Fly Away....

I really wanted to post a look before I leave for the airport in a few hours but time has been against me! OK to be utterly honest, I have left packing till the very last minute!! Silly me.

Those who follow my Tweets will know that I am heading to Cape Town tonight and I go armed with my new Blackberry. The intention is to bombard Twitter with a flow of pictures and updates. I will try to keep it interesting for you all.

Be back soon.


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I’ll walk the streets of London......

Come stroll with me through my favourite haunts. Let us gaze , marvel, wonder and speculate. This is my city. Through my eyes.

Welcome to Dalston! You ought to get used to it for this is where I am based. It's quite an exciting vibrant place and I shall often post pics from here.

What is this crack-paint?

Why it is a portrait of course! What an effort someone made to chip of paint in this way. Photo taken in Brick Lane

Sometimes I feel unsure! Am I drunk? Did someone slip something dubious into my glass?
Follow the white rabbits! Photo taken near Spitalfields.

Sunday was a day of rest.
I slept far more than is considered normal but I did awake to make an onion tart!
The sweetest onions cooked in a medley of things that include Dijon mustard, white wine vinegar, brown sugar and pepper. Topped with Parmesan cheese and some anchovies.
Tasty stuff.

A very small post today, for I am frightfully busy with my preparations to leave for Cape Town this Friday.

I shall be back tomorrow to fill you in on my latest mega haul.


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Winner Announcement & Sale.

First business on the agenda today is to announce the Randomly Selected Winner of the Dior Snow Palette!


Get your address details to me quick smart!!

Bonus Prize!
Thank you all for getting your noodles in a twist and sending me your brilliant rhymes! As far more people entered than I ever hoped, I am giving away an extra bonus prize!!! Those who know me, know that they key to my generosity is either through food or laughter. Hence the bonus prize winner is:


I don’t know what planet you are on my sweet but you sure make me want to visit!

Next contest will be in February, just so you know.

It’s a deal! It’s a steal! It’s the sale of the effing century!!!

Come along and grab yerself a BARGAIN in my little car boot sale.

Here is the deal for the steals:

If you want it, all you have to do is email me directly on makemeshiney@gmail.com

What you see, is what you get!! Cannot accept any returns or exchanges. If you would like more pics just ask my email is makemeshiney@gmail.com

I am OCD about my makeup! I polish and clean things regularly so rest assured that your item will be hygienically stored then lovingly packaged for the journey to you.

Shipping to UK is Free!! Shipping to USA is £1.00 and everywhere else £2.00 BUT if you would like your new buy sent with some insurance then it will be £2.00 extra. For should it get lost, it cannot be replaced!

All payments must be via Paypal

Suqqu eyeshadow palette in Shunboku

Used twice but I accidentally scraped the darkest shade.

Applicators have been cleaned with antiseptic detergent. Comes in a velvet pouch.


Chanel face powder in Mimosa *PENDING*

Used twice.

Comes in velvet Chanel pouch with brush (unused) which also has it's own pouch.


Suqqu face powder in Omowa (Limited Edition not available in London any more)

Used 3-4 times

Comes in original pouch with mini kabuki brush (unused) also in pouch.


Chanel single eyeshadow in Safari

Used once

Applicator has been cleaned with antiseptic detergent



Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow in Scratch

Never used but accidentally scratched in the corner of the shadow.


Jill Stuart Illuminance Eyes in Brocade Gold

Used 3-4 times

Applicator has been washed in antiseptic detergent



Guerlain eyeshadow in Perles des Mers.
Used 3-4 times
Applicators have been cleaned with antiseptic detergent.

Ahhhhhhh now that's over with....Have yourself a splendid weekend!!!

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Eye Spy Blu

I came across the work of this Artist first hand on one of my wanders through my area. I snapped some pics, looked him up and realised that he is a real busy bee! Born in Italy and laden with impressive talents that include more than just street art, Blu has even made it onto the walls of the TATE modern. Hats off to you for your distinctive style and mind boggling animations.

If you haven't already, you really should visit his website is ruddy brilliant!

