A Winter Lament - Beauty Blab

Here I am ready to complain bitterly about how winter is so ruthless on my skin and we are having a rather sunny day here in London. Fresh but sunny! Typical!

Anyhoo my skin loathes winter! The hideous combo of chilly winds, blasting central heating and perpetual dampness leaves my face feeling dry and miserable. For some reason beyond my powers of justification, this winter has been awful for my skin thus far. So bad in fact that my blush brush is up shit's creek without a paddle!!!! POWDER IS A DEFO NO NO RIGHT NOW!
My saviours have been CREAMS!! Yup that is my beauty buzz word right now CREAM!!
L'Occitane Creme Masque. (Pronounced; lox-ee-tahn hahaha)

Bought this last week and so far it is working a treat BUT tis far too early to lay down my review. I promise to do one in a couple of months. In the meanwhile, here is where you can read about the product: L'Occitane Creme Masque Product Info!

My winter cleansing crew:

I adore, no love, no worship the Taer Complete Cleanse, this is my 3rd bottle! I shall review this marvellous stuff very soon.
I have switched to the uber gently gently FANCL washing powder and thought it does nought for shifting makeup it does a decent clean without being paint stripper powerful!
SKIN79 Honey Sugar Mask. Another one to review soon! This stuff smells like it should be on a breakfast buffet table.

Touch Base: My winter coverage!
I need moist cover. This usually equates with lighter coverage for some reason.
Lioele Water Drop BB Cream- Sheer coverage but really good moisture reserves. Easy to blend and imparts a natural dewy finish.
Dior Nude Glow Foundation - I know its not a BB cream! I adore this because it didn't break me out, just left a natural dewy glow like a second better than my own skin.
BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream - I bought this from Kathy @ LP's sale and I am glad that I did. Smells like jasmine tea! Sheer coverage and not the easiest BB to blend but keeps my skin moist.

Cream Shadows:
During summer these do not work that well for me! Having said that they are brilliant when I am in Cape Town. Hmm I wonder why? All I know is that they are brilliant now.
I love them all, but my absolute favourite has to the the Canmake Tokyo ones. Especially the Baby Beige one! Yumeko sent me one ages ago and I have since bought another. Tis love!

Canmake Liquid Shadow in Baby Beige does for my lids what silk stockings do for my legs. SUPER natural stuff! The swatches above were done with a super thick does of the liquid shadow for swatching purposes. It actually goes on quite watery but smoothly and has a wonderful glimmer to it.

A new fixation: MULTIPLES!

That buddy who landed me with those NARS minis is an angel! Since I cannot use powder blush right now these are heaven sent sticks of pretty colour in rubber. So easy to blend, such fun to play with and no more dry flakey cakey cheeks.

Blushing Becca.

So after my new found joy with NARS I thought....hmmmmm CREAM BLUSH IS BLOODY MARVELLOUS STUFF! So I grabbed these from HQ Hair as they are having a mega 50% off all Becca cosmetics and then I got another 20% off from their email newsletter. ACE!!

These only arrived yesterday so I have not road tested them yet. But don't they look SHOCKING?!
The one on the left is: Hyacinth and the one on the right is: Lotus.

Just for my beauty readers I have swatched them for you:

Hyacinth is on the bottom and Lotus is on top!

I will review these soon...promise.

There you have it! I have promised a heap of reviews so I should get off and start taking notes.



  1. I generally like winter except for getting snowed in and having to drive on incredibly icy streets, but my skin does not appreciate it all that much; especially as in Calgary it alternates between really mild (-5 to 5C) to REALLY cold (lower than -25C) very quickly... sometimes in a matter of days. :S

    The Skin79 mask sounds like it smells DELICIOUS... I want to try it. I don't wear much on my face, and never really wear powder foundation, but I HAVE tried the DiorSkin NUDE foundation and it is probably one of my favourite things <3. Very light and natural feeling.

    The cream eyeshadows are so lovely!! I mostly use mine as bases for powder eyeshadows, unless I am feeling rushed, than it's just a sparkly neutral and liner, and off I go!

    You will need to tutor me in the use of the multiples. I am so tempted to get the set because it is super cute, but cream blushes kind of scare me, and I don't know what I would do with them. Haha. The BECCA blushes were such a good deal! It's pretty pricy and hard to find here. And they fit in with your SHOCKING colour tastes right now ;) Lotus looks kind of scary with no flash but I'm sure it blends beautifully.

  2. Oh, I love the Fancl Cleansing Powder, it's my HG cleanser (along with their Mild Cleansing Oil)! Most gentle cleanser I've come across. Is yours from a special series cos I haven't seen that design print yet, I do remember seeing the Cleansing Oil with a mermaid though. Cute.

    I'll consider using cream blushes this winter. And start using up my cream shadows. Thanks for pointing this out, winter is the perfect time for these! :D

  3. aww, Canmakes liquid shadow is super pretty! I'm sticked with Clinique's dramatically different moiturizer under foundation.....and few hours later I use Avene's spring water spray on my face :D so far its been working, the weather here in Finland is really awful these days, dark & dry...

  4. Omg I know what you mean, we are having a very harsh winter here in California this year and my skin is taking a beating. I can't get rid of my flakey dry skin no matter how much I moisturize!

  5. I was telling Tammy that I think I like winter so much more then you guys is cuz I don't really experience "WINTER" lol!! But looks like you have some pretty good arsenal there! :) Thanks for all the swatchies!! I can't wait for your reviews and some FOTDS?! (hint) LOL!

  6. HK has yet to reach its winter days, but the cool dry air has already kicked in, and I'm flaking big time unless I apply a mask every night which is a right bugger. Foundation seems to sit on top of my skin like an extra coat, so I'll be running off to search for the Lioele Water Drop BB Cream after work. Thanks for showing us your winter wonders my dear.

  7. i took advantage of the 25% off HQhair too!! Bought some nars blushes - powder and creme :D Ive changed my routine a little..... mostly japanese brands - Arouge and Rohto Hadolabo - working great!! btw im stopping in London from 26th-28th, if you're not busy hit me up!!

  8. My skin plays up badly in summer, not winter, but I'd love to see you with these on - especially the shimmery shadows!


  9. My face always get super dry in the winter too. But I started using jojoba oil as a moisturizer last month and that has helped my dryness a lot. I can still wear mineral make up now. I wouldn't have dared last year!

  10. my skin always gets aggrivated in the winter (little spots of eczema around my neck as we speak!) so it's time to switch skincare for something a little richer. and definitely time to swap out some foundations for BB creams again, haha :) those becca blushes look so bold! can't wait to see you sporting them on your face soon :)

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