".

This is no ordinary Bottle Bank I will have you know!

Here is where my UK readers can take advantage of my generosity and grab themselves a handsome bottle of something new to try before you buy. Here is the best bit......it's free! I wish I would have the chance to try some skincare items before buying them, but these high end skincare retailers are super stingy with their samples. So roll up!! Roll up!! Join in the skincare Bottle Bank Programme!

All you have to do to join in is be a UK "follower" or regular reader.


I apologies sincerely to my overseas readers but I just cannot seem to send any sample bottles abroard without them exploding!! So untill I figure out a way around this conundrum I can only send to UK addresses.


Shu Uemura High Performance Balancing Oil Fresh

I have "3" 30ml sample bottles up for grabs.

If you are interested in trying one drop me an email HERE!!

I also have some products that I do love and use but I am willing to give someone a sample to try out.

I have the following 30ml samples up for grabs:

1 x YSL 3 in 1 Cleansing Water, Radiance Revealer More Product Information Here!

1 x RMK Cleansing Oil More Product Details Here!

1x Kose Sekkisei Supreme Lotion I More Product Details Here!!

If you are interested in trying one drop me an email HERE!!

Everything will go on a 1st come 1st served basis and there is a limit to 2 bottles per person.



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Eye Spy - Broken Things

There is a part of me that longs to try my hand at ceramics and pottery. I find myself drawn to hand moulded, fired, painted and varnished pieces of delight. So when I spied the works of Livia Marin I was swoooning and thinking....HOW??

Eye Spy Livia Marin

Livia's Broken Things, struck a nerve with me. There is something so vulnerable and moving about broken pieces of everyday cutlery. Perhaps it's my natural hunger for a story that draws me in.

Exposed sharp edges though menacing in appearance seem beautiful in her work.

Livia Marin

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Winner Announcement and Strange Fruit

A massive thank you to each and everyone of you that took the time to spill your confessional beans in my comment box! I am delighted and proud to have such interesting readers that are willing to get involved and indulge my silly whims.

Having read them all with great dollops of interest, fascination and wonderment I have chosen my winners.

Runner Up Prize:

My mini bonus prize goes to MJ! I am renamining you Amelie after this little confession and as reward for your rays of sunshine, I hope you accept your little prize.

"In Oxford we have a pigeonhole system where you can send post from one college to another for free. I send people in other colleges I don't know random items, anonymously. Like postcards with uplifting messages on them! I think it's a bit weird, but I like to think I'm brightening someone's day."


My winner is The Silent One. Your confession was long over due since it seems that this sin of yours has been with you since you were a wee little blighter. But what really grabbed me was your style! I like your flow and the way you told the tale;

"Once Upon A Time...There was a small, quiet girl who lived in her small, quiet world.One day, this small, quiet girl was in her grade school class where there was a loud little girl who went on and on and on and on and on about her SHINY, NEW, COLORFUL pen. She was very proud of this wonderful new contraption and wanted all of the little boys and girls to know how much she loved this pen! Well,Morning had passed..........Lunch and playtime had passed..........then the school day had finally come to an end when the loud little girl cried out, "I can't find my SHINY, NEW, COLORFUL pen!!!" The loud little girl sadly went home in tears.Once Upon A Time...There was a small, quiet girl who lived in her small, quiet world and played with her SHINY, NEW, COLORFUL pen.....And I still feel guilty about that to this day."

Please email me your postal addresses so that I may send your goodies out to you: makemeshiney@gmail.com

Just before I go, I thought that you would like to see a pair of curious earrings that I have been working on.

I call them shiny fruit.

If you would like to see a proper preview of these......email me.

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Shotgun Romance - A Necklace

I like trying to spin a tale through a necklace.

Here is my story of a bitter saccharine romance:

Elements of a whirlwind.

The ring, then the gun.

Once it was so beautiful.

A tale of two parts.

The whole story.

