I’ll walk the streets of London......

Come stroll with me through my favourite haunts. Let us gaze , marvel, wonder and speculate. This is my city. Through my eyes.

Welcome to Dalston! You ought to get used to it for this is where I am based. It's quite an exciting vibrant place and I shall often post pics from here.

What is this crack-paint?

Why it is a portrait of course! What an effort someone made to chip of paint in this way. Photo taken in Brick Lane

Sometimes I feel unsure! Am I drunk? Did someone slip something dubious into my glass?
Follow the white rabbits! Photo taken near Spitalfields.

Sunday was a day of rest.
I slept far more than is considered normal but I did awake to make an onion tart!
The sweetest onions cooked in a medley of things that include Dijon mustard, white wine vinegar, brown sugar and pepper. Topped with Parmesan cheese and some anchovies.
Tasty stuff.

A very small post today, for I am frightfully busy with my preparations to leave for Cape Town this Friday.

I shall be back tomorrow to fill you in on my latest mega haul.



  1. those bunnies
    next time i am in uk lets take photos there

    i just realised i dont have a photo of u and me
    how stupid is that! so next time i see u, lets take a piccie!!

  2. The chipped-away graffiti is so cool, but I kind of thought 'gross' with the initial close-up. It looked like something was decomposing, haha. I still can't imagine being able to look at a giant wall or just a small piece of it and having the creativity to see the GIANT whole picture.

    The buttons are adorable. I want to take pictures there!! Haha someday I will make it to London and beg you to take me around the city... the city is HUGE and I'm sure there is a million things to do and see :)

    The tart looks delicious but I do have to admit I hate onions so I'd never think of making it myself XD;

  3. Your photos are amazing such an eye for a great shot xoxo

  4. Dalston looks so fascinating! The chip away art is especially amazing! The bunnies are so cute! I feel like sitting on them at night. o_o

  5. the bunnies are adorable! i'd probably smile every time i walked past that :)

  6. Wow, this has kind of inspired me. I might do a little piece on my city...


  7. nomnomnom!

    i love that chip portrait! amazing stuff :)

  8. Haha the bunnies are so cute! I would have to do a double take too if I saw something like while taking a stroll!

  9. I love these quirky white bunnies, which remind me of those mischievous ones in ‘The curse of the Were Rabbit’. http://www.imdb.com/media/rm29137152/tt0312004

    While you had made a lovely onion tart, I, in fact, was in a celebrating mood for my winning of the bonus prize. I declined the idea of going to a restaurant - where one finds the plate is LARGE but the portion is SMALL. Instead I made a homey ‘Chicken and Mushroom’ pot pie. It had no fiddly pastry base, just a pie-pot filled with juicy contents, and then with a puff pastry golden lid on top.

    I was very shocked when I opened the oven door—the puff pastry lid had puffed up so magnificently..a bit like Lady Tottington’s hair-do in ‘the Curse of the Were Rabbit’.

    My celebration pie was a success! ~smile~

  10. MMm that plate looks like it's got some delish food up in there!

    And I love seeing your pics of your town! It always seems surreal to me! LOL! So different from where I am!

    Have fun & be safe on your trip!

  11. I miss London! The bunny are cute. The onion tart looks delicious:)


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