In Shoreditch

Hackney Wick

This animation blu me away! Hahahaha...No!! It REAAAALLY DID!!


I am announcing the winner of the Dior Snow Highlighter tomorrow AND having a blog sale with some mega bargains to be had!! Chanel, Suqqu and Jill Stuart at a diver (£5) each or less!!

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Eye Spy - Donato

Eye Spy with my roving eye someone who's name is:
Donato Sansone.
I do not know much about this super duper video maker, all I know is that this vid is just brilliant. Hypnotically brilliant!

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Oil Slick!

I am in a mood for reviewing amongst other things today! In doing so I am pitting the mighty Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil against the slightly lesser known RMK Cleansing Oil. So with no further ado, let the battle commence!

In the red corner we have………Shu Uemura High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil Fresh

I think this would win hands down for a mouthful of a name don’t you?

The website says:

a lightweight cleansing oil that leaves the skin clean, fresh and refined. ideal for normal to oily skin types and acne-prone skin.

What I say:

Described as light weight BUT I think it quite heavy at the same time, it is definitely the lightest in the Shu range.
Light and fresh with a hint of cherry blossom

Emulsifying Ability:
Really good! Creams up nicely.

Brilliant cleaning! Melts make up off with ease, including waterproof mascara.

After Feeling:
Skin does feel a little oilier than I would like it to after rinsing.

After a whole year I realised that most of my breakouts where down to this!! Why? MINERAL OIL! I have come to the realisation that mineral oil is a villain for my face and have now stopped using this.

In the blue corner we have……….RMK Cleansing Oil
The website says:

RMK Cleansing Oil N has been created to restore a vital amount of hydration while still having a great washing ability that removes mascara and dirt deep in the pores, instantly leaving your skin feeling invigorated and revitalised.

What I say:

I have used this for 3 months now and I think:

Light, viscous and silky oil

Fresh minty, which I think is super!

Emulsifying ability:
Decent not as good as Shu oils.

Melts make up off with ease, including heavy eye make up and waterproof mascara.

After Feeling:
Skin feels clean without that tight feeling and not greasy at all.

Three months and no breakouts YET!! This doesn’t contain any mineral oil, on the contrary it’s ingredients include natural and botanical oils. I have to admit it is not as “slippy” as the Shu oil, which means that the make up doesn’t glide off as easy. I do need to massage the old mug a little longer paying extra attention to my eyes but I do not mind one little bit!


I don’t care what the makers of these oils say!! I will ALWAYS use a mild…super mild cleanser afterwards. And my choice for this task is: Fancl Cleansing Powder Light
This stuff is a great after oil cleanser! It is super mild yet removes all trace of oil in a jiffy without leaving your face dry and tight. My only problem with it is the foaming factor or rather lack of! But it is not the cleanser’s fault. The tap water in London is awful. Trying to make things foam in hard water is no joy.

I am an Ed Gorey Fan. I think he is just so talented with his pen.
His illustrations paired with his wit, dark humour and ability with verse always make me smile on sluggish days like today. I saw Tim Burton being interviewed on the Beeb a year or so ago and he mentioned that he has, like many others been influenced by Gorey.

Sort of sums up how I feel this morning:

A Reward for the Devoted:
If you have read this far then I applaud you!
And to thank you for your ardent support I would like to host a small but worthwhile contest.
Here is what's up for the taking:
Dior Snow Highlighter.

I bought this a while back and it is currently sat feeling sad in my cupboard. I am determined to lead a more minimal lifestyle, in terms of make up at least this year. So I would like to give this (and some random goodies) away to one lucky winner.
How to enter:
Leave a comment AND a little verse in my comment box. It doesn't have to be a long one...it could be 2 lines or just a string of rhyming words.....whatever you like!
Just comments are very welcome but won't be entered into the draw.
Winner will be drawn at random and announced on 23rd January.

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Pretty Things That Caught My Eye - The Candlestick Edition

"Jack be nimble,
Jack be quick.
Jack jump over,
The candlestick"

I have been casting my oh so persnickety eyes about the place to find some fabulous candlesticks, holders, keeper and the like to share with you so I bid you;

Welcome to my Candlestick Edition.