Main Themes:
I used silver plated chain , bails and a heart shaped clasp
Swarovski heart in Light Rose
Porcelain cameo with decal rose.
Silver plated bow with cubic zirconium inserts
Silver plated gun
Silver plated ring charm with cubic zirconium inserts.
Approx 21 inches long

Cost: £18.00

Postage & Packaging:

UK FREE via standard delivery.
£3.00 for standard international delivery to everywhere else. £4.00 if you would like it insured and tracked.
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Off Key Earrings.

Off Key Earrings


Never the same.

Big key

Secret key

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Ornithology Cosmic Silver Earrings

Ornithology Cosmic Earrings in Silver


A pair of turtle doves.

Star bearers.

Star light, star bright.


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I'm Here

Do you recall me mentioning in a recent post that I have seen hundreds of these all over east London? You may remember that I even took one home!

It turns out that it is part of a rather clever and creative advertising stunt from the people at Absolut Vodka. The brilliance of drawing on street art, mystery and story telling into one magic ad campaign definately caught my attention....I felt the burning need to find out more!

Curious people.......look it up: http://www.absolut.com/uk/imhere
Shhhhhhhh now for my confession: one of the mini posters featured in the link above happens to one that "followed" me home (ahem, cough, cough).
Part of the "I'm Here" project involved the creation of a 30 minute short film in collaboration with Spike Jonze. Here is the trailer:

"The 30 minute film, honours the creative history of ABSOLUT, while embarking on a new and innovative alliance with one of today’s most original filmmakers. The result is a film which combines Jonze’s unique style with the ABSOLUT vision of making ordinary life more interesting"

Well since I have been following this story, admittedly inadvertently to begin with, I plan to see it out to the very end. I have registered myself for tickets to see this short film in a less ordinary location in London. A car park to be exact! Let's hope I get some tickets (I have me fingers and pliers crossed)!! Of course I will take my camera and update you on my adventure.....

I am always on the hunt for a life less ordinary.

I pass this building everyday of my life........It inspires me to do more.


An Absolut truth.

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Tips & Treats for Wanderlust Beauty

I am probably getting a tad bit carried away doing this post but I just could not help myself.
I know that I am far from being what many call a seasoned traveller. However, this is is panning out to be a year of adventures in far off places and thus the inspiration behind this post.
Here are just a few worthy recommendations and tips for any of my readers that are planning on a long haul journey.

Does your foundation/bb cream have SPF?

My choice is Lioele Water Drop BB with SPF 27. Certainly not the highest SPF out there but this stuff is light as a feather on the skin and nicely moisturising.

Shield your smoocher!

I think this is where alot of us forget about SPF. I am rather fond of the Clinique Long Last Glosswear with SPF 15. It also comes in a selection of brilliant shades for sunshine posing..haha

Click Here For More Details!

How do you wash your face on the plane? I refuse to use that grubby tiny little hardly a sink thing! So I use Simple Facial Wipes because they are as gentle as it gets and alcohol free.

Up in the air with dry eyes? My eye drips of choice are Santen FX drops. Not for the faint hearted. This is strong stuff! Though it does pack a mega ZING, it does leave my blinkers super fresh and alert and clean feeling.

Nobody wants to see your cracked lips! Cabin air really gets to my lips! Dior's Lip Glow is just the right texture for me and it gives a little KAPOW of colour to prevent me from looking like a corpse.

I pack my sun protection in my hand luggage. So when I reach my destination, I can reach for my SPF. I use SOFINA because it is light, easily absorbed and smells clean. These sun milks come in 2 different finishes, Fresh or Moist. These are my HG sun care items. I use the SPF50 for my face, neck and chest and the SPF24 for my legs!

Little pots! Since all airlines have got strict on what you are allowed to take on board, I have been making purchases a plenty at Muji. And of course you all know me, I can't leave something "naked" I have to decorate it!

The above pots are filled with a gel moisturiser and powder facial cleanser. I recommend Laneige, as it is so light yet decent with moisturising capabilities and continual application does not result in volcano like breakouts! As for the powder cleanser, I use Fancl Light.

