"Dreamy Days............

Come what may,
We feel no way,
There's gonna be fun and lots of laughter."
Roots Manuva

I am having a well earned break from work and the rest. I am blaming my stupor upon over indulgence, a bout of influenza and general over-tiredness.

I miss blogging so I bid you welcome to bits of my Christmas in wide screen like chippity chop photoshop-ish ness.

My poison has a name: Hendricks and Firetree with cucumber. Preferred by 1 in 1000, apparently.

Clementines are juicy specials at this time of year.

It is tradition to kick off Christmas morning with poached eggs and smoked salmon. This year, we found this rather delectable peat smoked salmon which was delicious.

The brother in law made some tasty pork buns. I need to get his recipe to try these ourselves.

We watched some fantastic flicks.

We went for a walk and Hiro spotted a lonely little fellow perched high up upon the back of a road sign.

We set a fire and grilled scallops amongst many other delights.

We reminisced over our past Christmases for this was our 7th together. Oh and not the pretty card chandelier? The dear and most wonderful Sakuras and Sunshine made it for me.

I hope you have all made some wonderful memories!

Oh and I have not forgotten about my giveaway! The winner will be announced in the next fews days.

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It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas

The festivities have kicked off here and so I leave you just for a little while, BUT not before I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas. May yours be wonderful and full of joy and light.
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Tocca's Miracle

Fear not! I am not about to saunter down an olfactory expedition to dabble with base notes or whatever they may be!

I just wanted to mention that this is a mighty fine bottle that lays tribute to those wonderful old fashioned bottles of days gone by.

Giulietta by Tocca was a gift to me and thus it is not the type of fragrance that I would normally select for myself. However, this is precisely why I like it so. It is a comforting and feminine scent that is rather consoling in the winter.

I love the bottle. It bares much detail.

The box holds a little love note within it's folds.

Do you have a favourite scent or one that you would like to get hold of?
Right now, I am lusting over Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver. I know it's for men, I want it anyway.

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Paand A Bowl Includin' The Snow

The snow has been relentless in its determination to bring London to a grinding halt! The traders of the Ridley Road Market, however, remained staunch in their resilience to the elements and it was business (not quite) as usual.

There was still fruit and veg to be sold and gifts to be bought.

Snow drifts.

Yours truly

Buses were still taking people from one place to
t'other despite the poor

Stay warm!

Photos taken by Hiro
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It's an AUBERGINE!!!

I really enjoy Turkish food. I like its unfussy unpretentious simplicity and their appreciation for charcoal grilling.

We recently went to Bavo on Southgate Road. This is quite a departure from our usual Turkish haunts as we normally stick to a couple on Green Lanes or Kingsland Road.

How does it fair?

We shared a grilled stuffed aubergine starter. It was really yummy and cooked to a nice squishy juicy pulp, a delicious accompaniment to our bread.

The London Japanese contingent consider the Turkish to be the "Kings of Bread", they are not wrong! The bread in Bavo was good, very good in fact but I must admit that I have had better on Kingsland Road. Perhaps this is down to my love of butter and charcoal?

I had Moussaka. I haven't as yet had a good Moussaka in London so I was not holding my breath. To my delight, it was really delicious.

Hiro had Chicken Shish which as also good but if I am really honest, it was nothing outstanding and the portion was on the stingier side. The rice, however, was so well cooked that I actually ate all of mine with out moaning; a rare occurrence in deed!

All in all it is a great place and it was a pleasant experience Bavo really does it's best to bring what one normally associates with Turkish dining to a new level. Although I think that I will stick to my usual haunts, I will certainly bring friends who are fussier about the look of a place here.

105 -107 Southgate Road
N1 3JS

*************** UPDATE*************************

I have updated my Workshop Page to include a little Clip Frame Purse tutorial. I am a novice when it comes to sewing so please bare that in mind.

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It's Oh So Quiet!

Granny would have been chuffed to bits to see me dressed like this!
I wore:
A charity shop bought, wool pair of Jaeger culottes they cost me a tiny amount of £ so I am super happy.
My angora cardi came from Benetton and is ever so warm and cosy.
Scarf is Hiro's old Burberry.

I am such an Old Lady. I always have been.
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I'm A Little Teapot : Giveaway

I have always liked this little hook by Louise Buchan.

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning this, here is how you can throw your name in the hat:

1. Answer this question by leaving a message in my comment box below:

"What would you like to see more of on this blog?"

2. If you would like to double your chance of winning and get another entry then you can either blog about it, add a link to this giveaway on your sidebar, post a link on your Facebook or Twitter. Just remember that you will need to email me a link to whatever you do.


You absolutely MUST be a public follower (resident) of this blog.
This giveaway is open to all UK & International participants.
This giveaway closes on 24.12.2010 at 6pm GMT

My email: Questions@worshipblues.com

I have closed down my Twitter page. I think I will be happier if I stick to my little bubble of a blog. I am sorry for my sudden departure but I trust that you will all understand.

