It's all Over!

How was your Christmas? Did 2010 kick off with a Bang?

I like many others over indulged in just about every way possible! Drunk myself to the other end of the rainbow, ate even more and made a heap of stupid comments that make me cringe and want to hide from myself each time I think of them.

I am blaming Hiro for my gluttony this year. He really out did himself with his fantastic culinary magic! Take our Crimbo starter for instance:

Fresh Scottish Scallops with pan fried aubergine, courgette and spinach and Parmesan balls. SCRUMMMY!!!

I am also the luckiest blogger ever!! The following two fellow bloggers really filled my heart with joy this year.


You actually brought a tear to my eye when I found this little guy in my parcel!! MONCHICHI!!!!!!!!He is my new travel companion. We shall go everywhere together.
Diana sends me truly delicious tea. I am now a massive STEAP fan.
You wait Diana.......just you wait.

Justine completes my weeks! She really does, a week without chatting to her at some point is not the same. I cannot believe she spoiled me this way.....LOOK AT ALL THIS!!
Wonderful lady!! Thank you a zillion!

Fancy Pants!
Haha Hiro found his way to finding me some new fings from Dolce & Gabbana. I do so love roses.

My present to me! ANOTHER copy of Alice in Wonderland!!
Have I told you that I collect these books? I can't help myself. I have some pretty old versions too, must show you sometime

Speaking of Alice. I cannot go without my Alice tights as I sister calls them. Creamy, white thick velvety tights to keep the pins warm.

The start to 2010 was full of worry for me.
I couldn't get hold of my little Sister and so my heart sank. I get these "feelings" about her, I can sense when something is not right or when she is in trouble. Sounds like I am spouting some mumbo jumbo right?

Turns out the little minx lost her phone, home keys and couldn't get into her flat. The crazy girl said she tried to break the door down after twiddling the lock with her hair pin failed (too many films I think).
Thankfully, she had a good Samaritan of a neighbour who let her stay over until today when she finally got the locksmith out so she could get into her home.

I cannot tell you the amount relief I felt when I got through to her today.
(Above pic is from mys 1st diary entry for 2010)


Tell me your NEW YEAR'S STORIES PLEASE. You know how I love a good story!


  1. Whew sounds like your holidays were a whirlwind! Mine were also full of far too much delicious food but I think all the calories were worth it! I am so happy you liked your package! I have already started
    the next one :)

    The tights are lovely, as is the lingerie. And I'm so happy you tracked your little sister down! Thank goodness for nice neighbours especially in cold weather.

    Much love and BIG HUGS for the new year!!

  2. That appetizer does look scrumptious! My bf can only make ramen, sigh.

    Lovely gifts!

    Glad your sister was safe and sound! I got locked out once and had to pay a ridic amount for an emergency locksmith =(

  3. WOW. Looks scrumptious!!

    And yay for happy mails!

    And LOL. Oh my god, I would have been freaking out if it were my younger brother as well!!!! So glad to hear your sister is safe!

    And um... we had a pretty nice New Year's Eve. SO's family came over and we had Chinese hotpot, lots of chocolates and cookies, and made German Berliners and spiked hot chocolate. =)

  4. DAMN THAT FOOD LOOKS GOOD!!! Sounds like a great way to ring in the New Year! :) I'm glad you got lots of love! ;) ANd hrmm.. Hiro... Sexy much?! LOL!

    Yay for self prezzies too! :) ANd my dear.. you are far more beautiful and complex then Alice! ;)


  5. Man, can you believe that it's already 2010? Time seems to pass much too fast nowadays :(

    Any who I can't believe that your bf made that! It looks delicious, it must be so great having a man who can cook! And I love those D&G undies very sexaaay!

    Happy New Year! I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeves for this year ;)

  6. You're holidays sound completely OTT, my dear! What a starter!!

    We had a quiet night in on both Chrimbo and NYE!

  7. Wow, I'm so glad your sister is safe!

    You made me drool with that first picture!

    Uhhh New Year's? I watched Kohaku Utagassen, ate Ozoni and Osechi, and went to a temple. Typical Japanese stuff :D

  8. Mmmmm! That food looks too delicious to be true!
    Everything looks so sweet, Alice in Wonderland is my one of my fave classic tales, enjoy!
    Also, what was in the Chanel compact? I'm dying to see, hehe!

  9. Ahhhhhhh..those Scottish Scallops....Yummmmmm!!!
    As for me, my New year has started with a body-brushing routine recommended by my bff. Have to say after 5 mins of skin-brushing in the morning, I feel so refreshed and exuberant. Yep! I am ready to tackle difficult jobs!!

  10. Glad to hear your Sis is safe and sound, the anxiousness of waiting can be a killer. Never having experience of loosing my keys in the past, I actually went through Oct-Nov loosing them TWICE...talk about pain in the butt a.

    NYE was celebrated with a runny nose, hot pot and a few glasses of wine to wash it all down, whilst listening to 80's music.

  11. Happy New Year!!!

    OMG another Monchichi picture..!! I had NO idea who/what this was till a few days ago. My mom has a HUGE plastic doll of this...I used to love it but had no idea what it was. I called him monchi, which was my way of saying monkey when I was little...LOL Weird right??

  12. happy to hear your sister was ok, but if that had been one of my brothers, I would have worried myself sick!

    if there's ever a specific tea you'd like from that shop, let me know and I can send some to you :) I have it on good authority that their orange cookie and strawberry lychee teas are nice as well!

    my new year's was quiet - MG had to work, and I don't think I even watched the ball drop on tv in Times Square!

  13. happy new year! The connection you have with your sister is almost like how my friend is with me! It's amazing, he just knows to call and make sure I am alright. Well, I am glad she is alright.

    Looks like you enjoyed a rather interesting holiday. Look at all those goodies! I am starting my new year off with a cold... :( I am looking forward to seeing more of your blog and hopefully more jewelry! ^_^

  14. what lovely gifts!

    ah! i have that ESP with some friends at times too. then other times it's just because i'm a total worry wart :P

  15. I heart Alice and wonderland, my 21st dinner theme is exactly this, its whimisical, fun and oh so fantastical, def worth collecting!

  16. what lovely gifts!

    ah! i have that ESP with some friends at times too. then other times it's just because i'm a total worry wart :P


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