GO AWAY and let me RELAX!

I hate talking to strangers on planes! Once you start off friendly, they never shut up! So I use a mask of some kind as a polite eff off please!

Kao's Megurism Steam Eye Mask is my latest rave item.

The mask generates a comforting warmth through a gentle steam. No need to get the extinguisher out, it is very mild and doesn't send out smoke signals. I love love love these pads. They are soooo soothing. They come in 3 different "flavours", regular non scented, lavender and chamomile.

Here is what Kao says about it:

Product Features the thermo pad generates a moderate amount of steam at a temperature of approximately 40 degrees Celsius to steadily and deeply warm the eyes and ease tension in surrounding muscles. Its comforting warmth wraps around the eyes and surrounding area for 5 to 10 minutes following application, releasing the user from tension built-up throughout the day.

Sound good? Take note! I will be giving away a sample pack of these very soon.

Weary legs. I am a L'occitane fan! Yeah I said it out aloud! They do such interesting things to try out. I think this is rather rare for a Western Brand. Nil offence, it's just that I have come to think of out-of-the-box ideas in beauty usually come from the far east.

Anyway I heartily recommend this. Part of long haul travel for me means lots of strain on the legs. L'occitane's Revitalising Leg Gel really does boost my circulation before and during long flights.

Read More About This Here!

Aching Leg Relief. My recent trip to Cape Town for a conference meant that I spent hours on my feet, standing around talking to people. By the end of the day my legs were killing me. It was time for the big gun to be brought out.............this spray is the ultimate in pain/strain/fatigue relief.

I spray this on at the end of the day and it works really fast. It goes on really cool with a medicinal, camphor, menthol scent and within minutes, that heavy feeling is alleviated.

So there you have it....a loooooooong yarn about things you don't need but are truly good to have.

Have you got any recommendations to add to the list? Come on! Step up with your thoughts and experiences....you know I LOVE hearing from you!

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Dont Look Back In Anger - A Necklace

It has been a while since I picked up my pliers and got stuck in my my beads and trinkets. This weekend was the perfect time for me to dream up some new pieces for your consideration.
"Don't Look Back in Anger"


Thanks for the memory.

A pretty lady

She considered it for a while.

The whole story.


Gold plated chain, clasp, setting and branch of leaves.
Swarovski butterfly in Jet
Gold plated ring charm with cubic zirconium inserts
Glass Cameo

Necklace measures approx 20 inches

Cost: £18.00

Postage & Packaging

All UK purchases will be sent FREE via standard 1st Class mail. I can send this with Recorded Delivery for £2.00
Postage to all other destinations will be £3.00 via standard international mail or £4.50 with tracking.

How to Buy

Email me at : Makemeshiney@gmail.com

Easy! You email me saying that you want it. I send you a PayPal invoice. Hey presto!! It's yours.
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I Have Sinned.......

I believe that I promised my dear readers a little giveaway. I have been frightfully forgetful today and forgot to bring in my camera with actual pictures of the goodies up for grabs. Nevermind!

Here is what one lucky winner can bag:

YSL Faux Cils Mascara in Black

Ultimate mascara and one of my favourites.

Benefit Silky Finish Lipstick in I do I do I do

Shimmering golden peach.

KATE Dual Carat Eyeshadow Duo in Black

Shimmery black and grey......for a starry eyed smokey look.

Paul & Joe Face Powder in The Secret of Gold

One of my favorite face powders! It can be used to contour, highlight or bronze. And best yet........Never ever goes orange not even when I am mega pale.

How To Enter:

Give me your confessions!

Imagine this is a confession box. Tip toe in and whisper your dark deeds into mine ear.

It can be real, it can be a twist of fiction. I don't care! Just leave your crime in my comment box to enter.

Open to all who have the will to enter.

Closing date:

12.00pm 19th February 2010 London Time.

Get your noodle twirling!

Have an excellent weekend.

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