I now have now decided to have an "update alerts only" twitter function! If you would like to keep up to date with the newest fings at Worship Blues this please add me here: TWITTER UPDATES
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Tales From The House of Worship Blues: The Baba Yaga

I have found a most charming artisan and custodian of creatures from the Faerie Tale realm. Recently I bought a few items from her that have churned my imagination and conspired with my sleepless mind to make me do this:

Have you heard of The Baba Yaga My Lovelies?

You have not?

Then sit by me dear reader and draw your curtains closed. Let's sip on our tea while I tell you a tale of an impossibly Old Lady who sometimes wanders though my forest and casts her shadow across my walls.

Baba Yaga is a witch of sorts that hails from old Russia my dear. She has teeth of wrought iron and the boniest legs that you have ever seen! She has a voracious appetite yet remains as spindle-like as her bones. Her nose stretches far longer than it ought to and she travels about the the lands squatting within an enormous mortar with a pestle as her oar. Day in day out, she hauls herself along the floors of the House of Worship Blues forests or she takes flight and crosses the skies above us in her search for some mischief.

You know when she is here my dear for you the wind begins to howl and bellow. The trees shudder in her wake and the air turns into an icy mist.

Though I often catch a fleeting glimpse of her shadow or hear her muttering and mumbling close by, I can tell you that she is not a careless creature. Alas, she is a leery old soul and she goes to great lengths to conceal all trace of her visits.

My groundsman tells me that he has heard stories that she has come to settle in a small hut deep within our forest. He has heard that her hut is a ghastly construction that sits top of a pair of large chicken legs. The windows appear to search the forest like roving eyes

Perhaps we ought to be shaking in our boots dear readers? Perhaps we ought to find a way to chase her away?

We cannot and we shall not for we have nothing to fear. We have heard from a wise source (Angela Carter's Book of Fairy Tales) that Baba Yaga has no power over those who are blessed by the power of Love, Virtue or a mother's blessing.

One night I heard her crying. I heard her mutter and call out as an echo from deep within the forest. "Where are my faithful" she wailed.

"Who are your Faithful?", I asked under my breath.

Then as if from the very walls of my house, the answer was exhaled:

"They are my Bright Dawn, my Red Sun and my Dark Midnight.'


Shadow Puppet was designed and made by the very talented Isabellart
Photos taken by Hiro

Baba Yaga narrative taken from childhood memories and Angela Carter's Fairy Tales.
Read more about this fascinating creature here.

Hello New Followers, Thank you for taking up residence in The House of Worship Blues! I Bid You WELCOME!
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Tinned Fear & A Bottle of Beer

"Welcome to Monster Supplies" chirped the bright eyed lady behind the till of this peculiar shop.

"Welcome to Monster Supplies. The place where you can buy tinned fear straight off the shelf! Why not start with a "Vague Sense of Unease" before you eventually progress to the distressful trepidation of "Mortal Terror"

By this point dear readers, I was sucked right into the magic of the place and paced up and down the shelves whilst in deep scrutiny of which strain of fear would best suit my constitution.

I grimaced at the highly recommended jars of 100% human organs (organic I suppose?).

And I was charmed by the rather informative notice board.


I settled upon a jar of The Heebie Jeebies!

Yes this is precisely the kind of twinge that manifests within my bones the most.

Monster Supplies
Opening Hours: Saturday and Sunday, 11am – 5pm
159 Hoxton Street,
London N1 6PJ

Monster Supplies is part of the Ministry of Stories. A noble cause indeed! Read more about it:

Oh dear! No beer and no use asking me what exactly is in the tin.
I think you should head down to Hoxton and find out for yourself.

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Twinkle, Twinkle Rosy Nails

I found a pretty bottle of polish hidden away amongst my other bottles of polish.

I Haven't a clue where it came from or how long it has been there. I am glad that I chanced upon in again as I love its shimmery glitter laden rose tinted hues.

Coffret D'or Jewelight Nail Colour in RS94

I think that this is a rather girlish take on the festive cheer.

I used 3 coats of the polish. It applies well and dries quickly.

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Jamhuri Day

"Masai Mara" Photo taken by Oeste

Today, my dear readers is Jamhuri Day.

It was on this day in 1964 that Kenya gained it's independence.

For those of you that do not already know. I was born in Kenya. It is the very place where I spent my formative years with my mother and my sister.

I grew up on a;

in Africa at the foot of the Ngong Hills. The Equator runs across these highlands, a hundred miles to the north, and the farm lay at an altitude of over six thousand feet. In the day-time you felt that you had got high up; near to the sun, but the early mornings and evenings were limpid and restful, and the nights were cold."
Karen Blixen

If these words ring a bell in your memory then you may already have seen that profoundly bitter sweet yet forever iconic film "Out of Africa". This film was shot but a short walk from our ramshackle home and dilapidated farm and it's poignant story is as turbulent as ours was in the place that they called Karen, in memory of the Baroness von Blixen Dinesen.