Let's start with some Finnish Class! This is the "Festivo" Candlestick range by Timo Sarpaneva 1966. Looks so clean and classical, such elegance can never go out of style.

Click Here for Details

Moving on to acrylic, this is the "Ghost Candelabra" designed by Jon Russell.
I like this playful idea and prefer it in Clear rather than the host of other colours it is available in, which includes red!

You know I cannot help but give people the spooks sometimes and I think this is something that I may purchase in the future for my library (in my dream home that I have yet to build).
This is "Little Joseph" designed by Maxim Velcovsky.

More Details Here!

Now back to a name that I cannot help but fling around my blog. Reiko Kaneko, I can't help it! I just love her stuff at the moment (remember my gold lip tea cup? She did that!).

Reiko Kaneko

Another name in design that I really like, Black+Blum! This is their "Loop" candelabra and what gets me is the simple fluid design. I like things that have a nice flow to them and this fits that bill. I have my eye on the gold one!


Finally, for a little something from one of my most favourite designers in the universe ever;

"Fly Candle Fly" by Ingo Maurer. Candles suspended on threads of light, how magical, how beautiful...swoooooooooon.

Ingo Maurer

I think that is enough eye candy from my sweetie bag for one day. I do hope you have enjoyed gazing at these pretty things with me.

As always please do drop me a comment, I love hearing your thoughts and ideas and random observations.

Before anyone asks, I have not been asked to promote any of the above designers on my blog! (Get real; I have a tiny readership). I just felt the need to share some pictures of things that I feel are well made and pay tribute to fertile imaginations and creative excellence. Such things will always grab my attention for they allow people like me to express their personality through everyday objects.

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"Plunder", A Necklace

It's been a fair while since I have put pliers to chain and created some new shiny fing. So, I pillaged and plundered my bead box and made a necklace worthy of such a name;

A little serenade m' lady?

A view from here.

Crystals a plenty.

Upon the gallows.

The devil of the detail.
Gold plated chain, clasp, setting and bow.
Swarovski "Baroque" pendant, pearls and crystal beads
Czech faceted glass beads.
Japanese Tensha beads.
Reclaimed vintage filigree rose.
Cost: £25.00
All UK purchases will be sent FREE via standard 1st Class mail. I can send this with Recorded Delivery for £2.00
Postage to all other destinations will be £2.50 via standard international mail or £4.50 with tracking.

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Preheat to 220°C...

Everyone knows the weather has been full on freeeeeeeeeeeezing here in London! I am not built for this type of punishment. We currently have snow on top of ice on top of snow and it makes for tricky business in trying to get around.

View from my window.

I do my very best to stay warm but these things are a god send!! HOKAIRO, stick on patches from Japan that warm up and keep you toasty. I stick one on my vest near the base of my back and it stays warm and gives a boost of warm every time I lean back. The best thing is that they last about 10 hours!!
They come in various sizes and not all are sticky backed so you can stick 'em in your boots or pockets!

Another winter warming thing for me is hearty food!! And mabodofu is one of my very favourites. Everyone does theirs differently! I put shiitake, niira, harusame and I used pork mince and lashings of ginger.

The piercing winter winds are playing havoc with my skin so I have switched my night cream to Taer Icelandic's Restore & Replenish moisturiser.

I opted for this above other night creams because it seems to have a heap of natural ingredients that I am sure would be kinder to my sensitive dry patchy skin.
I am happy to report that it works a treat for me. A little goes a long way and I have been using it every night for the past month and slowly my skin is finding its balance again. I wake up with replenished skin! It does have a medicinal herby type scent that may put alot of people off. I can just about tolerate it! But it works soooooo very well for me that I am letting my qualms pass.
Here is what the website says:
A luxurious, firming and rejuvenating moisturizer, containing super-potent botanical antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Includes the exclusive Taer calming complex and organic Icelandic yarrow, horsetail and lady's mantle. Particularly recommended for treating mature, sensitive, allergy-prone or sun damaged skin, lacking tone and vitality. Algae extracts, olive leaf and high levels of stable vitamin C protect against premature ageing, whilst borage, rosehip and rice bran oils nourish the skin with essential fatty acids, enhancing repair and hydration.


