Preheat to 220°C...

Everyone knows the weather has been full on freeeeeeeeeeeezing here in London! I am not built for this type of punishment. We currently have snow on top of ice on top of snow and it makes for tricky business in trying to get around.

View from my window.

I do my very best to stay warm but these things are a god send!! HOKAIRO, stick on patches from Japan that warm up and keep you toasty. I stick one on my vest near the base of my back and it stays warm and gives a boost of warm every time I lean back. The best thing is that they last about 10 hours!!
They come in various sizes and not all are sticky backed so you can stick 'em in your boots or pockets!

Another winter warming thing for me is hearty food!! And mabodofu is one of my very favourites. Everyone does theirs differently! I put shiitake, niira, harusame and I used pork mince and lashings of ginger.

The piercing winter winds are playing havoc with my skin so I have switched my night cream to Taer Icelandic's Restore & Replenish moisturiser.

I opted for this above other night creams because it seems to have a heap of natural ingredients that I am sure would be kinder to my sensitive dry patchy skin.
I am happy to report that it works a treat for me. A little goes a long way and I have been using it every night for the past month and slowly my skin is finding its balance again. I wake up with replenished skin! It does have a medicinal herby type scent that may put alot of people off. I can just about tolerate it! But it works soooooo very well for me that I am letting my qualms pass.
Here is what the website says:
A luxurious, firming and rejuvenating moisturizer, containing super-potent botanical antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Includes the exclusive Taer calming complex and organic Icelandic yarrow, horsetail and lady's mantle. Particularly recommended for treating mature, sensitive, allergy-prone or sun damaged skin, lacking tone and vitality. Algae extracts, olive leaf and high levels of stable vitamin C protect against premature ageing, whilst borage, rosehip and rice bran oils nourish the skin with essential fatty acids, enhancing repair and hydration.


Yes I took advantage of the January sales by getting some new eye glasses. I was sooo waaay out on my prescription that it is a wonder that I wasn't bumping into lam posts and such.
It is always a trouble to seek out new frames for me because I have pin-head! So most specs are far too wide and I find this quite disheartening when I have to wander from shop to shop with little luck.
This year I went to "Washin". A Japanese opticians in Mistukoshi (Piccadilly). And they have the most spectacular (ahem) range of frames for pin-heads like me and everyone else for that matter. They also have the most helpful and charming staff and I just cannot say enough things about them.

So anyway, I settled on a pretty pair of Chanel frames and I am delighted with them. I am considering getting a red version of these made up later in the year....I love 'em that much!
I can see clearly now, so it is high time I made more.....

Been working on thise piece that I plan to call "plunder". It shall be ready next week so please drop me a line if you are interested in a preview.


  1. be careful u dont burn urself with those patches

  2. those glasses are very cute. I need some new ones majorly, that bracelet is lovely too!

  3. Yum Yum! your madotofu looks so moreish...your 'pluder' looks even more moreish. I can't wait for a preview and make a purchase!

  4. Those patches look cool but I think I would totally end up burning myself with them... I suppose it would be fine as long as I didn't fall asleep though!

    Your new frames are GORGEOUS I love the little charms on the side. And I want to be on the preview list... happy to see a new necklace!

  5. I *love* mabodofu! It's one of my favorite dishes!

  6. Lovely new glasses! I love the little detailing on the sides.

    I know what you mean about being "pin-headed," I have the same problem when looking for new frames, so I've stuck to the same ones for 2-3 years. Maybe its time I went shopping for new ones too.

  7. Allison!!! 2-3 years? You are as bad as me. Yes time for some shopping!!

  8. LURVE Mabo Dofu!! Great glasses!!

    Your place looks as frigid as our place!!

    I've be using La Roche-Posay Rosalliac Riche this winter and I'm very happy with it...it's for very dry and reactive skin, and it's so soothing!

  9. The view from your window is beautiful :)
    Love the glasses too :) xxx

  10. Despite the coldness, you have a lovely view from your window though :D
    Love your frames!

  11. Love all your posts ^^ they are always so interesting and quirky!
    The glasses are gorgeous!! & please email me for a preview~

  12. its the first time for me hearing about those heat patches...if only they have them in canada =) soooo burrring cold here at -15C to -20C these days.

  13. Ooh, I love those hand warmer things! Hope you're staying warm!

    And pretty new glasses! :D

  14. That picture of the snowy view is GORGEOUS! Something I've yet to actually see with my own eyes, experience the real thing (not in a pic or drream or movie)!

    Those patches sound very interesting and the food looks delicious. Glad you're finding ways to stay warm though!

    Aww I love your new glasses! Can't believe you called yourself a pinhead, silly!

  15. Gorgeous view! I know you hate it, but for me it looks like a picture perfect winter! :) Ahh new glasses & some cream for the skin!! Nice nice!! And SHINY FINGS!! :)

    Stay warm & healthy love!

  16. The first impression I got of the view from your window was cold winter skies, but I can hear people talking in their warm central heating homes munching on comfort food in front of the telly. Now that's what you call home! Trust me I haven't gone barmy yet.

    Those warm patches are a savior, especially when I was up in cold Shanghai last year.

  17. Agree with Yumeko - don't burn yourself! But they are very handy!!! Now they even have reusable ones!!!

    Jamilla told me that she can't get fresh veggies anymore! Wow, that's a lot of snow!!!!

    YES YES YES I want to see a preview!!!!

  18. i'm interested in trrying those heating pads, dang canadian weather, but it's supposed to be relatively warm compared to other years haha
    the view from your window looks like something from a romantic movie *le sigh*


    love your new frames! and i LOVE mabu dofu :D

  20. Hi girl, I gave you a little award on my blog check it out!

  21. I'd definitley love to see a preview!
    I've nominated you for "Beautiful Blogger Award, check out my post about your blog!
    Have a lovely day xoxo

  22. i NEVER knew about those patches?! frackin' cool man! and you are making me hate my skin with all this moisturizer talk. my skin hates me right now. :(

    and you already KNOW how i feel about the frames... we are going to look for some when u get here!


    I love how random your postings are worm...but i do love them lots...if i was a reader looking on in i would find you intruiging...the view from your window is beautiful...how quaint with the snow top cobbles! GASP* you label whore!!!! go on girl wit cha bad self in your new chanels...i love them...you need to show your mug with them on!!! and seriously that tofu is too cute for that slop on your rice!!!!


  24. I LOVE your Chanel frames, I saw someone on the tube today with similar ones and I was like OH i need new glasses..NO i need THOSE glasses! great post, Im glad the snow is shifting, I want to get back to my everyday activities please and thank you :)


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