Today, I will think back on the times when we had to put on our best school uniforms and polish our shoes to a gleaming shine before lining up to sing the national anthem in Jamhuri Park while the President paraded around in is very expensive looking bullet proof car......

.... I will remember how we had very little but shared everything we had with whosoever crossed our homestead and it didn't matter because we had our dreams and our stories and our pride and a roof (just about) over our heads.....

...I will laugh at how I used to get so angry with my mucky little sister for dirtying her white shirt and socks because I had to wash them on Saturday mornings in a bucket outside the veranda and my hands used to burn from the extra washing powder that I needed to use.....

Today, I will make Mahamri and enjoy a few with my "Chai Bora Ya Kenya" (Kenyan Tea)made in the old Kenyan way....


Mahamri can be described as a type of aromatic Swahili donut or fried bun. They are truly delicious.


2 cups plain white flour
2 tbsp quick rising yeast
1/2 cup sugar (I always use a little less)
3-4 cardom pods (remove and grind the seeds coarsely with pestle and mortar)
1/2 coconut milk
1/2 teaspoon salt

Cardom Pod

Mix about half tsp sugar with 4-5 tablespoons of warm tap water and yeast and leave for 15 mins to rise.

Put flour, sugar, salt in bowl with ground cardoms.

Mix yeast into flour adding the coconut milk until you form a stiff dough.

Continue to knead for about 20 minutes on a flat work surface.

Lightly grease the mixing bowl with butter roll. Roll the dough into a big ball, place into bowl and cover with a damp tea towel.

Leave for about 2 hours or until the dough has doubled in size.

Heat a large pot with enough oil for deep frying.

Roll out rounds and cut them into triangular shapes and deep fry until they puff out and brown.

Drain off oil and place on absorbent paper. I find the best absorbent paper can be found in Japanese food shops as these are made specifically for draining deep fried foods of excess oil.

I know that a few readers have tried out my past recipes. Thank you for letting me know how you get on, It's a joy to hear from you.

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Where The Fuck is "Cool" Dalston?

A lot of fuss has been made about the area in which I just happen to live. The Guardian once announced it to be the "coolest" place in UK. Some dude from NME rioted back saying that it is a shit hole.

I don't give a monkeys what either of them say.

I leave it up to people with more time on their hands to argue it out.

I dunno nuffing about being COOL. I have long realised that when I jiggle with excitement and exclaim "OMG THIS IS SOOOOOO COOOOL", people tend to raise their eyebrows and give me THAT look. That said, you can bet your soggy last chip that I did not move to Dalston in the hope that I would be part of a scene.

I moved here because I live in a perpetual state of missing many (not all) things about Africa. There are a lot of Africans as well as Turkish, Vietnamese and Jamaicans in Dalston so that is precisely where we moved and have not budged since.
Living in a place with little cultural diversity would bore me senseless.

Many people who live in Dalston live close to the bread line. So when people bang on about how COOL Dalston is and how it is THE place to be seen, I despair. They obviously have not seen the old ladies who visit the market at nightfall to collect the overripe fruit and veg discarded by the days traders. Who give's a shit about your reputation? I don't!
I cannot care less about which famous person has been spotted in which place in Dalston. If they were stood right before me I probably would not even notice.

I care more about the the Cockney fishmonger shouting, "Come an' 'ave a little look! All fresh! Never second 'and"

Or the Bengali butcher telling his customer that "cow foot soup, will make you strong like Drogba"

Or the seemingly constantly inebriated clothing vendor singing to himself that, "I am bleshed because I am bleshed, so I am bleshed"

Or the abandoned dilapidated buildings that are wasting away while they build another super expensive tower of swanky flats for more twatty people to move into.

Or the people being pushed out of the area while more and more trend seekers and bankers move in and push our rents up.

People also forget the reality that Dalston can also be a dangerous place to loiter. It is rife with miscellaneous addicts, dubious lurkers and shoppers of the light fingered nature. This is such a place where knife and gun crime are common, so much so in fact that you rarely hear about it on the London News. Isn't that shocking in itself?

To love a place genuinely you cannot ignore it's transgressions. While it's failings are plentiful it is my home and it keeps my feet on the ground and my mind inspired with it's mix of people and unique vibe.

Dalston is changing and I feel uncertain about which direction it will take. I hope that is keeps it's soul, its roughness at it's edges and it's everyday people.

My "cool" Dalston is the people that have lived here for years and have watched others come and go like so many fads and trends. They don't care about what you look like who you THINK you are they are too busy making a living ......you are just a passing wave. When you are done with Dalston......they will still be here...and hopefully, so will we!

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