Yes I took advantage of the January sales by getting some new eye glasses. I was sooo waaay out on my prescription that it is a wonder that I wasn't bumping into lam posts and such.
It is always a trouble to seek out new frames for me because I have pin-head! So most specs are far too wide and I find this quite disheartening when I have to wander from shop to shop with little luck.
This year I went to "Washin". A Japanese opticians in Mistukoshi (Piccadilly). And they have the most spectacular (ahem) range of frames for pin-heads like me and everyone else for that matter. They also have the most helpful and charming staff and I just cannot say enough things about them.

So anyway, I settled on a pretty pair of Chanel frames and I am delighted with them. I am considering getting a red version of these made up later in the year....I love 'em that much!
I can see clearly now, so it is high time I made more.....

Been working on thise piece that I plan to call "plunder". It shall be ready next week so please drop me a line if you are interested in a preview.
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Thou Art a Villain!

I have been spying on pretty things again my sweets! I am a villain to my wallet and this year I am determined to redeem myself!

For the good of sharing, I thought I would show you my findings:
Pucker Up! This Lulu Guiness clutch gets me everytime. I walk paste her little boutique everyday and I have not yet succumbed! YAY ME!

Kerrie Luft makes some wonderful sculptural shoes. If I wore heels I would be more than tempted.

Dem Bones!! Vivienne Westwood - I am still up for adoption if you ever read this!
I adore this quirky necklace.

I think I need knuckledusters!! Not sure why. But I just DO!! Another stop and stare item by Alexander McQueen that I would love to own.

Rupert Sanderson!! These are a dream!!
There you have my daydream for the day......
I just need to win the lottery!!!

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It's all Over!

How was your Christmas? Did 2010 kick off with a Bang?

I like many others over indulged in just about every way possible! Drunk myself to the other end of the rainbow, ate even more and made a heap of stupid comments that make me cringe and want to hide from myself each time I think of them.

I am blaming Hiro for my gluttony this year. He really out did himself with his fantastic culinary magic! Take our Crimbo starter for instance:

Fresh Scottish Scallops with pan fried aubergine, courgette and spinach and Parmesan balls. SCRUMMMY!!!

I am also the luckiest blogger ever!! The following two fellow bloggers really filled my heart with joy this year.


You actually brought a tear to my eye when I found this little guy in my parcel!! MONCHICHI!!!!!!!!He is my new travel companion. We shall go everywhere together.
Diana sends me truly delicious tea. I am now a massive STEAP fan.
You wait Diana.......just you wait.

Justine completes my weeks! She really does, a week without chatting to her at some point is not the same. I cannot believe she spoiled me this way.....LOOK AT ALL THIS!!
Wonderful lady!! Thank you a zillion!

Fancy Pants!
Haha Hiro found his way to finding me some new fings from Dolce & Gabbana. I do so love roses.

My present to me! ANOTHER copy of Alice in Wonderland!!
Have I told you that I collect these books? I can't help myself. I have some pretty old versions too, must show you sometime

Speaking of Alice. I cannot go without my Alice tights as I sister calls them. Creamy, white thick velvety tights to keep the pins warm.

The start to 2010 was full of worry for me.
I couldn't get hold of my little Sister and so my heart sank. I get these "feelings" about her, I can sense when something is not right or when she is in trouble. Sounds like I am spouting some mumbo jumbo right?

Turns out the little minx lost her phone, home keys and couldn't get into her flat. The crazy girl said she tried to break the door down after twiddling the lock with her hair pin failed (too many films I think).
Thankfully, she had a good Samaritan of a neighbour who let her stay over until today when she finally got the locksmith out so she could get into her home.

I cannot tell you the amount relief I felt when I got through to her today.
(Above pic is from mys 1st diary entry for 2010)


Tell me your NEW YEAR'S STORIES PLEASE. You know how I love a good story!

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